Logos Bible Software for Mobile Devices?

Logos Bible Software Mobile

With the launch of the brand new Logos Bible Software Community Forums we have been seeing a bit of discussion on the topic of Logos Bible Software for mobile devices and ebook readers.

From multi-function devices like iPhone, Google Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile to dedicated readers like Amazon’s Kindle, we think we have an idea of what people like—but before heading off in the wrong direction we wanted to hear from you too!

Since the forums are relatively new and haven’t been discovered by most of our users yet, we wanted to bring the topic to the forefront with an open survey on Logos Bible Software for Mobile Devices to get as much feedback from as many people as possible.

If you would like your voice to be heard, this is your chance. Please take a moment to complete our simple 8 question survey about Logos Bible Software for Mobile Devices.

After you take the brief survey be sure to drop by the forums and take a look around, or start your own thread. If you have a Logos.com account, you are already registered—no need to start a whole new account and password—so take a look around and become part of the community of Logos Bible Software users all around the world today!

UPDATE: Logos is now available on the iPhone as a free app! Visit https://www.logos.com/iphone for more info.


  1. Gordon Esterline says

    I completed the survey, but it would not accept my submission. I was told that access was denied.

  2. I don’t own an iTouch or any of the modern mobile devices but I will buy one or any of the other mobile device so long on Logos will run on! I currently do own an obsolete Palm OS v5 device running Laridian and Olive Tree software. But I would love Logos to run on it instead. (On my Palm that is…Hint, hint.) Once you decide on the platform, how long do you estimate will it take to bring it to market? Is within one year too optimistic? :D

  3. It would be soooooooooooooo cool to be able to read from my massive Libronix library on my iPhone! I just filled out the survey.

  4. I picked up the idea of Logos on the Kindle as a dream of mine a few months ago on my blog. I don’t own a Kindle or a mobile device yet, but if I could get Logos on them–along with all the resources I already own–then I’d consider it!

  5. I believe your survey was submitted, but when you were redirected to the forums page: http://community.logos.com/forums/ it sent you to an “access denied” message because you were not logged in to our site, or had logged into our site but had never logged into the forums.
    If the error site was a Logos.com page rather than a Survey Monkey page, everything is fine.
    Try clicking “Sign Out” on the top right hand corner of the error page, then “Sign In” again, then click on the link to the forums in the top left of the same page.

  6. Becky Bird says

    I filled out the survey but could not access the forum.

  7. ron newberry says

    I plan on buying a kindle soon, would love Logos to be there.

  8. Philana Crouch says

    Would this be able to get at a lower price, it we have already purchased a Logos package?

  9. Recommendations:

    1. Focus on true PDA’s, not smartphones. SM’s don’t have the horepower or adequate screen space. Currently, iPhone and Blakberry (Bold, Storm, Tour) lead the pack. Samsung EPIX also is good. Must have highspeed processor >600mHz and screen >320×320

    2. Partner with Olive Tree – help them by providing a web (cloud) library keyed to each L-users licenses. Allow download to PDA but run ON the Pda so can use even if limited/no access. Reason to partner – the pda interfaces and OS’s are all diff, any they already are dealing with that.

    3. Forget about trying to implement the robust HomePage engines on a PDA – too slow, and screen too small. Instead, focus on interlinears, lexicons, morphology,and full support for improved notes, syncd with PC. Also, just a bookreading mode would be great, with “bookmarks”.

    4. Do it SOON before your customers get invested heavily in other vendors’ libraries. Please announce your plans so we can plan accordingly.


  10. Right now we are just collecting feedback on the survey, so no plans have been made yet. Make sure to take the survey to let your voice be heard!

  11. Tim Buhler says

    I have been awaiting a long time for this discussion! I can’t imagine how Logos would be able to run on such limited RAM but I guess like windows and others who have already made the jump – a more streamlined version can be made (perhaps more limited parameters which I would imagine lead to a simplified search function). What would be ideal is that I could put my books on a SD Card (I wouldn’t imagine needing more than an 8 Gig card, likely 4 Gig’s would hold most people’s library’s) and having access to everything I own…
    I agree fully with the thought of partnering with someone who already has the interfaces worked out on the dozens of options … this might expedite development though if you had to reformat all the books, that would take quite some time! Just watching the level of care and quality that was taken to develop the Mac version, I can’t imagine Logos being dynamic enough to meet the fast pace and changes of mobile interfaces … thus the need to partner with someone who is doing that full time now!
    Thanks for opening this thread of discussion up! Look forward to seeing how God will lead you all through this time…
    Logos daily user, Tim

  12. I totally agree with Jim Dean, especially with item 4 about doing it soon. After hearing that Logos will be made available on mobile devices, I held off on making a few major purchases from Laridian and decided to ear-mark that money instead towards the purchase of a few more PrePubs most notably the The New International Commentary on the Old and New Testament! To expedite the process, you can perhaps make the books readable from a handheld for now. Just being able to access my huge library would be a Godsend. You can add the fancy searching, and word study tools later. I can’t wait to read my HDNT-ESV or ESV Reverse Interlinear on my handheld.

  13. Becky, if you log out of your Logos.com account and then log back in, you should be able to access our forums. If you still have trouble, clearing your browser cache should do the trick.

  14. So?…Have you decided which platform(s) you will be launching Logos Mobile on? :D

  15. Logo for iPhone/iTouch would be awesome. My pastors were just asking about it. We use our iTouch for Bible Study.

  16. Michael Rasmussen says

    I own both a Kindle and an iPhone. I would love my Logos books on both – particularly the iPhone.
    In fact, I have avoided purchasing from Logos books that I want to read as a book and have purchased them through Amazon on my Kindle. Such as various Puritan works that I want to read cover to cover.

