Jaywalking through the Scriptures

Exploring the Old and New Testament CollectionIf you ever watched The Tonight Show with Jay Leno you will remember a segment called “Jaywalking.” It was a pretty simple concept: have a camera man follow Jay around and ask random people some, not so obscure, questions about history, geography, and important current events. Jay ends up with great exchanges like this one:

JAY: What is the opening line of the Bible?
PERSON: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

If you ignore the fact that this 5 minute segment is edited down from a couple of hours of footage, and that all the bystanders that answer these questions correctly are removed, it is pretty easy to find this segment simultaneously humorous and horrifying. Some of the topics that people have absolutely no idea about are so important to us as a republic that there is almost a fear that you are watching something important in our collective consciousness eroding away.

As we see spiritual trivialities replace important Scriptural knowledge and principles, I am deathly afraid sometimes that this same erosion it is happening in the Church as well. We need to be more intentional about cultivating our Biblical literacy. This is why I am excited about the Exploring the Old and New Testament Collection which is in Pre-Publication right now. Here are six fantastic volumes that, together, operate as a university level Old and New Testament survey. Or if you prefer, you can also purchase the two-volume Exploring the New Testament Collection or the four-volume survey Exploring the Old Testament Collection separately. Every volume is written by professors with backgrounds in teaching biblical truths to students. Moreover, they are written to be read for your personal edification or to be used as an aid to teach the material to your class or small group.

To be able to handle Scripture effectively and with any fidelity it needs to be understood on a macro level before you begin to dissect it. Biblical surveys are a fantastic way to help you get a firm handle on the panorama of Scripture. From that panoramic view you can then focus in more and more and really gain an understanding as to how smaller portions of Scripture illuminate the whole. It is the desire of most of us at Logos to be able to equip everyone with the tools needed to ensure that rightly dividing the Word of truth isn’t something that happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


  1. Daniel Foster says

    Enjoyed your writing on this post, Jayson. Great hook!
    And the books look good, too. :-)

  2. I want to win a Bible. I love the Calfskin version! Gracias Hombreviejo on Twitter. CW

  3. Leah Ensminger says

    So, im entering to win a bible, because if there was anything I’d want to win, Id want to win something to better myself. They say winning the lottery ruins some people…while that might be true, I wouldnt mind winning that either :) I have to admit that I found out about this giveaway by “blog stalking” some missionarys. I have no idea who they are, but admire them for all the work that they are doing. I love that they sent me link to try to win. Good luck to me:)

  4. Enjoyed the jaywalking blog.I love using logos for inductive bible study. I think the bible giveaway is a great idea, I would love to have a great leather bible. Lou