Mac Matters

Tips & Tricks blog SetToday’s guest post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

Logos Bible Software for Mac is off to a great start. I am getting a lot of e-mail regarding training materials for the Mac. Please visit often because we’ll be releasing new materials very soon.

Also, I am getting a lot of questions about whether Mac users should attend Camp Logos. We have prepared a special page to answer that question.

If you’re a Mac user, though, here are a couple of tips that hopefully will come in handy:

  • When you’re working in a resource window (Bible, commentary, dictionary, etc.) press the keystroke shortcut Tab (for Mac 1.2) to select the current location box. Now just type your new reference. This just saves you from having to click the mouse in the box every time you want to jump to a new location.
  • While you’re working in your Bible software choose Libronix DLS | Preferences | Appearance to customize your system.

For more tips like this, be sure to visit Morris Proctor’s Tips & Tricks blog or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Update: Logos Bible Software for Mac 1.2 Now Available! Be sure to read Thursday’s blog post for details.

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  1. Jason Kuo says

    Just a quick note, it’s actually Option+Tab. Thanks for posting about Mac Logos!

  2. Michael Hoyt says

    I am excited that Logos is giving away this quality of bibles. As a teacher of God’s Word, it is my prayer that more Christians will learn the importance and usefullness of learning how to study the Word of God and correctly apply it to their lives. What a difference it will make in our communities, churches and especially our families. Studying the Bible is easier when one is holding in their hands the feel of quality. Their couldn’t be a better way to add to the ministry that Logos has provided to so many, than placing a Bible of quality in the hands of potential leaders. Thank You and God Bless. Mike

  3. Good thing! I was thinking it would be confusing if the programmers used the Command+Tab to perform that action. That’d get in the way of OSX’s excellent app switcher.

  4. Just a quick note, it’s actually Option+Tab. Thanks for posting about Mac Logos!
    yes, it did.

  5. Jeremy Rhodes says


  6. Franco Atkinson says

    Are there any Mac system update for the Mac engine? If so, how can I receive the updates.

  7. Hi Franco,
    Yes, we released Logos for Mac, version 1.2 last week. Be sure to check out last Thursday’s blog post for all the details.