Mark Driscoll’s Mouth Has Been Open a Lot

As Driscoll points out in the video below, whether you enjoy his teaching or you just want to criticize him efficiently and effectively, in a footnoted way . . . this is a great way to access his stuff!

The Mark Driscoll Sermon Archive contains nearly ten years of preaching and teaching by Mark Driscoll, the Preaching and Theology Pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington.

In this massive archive, the transcriptions of his audio sermons preached at Mars Hill Church, which work through fifteen books of the Bible and cover scores of topical issues, and at well over one hundred conferences around the U.S. and world will be made available for reading, searching, and study. That’s ten years worth of preaching and teaching from one of today’s most influential and provocative pastors now available in the most advanced digital format anywhere!

What Pastor Mark did not mention in the clip above was that he is a humble steward of his resources and is working on this project with us primarily to find a way to give his content away to the world for free.

Months ago he personally came up to our offices and has since spent much more time with us in his office, home, and on the phone to make this project a success. His ultimate goal was to find a way to partner with us so that in the end, the people who need the content and can’t afford it can get to it. In fact, he is personally working on proofing the transcriptions right now!

For about ten years, Pastor Mark has been archiving audio recordings of his sermons, but he had no text copy or transcripts. Logos users had been asking for a Logos version of his archives, just like the John Piper Sermon Manuscript Library. When we talked to Pastor Mark about it, he offered to trade the license to his content for the use of the transcripts on his website so the people around the world who can’t afford our materials could have his content on the web for free.

Mark DriscollYour purchase of the Logos Bible Software edition is actually funding the transcription work right now, so that people all around the world will be able to access a web-based version of the archives.

Driscoll’s passion for the Gospel and his deep honesty in explaining its truths has placed him at the center of a resurging interest in Reformed theology. It has also helped foster Mars Hill’s explosive growth in recent years and drawn the attention of supporters and skeptics alike.

With the Mark Driscoll Sermon Archive, you can go deep into his sermons, or simply read the text. Either way, you get access to an amazing wealth of preaching material.

We expect to ship all orders before the end of this month, but you can still get it for about half off the list price if you order soon.

P.S. If you want to get a feel for Pastor Mark’s passion for Bible study, get a copy of the interview we did with him for Bible Study Magazine a few months ago.


  1. A side note to carry on the “how to say Logos debate”. Pastor Mark uses a long “o” when he says it! :)

  2. Good point. For a fun lahgas, low-goes, logos, low-gahs, video check out our company overview video where a bunch of our guys weigh in on the discussion: