The Great Bible Giveaway

giveawaythumb.jpgWe’re about to give away 72 ultra-premium versions of the most amazingly bound Bibles ever printed. From the finest you can imagine top-end offerings in leather and calfskin—to the limited production run—“only a handful in existence” type heirloom quality of ultra-premium goatskin in a custom-carved Rosewood box imported from England!

Wow, was that breathless or what? …but seriously, if you are used to the feel of the paperback Bible you got from church the first day you visited youth-group as a teenager, you won’t believe how different these bindings can be.

We know “…the Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” and we love it no matter what it is printed on and no matter what it is bound with. In fact, some of the most “heirloom quality” Bibles in the world are the most plainly bound, simple, worn and weathered Bibles. What makes many Bibles “heirloom quality” is the deep personal connection to God’s Word that they represent for those privileged to steward them.

So why are we giving away such high-end Bibles? Well, it all started when I received an ESV Study Bible in Premium Calfskin. I literally had no idea that leather could feel so supple, so smooth and so cottony-soft. I found myself wondering if it was fair to say that my new Bible could actually be creamy, velvety, and like butter all at the same time. When it came time to launch I wanted to do something spectacular. I wanted to highlight the brand-new ultra-premium access to the Bible that provides, with some ultra-premium print Bibles that people would be more familiar with.

Over the next 6 months Logos is giving away 72 premium print Bibles on—worth over $11,500.00!

Every month from July thru December, we will give away 12 premium Bibles featuring the most popular translations from, including ESV, KJV, NIV, NASB, NLT, and NKJV. These Bibles are the top-of-the-line versions and feature the highest quality leather and binding—some are valued at over $400.

This month we will be giving away these 12 Bibles:

  1. ESV Study Bible, Black Calfskin (Retail $239.99) from Crossway
  2. KJV Concord Wide Margin Reference, Black Goatskin (Retail $229.99) from Cambridge Bibles
  3. NASB In Touch Ministries Wide Margin Edition, Burgundy Calfskin (Retail $149.99) from Lockman Foundation
  4. NASB Large Print Ultrathin Reference, Black Calfskin (Retail $149.99) from Lockman Foundation
  5. NASB Side Column Reference Wide Margin Limited Edition, Black Calfskin (Retail $149.99) from Lockman Foundation
  6. NIV New Women’s Devotional, Espresso Renaissance Fine Leather (Retail $59.99) from Zondervan
  7. NLT Tyndale Select, Black Calfskin (Retail $135.00) from Tyndale
  8. NIV Study Bible, Black Goatskin (Retail $229.99) from Cambridge Bibles
  9. NIV Study Bible, Black Renaissance Fine Leather (Retail $124.99) from Zondervan
  10. NKJV UltraSlim Bible Signature Series, Black Calfskin (Retail $129.99) from Thomas Nelson
  11. NLT Tyndale Select, Black Calfskin (Retail $135.00) from Tyndale
  12. TNIV Reference Bible, Black Renaissance Fine Leather (Retail $99.99) from Zondervan

For details on how to enter, as well as the full contest rules and prize list, visit The Great Bible Giveaway page.


  1. Dustin Battles says

    Perhaps the first person to comment wins automatically :)

  2. Andrew Seaman says

    Sounds like a great deal! I hope I win a Bible in the giveaway! Choose me!

  3. Another brilliant giveaway by a brilliant company that makes brilliant software. Way to go guys!

  4. Tim Bahula says

    Wow! That is quite a giveaway. Sign me up.

  5. Awesome. I’m hoping for the Premium Calfskin ESV Study Bible!

  6. Thanks for putting this on guys. I don’t really need another bible but I definitely know someone that I could bless with this if I win. Thanks again.

  7. This is a great giveaway! Thanks for putting it together.

  8. Rev Aaron says

    Awesome! I love the Logos Giveaways and this is by far one of the best!

  9. Rev Aaron says

    Awesome! I love the giveaways from Logos! I will certainly be signing up for this one.

  10. Ken Shawver says

    What an awesome way to share the Word of God. If you already have a Bible with ALL of your notes/comments, then consider blessing a friend who doesn’t have the Word with one of these premium editions. Yes they would be nice to have but what an awesome way to share the Love of God.
    Way to go LOGOS, awesome idea in spreading the “GOOD NEWS”.

  11. David Webster says

    They still make print Bibles???? I thought Logos was the only way to read the word!!
    Cool give away.

  12. Corey Sherman says

    Great idea for a promotion — particularly for a company that provides such unparalleled access to the Word (and all that it means). It is hard to imagine the tactile quality of premium calfskin, and owning a Bible like that will certainly enhance the reading experience. But there’s nothing like the multiple Bibles, encyclopedias, study files, and library of resource materials that Logos gives me right on my laptop. So — premium Bibles from the premium Bible resource company. A match made in heaven!

  13. Bruce McKanna says

    Sign me up.

  14. Richard Sugg says

    Cool! I’ll hit this every month!

