Introducing . . . Kent

Introducing . . . Kent

I’m Kent Hendricks, and I work in the marketing department here at Logos, where I’m responsible for marketing Pre-Pubs. I spend most of my days in the office researching books and authors, writing and editing copy, and corresponding with bloggers, Logos users, authors, and just about anyone I can find to help us promote the books we sell. In fact, many of you have probably already heard from me in the form of Last Chance NewsWires announcing soon-to-be-shipping Pre-Pubs. Now, I’ll be contributing regularly to the blog as well, so I hope you look forward to hearing more from me. :)

My wife, Shelly, and I moved back to northwest Washington two years ago after spending six years in Grand Rapids, Michigan at Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary, where I got an undergraduate degree in Religion and English, took lots of Greek and linguistics classes, and almost finished an M.Div. (I’m still working on that last one.)

Since I can’t resist a little name dropping, some major works by a couple of my former professors are currently on Pre-Pub—Richard Muller’s Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics and Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics. True, Herman Bavinck isn’t a professor at Calvin Seminary, but John Bolt is, and he’s the editor of the new English translation of RD. There are also some other great books in the works that I can’t tell you about yet, but keep checking the Pre-Pub page to find out when they’re available!

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  1. I would say that welcome back is in order.

  2. Thanks! It’s great to be back in northwest Washington.

  3. Kent,
    Two excellent works. I held off purchasing them at the Shepherds’ Confence in 2009 at MacArthur’s Church. Will be a welcome addition to my library.
    God Bless,

  4. Dave Stockdale says

    I’ll vouch for you, Kent! Congrats on the move and new opportunity for you. fyi- the Reformed pre-pubs are much appreciated.
    David Stockdale – Calvin Seminary ’08

  5. Kent Hendricks says

    Thanks, Dave! Hope you’re doing well.

  6. Hi, Kent — Thanks for your work. Prepubs are my library-building lifeline.
    I was excited to see the top rankings many of Baker (BECNT) and Pillar (PNTC) commentaries are receiving from the NT profs at Denver Seminary. I rely on the the coveted (*) top ranking [especially in the mid-range commentary level] as a guide for my next purchase. Their yearly recommendations are posted in the “Denver Journal” section of their website. This years is found at:
    If there were any way for you guys to monitor their evaluations and factor that into your production schedules, it would be a big help to me. I’d love to subscribe to an email notice of when any of their recommended commentaries are listed as new Prepubs. Thanks.

  7. Hi Kent,
    Great to be able to put a face to the name.
    Any plans to have Francis Turretin Institutes of Elenctic Theology added to Logos? I am sure your former professors at Calvin Seminary would approve of this resource.:-) Think of it Kent, Francis Turretin Institutes, need i say any more!