  17. The iPhone is my mini-platform of choice, while I use a MacBook Pro for everything else. (I will purchase all the NIV components once they’re available).
    I would love to have the complete NIV Study Bible (complete with all cross references and notes) for use on my iPhone. Another must-have feature is to have my own personal notes tied to various verses available as well.
    HERE’S THE BIG FEATURE HOWEVER: It would be ideal if my personal notes could be merged/synced between the iPhone and my regular computer. This would eliminate the extremely time consuming task of having to do so manually on both devices.
    Other than accessing a few resources as mentioned above, I wouldn’t expect the iPhone version to simultaneously do everything the main computer version can. That’s neither necessary or practical for such a small device. However, just being able to do what I’ve mentioned above would be fantastic!

  18. Take a look at http://m.logos.com :-)

  19. Hi Dan,
    What are you trying to say by directing our attention to m.logos.com? You’re not trying to tease us are you? Do you actually have a functional Logos app for the iPhone? If that’s the case, I will order an iTouch right now!

  20. – This is a great idea. Has there been any progress?

  21. Yes, we have made great progress. Check out http://www.logos.com/iphone

  22. will Logos ever be available for the Palm Pre???

  23. Is there any support for Android coming? I love the new Droid from Verizon.

  24. Allen Waldrep says

    In this case, I respectfully disagree with some of Jim Dean’s comments and concur on others.
    1. Rather than “Focus on true PDA’s, not smartphones” do the reverse. I and many others have been forced to buy smart phones as our PDA’s wear out and die. After some checking (web, Best Buy, Office Supply stores, etc), apparently the ONLY PDA still sold on the market is the ITouch by Apple. I considered a refurb for my Palm T/X, but alas it appears to be a dying breed, so why invest more in a used product that will not get support, etc…. That was a frustration as to have PDA function, I would have to go to smartphone (or ITouch which I preferred to not do) and would be stuck with that extra $30/mo data plan which is required to operate it. Sooo, I waited until I found one that I thought could meet my needs, now and near future, I bought the Droid. It has a 854×480 screen (therefore fulfilling the “>320×320”). It does have 550 mHz processor (less than the “>600”) but it certainly “seems” faster than my T/X. Noting that since Jim’s August post, there has been a steady stream of new smartphone roll-outs getting ready for Christmas.
    2. Partner with Olive Tree to provide a cloud library. Sounds good! But do it through a web interface (web access implied via the cloud to download from), then you only need to make one or two interfaces (IE & FireFox?).
    3. “Forget about trying to implement the robust HomePage engine… – too slow, and screen too small.” I totally agree!
    4. Jim said, “Do it SOON”. Again I totally agree.
    What you have done with the IPhone is remarkable! To quote from another of my posts here, “I have Logos 4 and am anxiously hoping for Droid app that is comparable to IPhone app. What is the word? Should I continue in hope?”

  25. Please…bring something out for the Blackberrys (I have the curve…8330). If nothing else were available it would be helpful to at least have a couple of versions of the Bible. Thanks for considering.

  26. When I don’t have my laptop, I have my kindle. The kindle would be a great option. A daily devotional and bible would be a great add.

  27. I was recently thinking about purchasing a Kindle. If I could export bibles, and books from my library, that would probably seal the deal. I don’t think that most devices are capable of handling the cross reference database. But to be able to take a book on the go, without a bulky laptop, would be great. (That, and if Kindle makes a touch screen version)

  28. I’m looking for Bible software to run on my new Android (Motorola Cliq, which unfortunately runs Android 1.5). Thank you!

  29. I agree, I am moving from the Iphone to Android tomorrow thank goodness. Put my name in the hat for Logos to come out for android. I’ve had it for Iphone just a few days but it’s the best! I’d like to be able to use it on my new phone soon. Thanks!

  30. Steve Rhodes says

    I would love to be able to access my Logos library on my Blackberry.

  31. I also would love to see an Android version of your product. I am replacing my iPhone with an Incredible this month and with such a large screen, it will be perfect for reading the bible.

  32. I also want to put my plug in for an Android version of Logos. The Android market is growing by leaps and bounds and many of my friends have picked up an Android phone.

  33. Attention Google Android users! If you hurry, you can have your voice heard in the new survey we are taking.
    Find a link to the survey in our user forums here: http://community.logos.com/forums/t/14831.aspx

  34. james hopper boston says

    We all wish we had support for our smartphones. Above referenced ideas all sound awesome as s.p. Will replace pdas. I also agree that partnering with existing mobile partners is a win win more people would be using there platform which increases sales and popularity. Plus it really makes good business sense as being the market leader. Its what the future holds for us. I know that most who use the software are christians but Logos is a business and uses our money to help it grow and if like our leaders needs popular opinion to succeed. If we don’t like we don’t buy. I love my Logos 4 on my pc but I have mac crossgrade on bootcamp drive and it lacks what pc version. I honestly don’t use it as it needs to run features like its pc brother. So while you have this great iphone app (read apple) and yet no agape for imac.
    Iphone is great for those who like it and have it and their apps are probably easier to design than others as seen in their 100,000 + apps but the real wave is android even though I have BB my next phone will be HTC Evo from Sprint. And since you already have iphone app why not go with next gen android and be innovator instead of follower. Please be encouraged at theses simple thoughts and know that whatever you choose it is in the hand of God as he will direct your hearts where He wishes. Amen

  35. Anonymous says

    +2 votes (myself and my wife) for an Android version of the application.

  36. Am interested in moving to smartphone. Daughter uses Droid and Son-in-uses iPhone. Too many bad calling experiences with iPhone for me to consider at this time to go iPhone. Droid and Logos getting together would be GREAT.