  15. This is a neat giveaway!

  16. Hook me up with some good stuff!!

  17. I love my elctronic Bible but it is not an accepted practice in my church to caryy my laptop into the pulpit. I love the feel of a book as well, and would love to win the ESV give away. I have been reading from this version for mey devotional time and have come to greatly appreciate it. I too am a fan of quality. Here’s hoping.

  18. Thanks Logos! Great giveaway, great product (Logos software), great blogs!

  19. Combining Contests and GOD!!! Wow!!! I am in…please enter me on your amazing giveaway!!
    I’m gonna post this on a couple of contesting sites they will come in droves!!!

  20. I sure would like to win something.

  21. Adam Viramontes says

    Thanks Logos! This will surely be a blessing for some providentially blessed winner.

  22. Premium Bibles…wow. If I win one I must be a premium Christian.

  23. YAY, praying…

  24. Dan Walters says

    Nice giveaway. I like Bibles!

  25. Pastor Randy says

    What an amazing offer. I have really appreciated the support and material from Logos.

  26. Avito Z. says

    I was just thinking about saving for an ESV Bible! But hey…CHOOSE ME!! I want the ESV.

  27. Great idea! I hope I win one!

  28. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  29. Tyler Glodjo says

    Choose me! Great give away! Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. Rick Stevens says

    Thank you for a generous give away.
    In the digital age, there is still nothing quite like holding a finely bound copy of God’s Word. It’s a multisensory experience unlike any other.
    Thanks again!

  31. Kevin Vinther says

    Please enter me in the contest! Thanks!

  32. Sarah Cronk says

    So great!

  33. John Seaton says

    Thanks for all you are doing Logos!

  34. Dave Harp says

    Thank you! Thank you, Logos! This is the only lottery a preacher can win (and be happy about it!) Blessings for doing the contest! I LOOK FORWARD to hearing from you soon.

  35. I wonder if winners are chosen randomly or if creativity has anything to do with it. If it’s the latter, count me out. Haha, for real, though, this is a great idea Logos. Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

  36. Thanks for the contest.

  37. Great idea. Personally, I want the ESV Study Bible. Love the ESV and have been coveting the study bible. Please!

  38. What a wonderful contest to enter. I’d love to win a Bible that I can give away to someone in my small group who needs a really good Bible. One of the greatest joys of a Bible is giving it away.
    Rob Suggs

  39. Yay! i hope i win!!! thanks!

  40. Hoping for the Cambridge KJV!!!! PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!! LOL
    THanks a bunch LOGOS!!!

  41. Wow! This is awesome – are all the Bibles in English or are some in other languages? Either way this is an incredible goveaway – THANKS!!

  42. Thanks for giving away some good quality Bibles that will last for a long time — of course, the words themselves last forever!

  43. This is the 5th way to enter for a Bible. I am very excited about the opportunity to win an ultra-premium Bible. I am also happy to be following Logos on Facebook and Twitter! We had a Logos representative visit at the NECEP conference held earlier this year in New Hampshire, and was very impressed. Now I just need to win some software, too! ;)

  44. You can’t win if you don’t enter.
    You can’t enter if you don’t comment.
    So, I’ll comment already…

  45. Very cool idea.

  46. Love Giveaways!

  47. Kevin Karner says

    I hope I win! I hope I win! Wait…Is that selfish?

  48. Aaron Traphagen says

    Very eager to participate in this!

  49. Paul Strickert says

    Who doesn’t love freebies? I know I do! :)

  50. Man would I love to have that ESV Study Bible.

  51. Great idea you guys got here! I hope I win :)

  52. Phil Gons says

    Boy, I sure wish I could enter! Here’s one time where being a Logos employee has its disadvantages. :)

  53. This is great. I hope I get one by God’s grace! :)

  54. I’d love a new bible…thanks for the opportunity.

  55. Nice give-away I’m way excited!

  56. Awesome, thanks!

  57. Ooh, me, me!

  58. Jodie Edwards says

    Yes – I too would love to get the ESV Study Bible!!! Giveaways are great!!! :)

  59. Thanks for all you pour into these products. Makes our work so much easier and better! Many blessings…

  60. Who doesn’t want a free bible?

  61. I don’t know how you did it but this is a great giveaway.

  62. This is great!

  63. Joshua Owens says

    Please enter me into the contest! Thanks, Logos, for all you do! Your products are a great tool and service in the Kingdom of God!

  64. Adam Cooper says

    Hope you’re all doing well in Bellingham.

  65. Mike Hogue says

    What a great deal. There’s nothing better to give away than the Word of God.

  66. Enjoy Logos I even upgraded to Gold Version recently. This is a great giveaway. Thanks.

  67. Craig Schmidt says

    I can’t wait to rest that calfskin in my fingers and thoroughly experience the Word, both inside and out!

  68. marklwardjr says

    Keep up the good work, Logos. You may never win my heart away from BibleWorks, but you won my wallet a long time ago.

