John Piper, Bible Study, and FREE Stuff!

Anyone who has heard John Piper preach or read one of his MANY books knows that he is a man passionate about God’s Word. That’s why we are excited to have him as the cover story for our September-October issue of Bible Study Magazine.
While the magazine is still at the printer and won’t officially ship for a couple weeks, we decided to go ahead and let you check out the article. Visit the John Piper page on and read the article in its entirety. It is a great article with lots of insight and advice from Piper’s personal time spent in God’s Word, so be sure to tell your friends and spread the word. But that’s not all…
Get a FREE copy of Finally Alive
In conjunction with the John Piper issue of Bible Study Magazine we wanted to announce the release of Finally Alive for Logos Bible Software. For one month only (August 14-September 14) we will be giving away Finally Alive for FREE! For full details on how to get your copy, visit the John Piper page and, remember, spread the word.


  1. Thankyou for the free gift – another great addition to my Logos library.

  2. Scot Tomlinson says

    Thank you, a very nice gift.

  3. Thank you Logos and thank you Pastor Piper!

  4. Ray Brohinsky says

    Thank you for yet-another very nice gift! I had actually not heard of John Piper, so I’m grateful for this chance to become acquainted with his writing!

  5. Milford Charles Murray says

    Thank you so much for sharing this also with present subscribers of Bible Study Magazine (and others)! My subscription goes on for another year yet, and – of course! – will subscribe again. A truly excellent magazine which I appreciate!
    Yours in Christ,
    …….. Mel

  6. Gabriel Rodriguez says

    Thank you very much for this free resource! Logos and Pastor Pier are the best.

  7. elias suarez says

    Just to say….excellent tools

  8. WhiteBeard says

    Thanks John Piper and LOGOS Bible Software for a free copy of Finally Alive.

  9. James Paul says

    I’ve read a couple reviews of this timely book. Thanks Logos!

  10. Paul Hartig says

    I had no trouble getting this ordered, but the download would repeatedly go through the progress bar, indicating 70, 78, 85, 92,100% complete – then start all over again… I stopped it after 20 repeats of this cycle. I hit the download and unlock button again, and it did the same thing – repeatedly downloading and starting over again. Hopefully I can get this installed as I have done so many times before with many other titles and purchases!

  11. I love getting free books! First, Cornerstone Commentary on Matthew and Mark, then, Mark Driscoll’s study guide to 1 and 2 Peter, and now John Piper. Thank you. Keep up the great work! And, please keep’em comin’!

  12. Ranjan Biswas says

    Great give away folks! God bless you at Libronix!

  13. Gomes Delfiantony says

    Than you very much John Piper for a free copy of Finally alive. I am from India a small Island in the Arabian sea on the southern tip of Gujarat India. Thanks for the concern.
    Yours in Christ… Delfi

  14. Philip Ross McDougall says

    great to gwt the glennings of John pipers wisdom thank you

  15. Ryan Burns says

    Several others have contacted us regarding this issue. We are working to resolve it. Until then, after purchasing, you can use the following instructions to get your book:
    1) Close Libronix
    2) Right click this link and save it to C:\Program Files\Libronix DLS\Resources
    3) Open Libronix
    4) Go to Tools>Library Management>Synchronize Licenses
    5) Open your Library and the Book should be there.
    Hope that helps.

  16. Gregory Brown says

    I was able to successfully download Finally Alive, but my Libronix is unable to “discover resources” as it normally does when I add something in, even after following step by step what Ryan provided for help.

  17. Bradley J. Crowson says

    I’m having trouble opening the download. I’m looking forward to reading it, when I can access it. Any help? But hey, thanks for the free down load.

  18. Allen Sutton says

    Thanks for the download! This comes just in time for my seminary class where we were assigned this book as a required reading :-).