Logos Bible Software for Mac 1.2.2

A new version of Logos Bible Software for Mac is now available for download. Version 1.2.2 fixes a couple of bugs: a font display issue that occurred in some reports with Snow Leopard and a search problem with queries ending with search operators. Everyone running Safari 4 (whether you’re using Snow Leopard or not) should update to 1.2.2.

As with earlier updates, version 1.2.2 is free to existing users and can be downloaded from your Logos.com account. Go to Logos.com, sign in, navigate to My Account > Order History, and then click on the order number for your Mac engine or base package order.

At the bottom of the order page, you’ll see a “Files to Download” section.

Click the “Download” link next to LogosMac1.2.2.dmg to save it to your Mac, and then double-click the file to install the update. Follow the instructions, and you should be up and running with the latest version in just a minute or two.

If you don’t have a Logos.com account, don’t see the link below your Mac order, or have any other troubles updating, please contact our Mac Customer Service team at 800-875-6467 or macsupport@logos.com.


  1. Thanks for quickly fixing the font display! It is so much easier to read without that strange font.

  2. Can I use this to do a fresh install, or do I need to install from the DVD first and then update with this?

  3. Gabriel, you should be able to do a fresh install with this file. You’ll need your DVD to load your resources, but you don’t need to install the application from the DVD.

  4. Barbara Miller says

    Can I use Quick Files on my mac

  5. When I click on your RSS feed it throws up a ton of strange characters, is the problem on my end?