  69. That’s awesome…Sign me up!

  70. lee.friesen says

    I like your idea. You have give a ways more often

  71. Leave it to Logos to do something super cool and give away some high dollar bibles!!

  72. Skinsplace says

    Wow! Thanks for an opportunity to win one of these fine Bibles!

  73. Brian Davidson says

    This is sweet! I would be glad to receive any of these Bibles.

  74. Whoo Hoo!

  75. Matthew Johnson says

    What a great idea! There is nothing better than a good dose of God’s word!

  76. William Dirr says

    This is a great giveaway, but since I have been using LOGOS exclusively for several years now, I am not sure I remember how to use a print Bible. Maybe I can encase it in glass and place it in a safety deposit box somewhere. Maybe I’ll bury it in a time capsule in my back yard, so future generations can see how the old folks used to study THE BOOK (you know, before the bible software revolution). I guess a nice calfskin Bible would be a good way to reacquaint myself with the methods of the old school. :)
    Keep up the good work and God Bless

  77. Yeah, I’m sure all of these people are great, but I really think I should win :-).

  78. I need a new bible! :-)

  79. Mark Billington says

    Nothing ventured, nothing sprained…hoping for the NKJV.

  80. Stephanie Solosko says

    Awesome giveaway. I hope I win!!!

  81. says

    What a great and timely contest! I am losing my job in 2 months as my company is moving. I am a ministerial student through Moody Bible Institute and it sure would be nice to get an ESV Study Bible, Black Calfskin Bible to start off a lifetime of service with.

  82. Great Contest!

  83. Scott Clark: I am going after the ESVSB Calfskin. If I win the KJV Cambridge, it is all yours.

  84. Wow, what a generous giveaway. Sign me up.

  85. Wow! What a great giveaway!! I love that 25% of the Bible being given away are NASB. :-D

  86. Eric Olsson says

    This is a very generous giveaway. I have a Cambridge Bible in the goatskin leather. It is very rewarding to feel the suppleness of the leather.

  87. Jon Krombein says

    This is awesome! Thanks for doing this!

  88. This is awesome guys…thanks for the fun.
    Soli Deo Gloria.

  89. Awesome, may God’s will be done :)

  90. i appreciate you guys following in the rich tradition of treating God’s word with the highest of honor, in terms of craftsmanship and material.
    that said, i can’t really afford one, so pick me! (preferably for the ESV.)

  91. Ed Watson says

    Top quality reading material, both physically and spiritually!

  92. Paul Kuhn says

    Thank you for doing this, LOGOS keep up the good work

  93. Great ministry!

  94. Jordan Rieck says

    Awesome giveaway! I appreciate the love for the community!

  95. Steve Nuff says

    Please enter me in the contest. Thank you, Logos!

  96. I love this idea! As an avid Bible collector i would love to get one of these.
    I want to also put the search box on the website for the seminary i’m involved with, but i would want it to always go to the ESV version…any way of doing that in the code?

  97. What an amazing giveaway. I hope the people who NEED these bibles get them and read them.
    Grace and Peace,
    Pastor Michael

  98. Craig DeSpain says

    I would love to have a new Bible! Thanks for all you do!

  99. LPOLANCO says

    I think that logos is the best bible Software out there.


  101. Mark Rorem says

    This is certainly an effective promotional tool! It caught my attention.

  102. Thanks Logos for this chance!

  103. Sweet deal! I have heard of the legendary calfskin binding, but I have never touched it.

  104. This is a great giveaway please sign me up/

  105. Ron and Beverly Braunsky says

    great! thanks for the opportunity to win!

  106. You guys always amaze me with your great giveaways/deals: free digital resources, sermon addin, $1 products, etc. THANKS!

  107. ron newberry says

    entering the contest

  108. Great promotion!

  109. Thanks for making God’s Word available… It will not return void!

  110. This is my entry to win a free Bible… great giveaway.

  111. Alan Macgregor says

    This is a wonderful idea. I realise that I probably have virtually no chance of getting one of those Bibles. But I would love to be proved wrong.

  112. kevin reddick says

    what an awesome giveaway

  113. I would like the ESV calfskin please, so I can rub it against my bare chest and marvel at the bovine texture. Thank you and may God bless your endeavors.

  114. Thanks for making great software!

  115. Count me in. I want one of these great bibles. Thanks for making this contest easy and fun.

  116. Luke Brandon says

    Wow, I’d love to win that Bible. I was just looking to buy the same one. Wierd. Please sign me up.

  117. I would love a Bible. Add me to the list.

  118. Woohoo. Bibles. Free. Awesome. ‘Nuff said.

  119. What a great opportunity. I’d love to have one.

  120. Nick Smith says

    What a great giveaway. And so useful too! I’ll sign up.

  121. What an amazing possibility. This would be a wonderful treasure for my entire family!

  122. My wife has been wanting an ESV bible. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind calfskin! I would love to give this to her, but of course, I would probably use it quite often too!

  123. Ian Evans says

    This is an awesome giveaway. I had no idea they made bible’s this nice! I would love to win one.

  124. Thank you for the giveaway of Bible! Please add me. Please also give away Libronix books sometimes :-) I still remember how we users made Francis Schaeffer’s Collection to the top during “March Madness.”

  125. Excited for a chance to win one of these bibles!

  126. Sign me up. Watch me get the Charles Stanley leather Bible. I already have one. I’ve had it for years and LOVE it! It’s become my best friend. Dr. Stanley even autographed for me back in 2001.

  127. Christi Kurtz says

    It would be sweet to win this for my husband!!

  128. I think this is a most amazing giveaway. Thank you Logos for offering up such beautiful bibles.

  129. Rick Powell says

    Thank you for another great contest…sign me up and keep up the outstanding work!

  130. Luuk Dondorp says

    I think that an ESV bible in calfskin used, read and lived around in The Netherlands would be even more impressive and breathtaking…I just can’t wait.
    Thanks to you Phil for helping me with the dutch bible translations, now I am using LOGOS everyday for my bible studies. Which is sometimes breathtaking too!

  131. Elizabeth says

    great idea!

  132. Pam Larson says

    I feel guilty asking for another freebie after you guys just gave me a free T-shirt, but I would sure love a nice wide-margin calfskin NASB.

  133. Cathey Livezey says

    If I win a Bible, I will give it to my son for his birthday coming up soon.

  134. jesus marrero says

    i would I love to have ESV Study Bible. My Bible was taken from my car. i hope he is reading it.this Bible giveaway sound to good to be true

  135. Send one to me!

  136. L. Goodwin says

    Thank you Logos! An excellent idea, and greatly appreciated.

  137. Tim Hinrichs says

    I’d love to have one of these Bibles.

  138. I hope I win a Bible in the giveaway!

  139. Great give away, I thank God for you guys and hope to win if it is God’s will :]
    soli Deo gloria!
    jason d.

  140. Bob Wolfe says

    Thank you for this opportunity. I am glad you included a KJV Bible. Thanks again.

  141. Mary Frances Mock says

    This is a wonderful idea of giving away these beautiful Bibles. Thanks for sharing with others.

  142. BJ Lopez says

    It is more blessed to give than to receive! Thanks for being so generous.

  143. Looking for a free Bible

  144. Robert Farthing says

    Yes!! I’d love to win!!

  145. Mike Taylor says

    Wow! Count me in!

  146. M. Weaver says

    Wow. That Cambridge KJV is a $300 retail. A first edition 1611? ;-)
    Frankly, it’s great to see the NASB still getting some love here on the forums.
    Great idea Logos! Thanks!

  147. Steve Bohannon says

    Wow! These are great looking Bibles!

  148. I’m in

  149. Peter Cellini says

    The un-breakable Word of God delivered in Person, Paper or Pixels is still the life changing Word of God.
    Thank you Logos for this treat.

  150. Shane Gaydon says

    count me in would love to have a nice premium bible! :) thanx logos

  151. Rev. Stanley Brown says

    Count me in, I have owned and given away bibles. I love reading and sharing the word of God. This offer adds a sense of excitement about owning a quality bible that may not fall apart like my preaching/study editions do! (smile).

  152. Thank you for this tremendous opportunity! What a blessing.

  153. Stevaroo says

    This sounds like a great idea! I hope I win me an ESV Study Bible.

  154. Great give away, thanks!

  155. This is a great offer. I’d love to win the ESV!

  156. This is a great idea. Hope to see some Libronix book giveaways someday as well. :)

  157. Rev. Barry says

    It is very generous of Logos to give these quality bibles away. I’m happy for whoever wins them. Just remember they aren’t meant to be worshipped but read. “Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you.” (Col. 3:16)

  158. CL Pearce says

    I’d love a Bible. I think I’d give it away if I got one. I have too many as it is.

  159. Richard DeRuiter says

    I’d love to get a leatherbound NIV or NIV Study Bible. I really wouldn’t have a use for a paper version of the others. I’d give NIV Women’s Devotional to my wife. (The I’d probably sell or give away.)

  160. Mark Schaaf says

    Awesome Bibles – awesome bible software. The best from the best – what else should we expect? Thanks for the great opportunity. Good luck to all.

  161. I have posted Bible search to my web site and I love leather Bibles.

  162. Ken Parsons says

    Holding a leather bound Bible in my hands for my morning time with God is a special treat. I admit, I love the functionality of Logos and use it frequently for research and preparation for teaching. I run Logos on both my desktop and my laptop machines. But for my quiet time, sitting at my desk just won’t do! Let me get comfortable in my special chair and God makes the Word come alive for me. Thanks for doing such a great thing for those of us who are still bibliophiles, even in the computer age.

  163. David Woodall says

    Thanks for another great offer! Most of my Bibles are hard cover.

  164. Gerard Shanley says

    Good idea- I consider Logos Bible Software the best program available. Thank you.

  165. John Kaess says

    What an awesome idea from Logos!! Giving away free Bibles, and in real leather, which are extremely hard to find in Bookstores. Tyhank you Logos.

  166. Andrew Cardin says

    This is a sweet offer. And yea… I prefer leather Bibles too. I’ve got a leather Ryrie Study Bible in front of me now.

  167. I’d love to get a TNIV; thanks for the giveaway!

  168. Great offer. Count me in. Thanks.

  169. Thank you for such a gracious offer. Please include me.

  170. thanks for sharing>>>

  171. Yes. I would like an opportunity to win a free Bible.

  172. Matt Haferkamp says

    Great giveaway! Thanks so much!

  173. Randy Kirkland says

    Thanks for this great offer!

  174. Steve Cain says

    Hi, Your making it easy to love Logos, first you have the best Bible Software on the market, that I love and use daily, Then you come out with a truly rich in the Word Bible Study magazine that I wait for so I can read every word on every every page because, well it’s that good. and now your blessing us with a Bible to treasure, not a paperback Bible or a hardboard bound bible like some of the other companies are giving away, but a Calfskin Leather Bible that will be in our families for generations to come because of the fine quality workmanship used in making it.
    The extra bonus is that you are giving them away in my two most favorite translations, The ESV and the NKJV, that makes it even more special.
    I thank you and bless you for this giveaway and pray that I will receive one of the calfskin versions because I love soft leather.

  175. Daniel Bruhn says

    Thanks for the opportunity! Sign me up!

  176. Super idea by Logos to utilize a Bible giveaway! Please count me in and many thanks.

  177. Thanks for the opportunity to enter. I would love to win an ESV!! :o)

  178. Brian Spitzer says

    Not only do you have a great product to assist a heavenly connection, but you are also generous, as well.

  179. Sam Shaw says

    I’ve not yet been able to save up enough money for the ESV Study Bible, although the Logos Bible Study package I have should hold me over until then. If you choose me, may I have one of those?

  180. jatrostle says

    Wow. What a great idea, especially now when folks all over are really struggling. A great way to encourage others. Perhaps those that win will pass along an old Bible from their shelf of Bibles! Sign me up!

  181. thank you for this opportunity… The ESV Study Bible is the BOMB!!!

  182. Dave Fitzgibbons says

    I am looking for a new Bible. This would be a great gift…ESV if possible?!?
    Thanks for a great product!

  183. Great contest!

  184. Bob Vary says

    I love your blog and this great giveaway is icing on the cake.

  185. Glad to see that a Bible Software company still values the print editions! Thanks

  186. Jeff Burris says

    Logos rocks!

  187. A. Joseph says

    This is probably I will ever be able to own one of these. I would like the ESV Study Bible please!

  188. Shannon Bond says

    What a great promotion! Thanks!

  189. jeremy Hantke says

    Would love to win a Nasb or ESV. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  190. Thanks for the offer, would love the NASB Large Print Ultrathin Reference, Black Calfskin.

  191. Marie Marshall says

    Thank you for a chance to win a bible esp. Woman’s Devotional Bible. Thank you

  192. Marie Marshall says

    Thank you for a chance to win a bible esp. Woman’s Devotional Bible. Much appreciated

  193. Wow! Logos never ceases to amaze me with their generosity and committment to sharing the Word! God bless all of you and may the Lord work mightily through all the avenues that you are currently making use of to touch peoples’ lives with God’s Word!

  194. Josué Pineda says

    It is great that you do this kind of giveaways.
    I think, and I want to suggest that maybe you could also reward those who have a good number of typos sent.

  195. Thanks, Logos!

  196. Andrew Faber says

    What a great contest!! I have been using LOGOS for a number of years and currently have the Scholars Edition. Best investment ever! One of these bibles would be a real blessing.

  197. Art Kihn says

    WOW, most of my Bibles are in the $29 to $40 dollar range. The word on quality paper would be a blessing!!

  198. Thank you Logos! Truly an amazing contest.

  199. this is a great idea. Thanks for all you guys do!

  200. Having such great options for reading the Bible on devices I carry in my pocket, I rarely read the Bible in book format anymore. Maybe winng this contest would change all that.

  201. Allan R. Lee says

    Fantastic offer – and opportunity! Thanks for simply opening the possibility of owing one of these awesome Bibles!

  202. A. Mackie says

    Great contest and great web site!

  203. Brad Mills says

    “Perhaps I will win.” Mr. Bean in Rat Race

  204. browbear says

    Great promotion. Maybe I can be one of 72.

  205. Jean Michael Ah Chip says

    That is just simply breathtaking and unimaginable from Logos! We trust those Bibles will land into the hands of His choosing!

  206. Great offer….thanks

  207. Unreal – would like to win!

  208. basil_foster says

    Thank you for offering these great Bibles! Any one of them would make a great gift.

  209. Barbara Bruneau says

    What a great promotion! I can only imagine the quality of these Bibles.

  210. Thanks for the offer. The Bibles look great.
    Todd Borger

  211. Barbara C. says

    I love logos software. I use it everyday but sometimes you just need a print version. What an awesome idea! I can’t wait to see everything that God is going to do to glorify His name with this contest.

  212. Steve Buche says

    I really appreciate the software but I am an “old guy” that still loves the book, the print and the page. Would love to have the ESV Bible. Much thanks for all that you and your company have provided in terms of Bible and research.
    A fellow pilgrim
    Steve Buche

  213. cardcreek says

    i’m here. choose me! it’s all about me! me mememememememememmmemememememeemememmeme i say. selfish people need Bibles more that selfless nice people. so give it to me!!!!! i don’t deserve it!
    and please do accept my sincerest gratitude for offering such an indelible mark of modernism (the printed word) even as your fine institution helps drive the next major shift in world knowledge via the digital page in these postmodern times

  214. Brian P. Gault says

    Great promotion! 72 is alot of Bibles . . . maybe one for me!

  215. Corey Martin says

    Choose me. What a great promotion.

  216. daniel andersen says

    thanks for another great way to share God’s word

  217. Yeah! Bring it on!

  218. Sign me up!

  219. VcdeChagn says

    Yeah…I’ll take the KJV (though I think it’s spoken for up above ;)

  220. These sorts of things are one reason I love Logos Bible Software company. It is amazing.

  221. Thank you for putting on this great event. What an exciting opportunity!

  222. Steve Morley says

    Thank you for your dedication to the study of God’s Word through the internet, the Bible Study Magazine (I love it), and now the giveaway. May the persons who win use the Bible to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  223. Carlton Meredith says

    Thank you for making these fine Bibles available; I pray that they will be greatly used over the coming years to effectively communicate God’s perspective to many, many people.

  224. Kristin Bliss says

    What a great giveaway. I am happy to be participating.

  225. Mo Khazaal says

    I am new to the software and very excited to use it. I learn more about it daily and have already been greatly blessed by it. Also excited for the giveaway,

  226. Wow! I hope I win one of the Cambridge bibles! This is great!

  227. This is an awesome contest!

  228. I hope I win on the first try because it took me a half hour to figure out how to leave a comment.

  229. David Buckham says

    I would love to win #5. Please. Thanks!
    all about Christ,
    David Buckham

  230. I Love the speed of LOGOS software (point and click) when studying and using cross references!!! But when I just want to just sit read the word of God, nothing like a good printed Bible with Jesus’ words in Red. I want to win one, but if I don’t, I know whoever does will surely be blessed.
    Thanks for letting me enter and for all your software has done for me!!!!!!!!!

  231. Nothing like a special version of the most special message in history!

  232. Giving away Bibles is a great way to spread the word and the Bibles are great. Thanks Richard

  233. Dennis A. C. says

    Wow!! what a blessing, because it is not only the word of GOD,but it is in a nice lether. May the LORD bless us with one.

  234. Miles Barfoot says

    Six months ago, I was still doing Bible Study and Sunday School lesson preparation the old fashioned way… you know pen, paper, bibles, reference books and a lot of time and a lot of prayer. Bible study and Lessons still require a lot of prayer, but less time to actually prepare…. So much information so easily accessed. I am hooked. Many, many thanks. Keep up the good work.

  235. So…how do I install one of these??? :)
    Thanks Logos for the opportunity to win a nice Bible. At least you know whoever wins it will be reading it ;)
    Peace – DAve.

  236. Dorsett D Smith says

    Thank you for blessing us with the greatest gift of all, His Word, after Christ Himself This a blessing to His Body.We are very grateful to see Logos gifting the body this way. Thank you again.

  237. Bob Prichard says

    The Bibles all sound beautiful. I would love to win the ESV study Bible.

  238. Logos rocks!

  239. Don Morrison says

    Aren’t you always looking for a Bible that will last through constant handling? Hope I get one of these!

  240. daniel johnson says

    i love the Lord, love His Word and love to give it to others, so you caught my attention with this one. may the Lord God Most High continue to bless Logos.

  241. I am salivating over the ESV calfskin Study Bible!!! Is that sinful? ;-)

  242. What a deal!

  243. This is a wonderful giveaway! I’d love to win the women’s devotional.

  244. These Bibles are amazing. I would really like one, please…

  245. Logos is the best Bible software we have ever used. It really helps with study and research. It is great for fast look ups when debating people on-line as so many people misquote the Bible for their own needs. Great contest!

  246. I’ve been wanting the ESV Study Bible–this one with real calfskin sounds wonderful! I don’t have the NLT in print version, so it would be good for devotional reading. I already have a good NASB, but my NIV is about worn out.
    2nd choice: NIV Study Bible, Black Goatskin
    3rd choice: NLT Tyndale Select, Black Calfskin (btw-#7 & #11 look like the same Bible)
    4th choice: NIV Study Bible, Black Renaissance Fine Leather
    5th choice: TNIV Reference Bible, Black Renaissance Fine Leather
    Thanks for such a great promotion!

  247. This is a great idea – and to give away free stuff makes it all the better :-)

  248. An amazing giveaway,thanks for the opportunity to win these Bibles.

  249. I love using the software to study, but there is still just something about holding a book in your hand. Hope to be holding one of these awesome Bibles. Thanks Logos.

  250. Thanks for the giveaway! The Logos software is superb, and I really enjoy the Bible Study Magazine too. It would be great if more Chinese bible resources (in addition to CUV) could be developed in the future.

  251. I want to win.

  252. Catalin D. Jurnalov says

    Fantastic giveaway! The ESV calfskIn please! One is all I want. God Bless you all.

  253. Sylvio Janelle says

    I already knew your company had the best Bible-study software. Now I know that you’re the most generous too! :-)

  254. Yay!

  255. This is a fantastic giveaway and very timely for me. My NIV is falling apart and I was looking into getting a NKJV. LOGOS has great software and keeps adding titles. To have a chance at such high quality Bibles is a rare treat.

  256. Adria Vizzi Holub says

    As a student I’ve enjoyed your software. Thanks for the hard work. Cool giveaway idea. Ever think about giving away a MAC copy of your Logos shell? :)

  257. Logos is the best program on my computer. It saves so much time in preparation and presents just the right information at my fingertips.
    I love the prepub program as I have been able to purchase over time a substantial library of great books at minimal cost. Just as good is the fact that I have don’t have to buy another book case to put them on! Thank you Logos.

  258. Tara Wright says

    Pick me! Pick me! This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks for thinking up the best ideas!!

  259. Jacob Alsum says

    Sounds like a good idea!

  260. I just read about the Bible giveaway! I’m so excited! I just scrolled down on this blog and found out how to transfer passages with all the extra footnotes, finally!! That will be so helpful.

  261. looking forward to checking out and checking out my new premium bible!

  262. Fact of life: I never win anything worth winning.
    But, what the heck? Why not try? Like so many have said, Nothing ventured, nothing gained. But, the fact of the matter is, nothing lost, either.
    Win or lose, ok, lose, I still say logos rocks, because the customer support has been incredible! Still have to finish learning how to use the software (thanks for ALL the videos. I need them ).
    Anyway, yeah, I have no problems promoting Logos, even tho I can’t win. That just means 72 others will be luckier than me, is all. :)

  263. Charles Boyd says

    Man, I could use a quality Bible. Hope I win!!!!

  264. Andrew Faber says

    Great giveaway – love the Scholars Edition – man thanks.

  265. Wow Such Beautiful Bibles… Something that can only be afforded through a giveaway like this. How Wonderful!

  266. Dwayne Thielke says

    This is an exceptional offer.

  267. IBCpastor says

    Great idea – this should be great advertisement for Logos. I for one am telling a few people about it. I can smell the leather all the way from Chicago… although I really would give it to my son if I received it.

  268. jallen_ding says

    I like Logos software. I ordered the Preacher’s Commentary as well as the Courson Commentary before. I like the layout and the user-friendly application of your software. I’ve been praying to have a KJV or NKJV genuine leather Bible, especially that I teach Sunday school and sometimes do some lay preaching when our pastor is away. I use your software in teaching and preaching very much. Anyway, thank you very much for your ministry. You’re a great help. May God richly bless you!

  269. Though it doesn’t make you a Bible student, there is something about getting a new Bible – especially a nice one – that motivates us to read and study more. As a pastor, I’d treasure a calfskin NKJV.

  270. Thank you for organizing this contest. I will let all my friends know about it. Hope to be able to win one too!

  271. Andrew Burke says

    I could go for a free ultra premium Bible.

  272. Ranjan Biswas says

    the “bible giveaway” is a great happening. many will benefit from this generous act. thank you!
    ranjan biswas

  273. James Joy Kotka says

    God bless you guys for this generous thing you are doing. May God pour into your ministry.
    james joy kotka

  274. David McKay says

    This is a great way to promote Logos.
    I’ve got lots of Bibles and have read through 7 of them over a period of 3 and a half years:
    The TNIV
    The ESV Reformation Study Bible
    The NIV Archaeological Study Bible
    The Good News Bible, Australian edition
    The Books of the Bible: a presentation of Today’s New International Version
    The New Jerusalem Study Bible [disappointed with the study notes, which are not written with a high view of God’s Word]
    The New Living Translation, 2nd edition
    I found each of these helpful, with the caveat on the NJB study notes. Some folk would run a mile from the TNIV, but happily embrace the ESV and for others, it’s t’other way around. But I like both very much.
    I’m now reading through the ESV Study Bible very slowly. It is a terrific resource: definitely the best study Bible I have found, though it would not be a lot of use to people who are not already seasoned Bible readers.
    I think if I had my choice, and I managed to win, I’d like a copy of the NASB, because I only have an electronic version of this [and it’s in, whisper, whisper, BibleWorks, not Logos].

  275. Sharon Kotka says

    Great news guys! May God richly bless you for extending His Kingdom by this free distribution.
    Sharon Kotka

  276. hi there, here is my post to apply for a great Bible. Thanks so much for this giveaway. Looking forward to win one of these great Bibles.

  277. Bruce Turner says

    I am always anxious at the possibility of receiving Gods word, whether to keep it myself, or give it to someone who is hungry and searching for something that will add meaning to their life. If you are fortunate to be the winner of one of these awesome Bibles but have more than you need, be sure and let God show you that someone who needs the extra one, dont let it sit on your shelf and collect dust. God bless all his obedient servants.

  278. Commenting has never been more fun. Thanks for doing this!

  279. Free is nice in a world where most everything has its price. I love my Bible.

  280. Wonderful! I’ve so enjoyed using Logos Software. We’ve been missionaries traveling by boat etc. to remote isolated areas and have found having all your resources on a laptop invaluable.
    Thanks Again

  281. Jame M Rohde says

    Now if all these Bibles would just be read!
    So many things said in popular cartoon Christianity are not written. “We believe the Bible,” is a gimmick learned from their teachers because they don’t know what is or is not written. If they loved God’s Word, written or incarnate, they would love and respect Bible facts.
    People have been indoctrinated rather than taught how to implement the authority of the Bible. Use concordances to determine what is or is not written. Make your confession of faith with the actual words God chose to make His revelation known. Verify from the original languages anything important.
    Really, should I be a winner, if you cannot give me the AV, or, as more recently called, the KJV, I don’t want one of the others. I used to read every version. I continue to use several (finding the Concordant Literal Translation gives me the best access to the original, using signs to show the verb tenses, articles, and much more) and I know something of all those you offer in this giveaway, but I don’t want any of them except the KJV. Here’s a few reasons: its memorableness has me quoting it oftener because I know it best. With my knowledge of its faults, I can point out things I’ve learned about the underlying text to people I meet. This is all the more relevant because so many use it.
    P.S. LOGOS is great, with such a large library to choose from! It’s good they continue improving and developing it.

  282. An excellent book to give away. Encourage people to read the Bible. Well done.

  283. How wonderful!!!!!

  284. Chadwick says

    I’d like to be entered to win!

  285. Chaplain (LTC) Douglas Compton says

    God is good…all the Time! News from Iraq, the Lord is protecting us and guiding us through this deployment. Thanks for all your prayers.

  286. Thank You.
    I am pleased that I have a chance to be awarded a Bible.
    I am in need of a good NIV Children or Youth Study Bible.

  287. marilyn pfeifer says

    thanks for doing this, I heard a long time ago from a well learned professor that ESV was going to be dynamite, but which ever Bible you gift to others is a great move on your part….

  288. is a great resource!

  289. Eujin Ahn says

    I want a nice Bible :)

  290. This is a wonderful giveaway. I love the feel and smell of real leather. It makes the Bible really special, holy, the way it should be. I am glad that Bibles are made in formats that make it affordable and accessible to all, but there is really something special about a properly bound leather Bible that sets it apart from other Bibles.

  291. kurteric says

    Most excellent opportunity! Should I be selected a KJV will be fine with me. Thank you.

  292. freemanp says

    great idea for a giveaway
    never had the opportunity to win a bible before
    this should be a great promotion.

  293. Kathy J Larsen says

    What a great opportunity! Thanks Logos!

  294. What a fantastic idea! A very encouraging way to help tempt people to read the bible. I’ve been looking for an ESV Study for a long time so this could be perfect!

  295. Mike Edelman says

    Great Idea. I plan to post the Logos Bible link on our website for our local body to access.

  296. Kathy J Larsen says

    Logos–you are amazing–we love you!

  297. Ray Strydom says

    It would make a great gift to present to someone who is a trophy of God’s grace.

  298. 284th! Woooo!
    Thanks for the offer, Logo!

  299. That’s a fine looking ESV…

  300. Great idea!

  301. Carl C Luft says

    I pray for God’s Will to be done as in reguards for the opportunity to receive one of your easy to read and understand bibles. It would be a great honor and privlage. My Pastor and I really like your on line services as well. Keep up the great work. God bless you all.
    JEsus Christ is Lord.

  302. Dean Price says

    First time blogger. Great idea. Looking forward to see who wins.

  303. R Wiedenheft says

    I’ve heard great things about the ESV study bible — it’d be great to have one.

  304. Don Hatfield says

    Another giveaway from those great folks at Logos?? Hmmm…the ESV calfskin is my cup of tea.
    Thanks, Logos. The Lord bless you all!

  305. What better way to get GOD’S word into hands…Thanks Logos

  306. An heirloom Bible? What an awesome thought … love to pass it on for generations!

  307. My husband has had the same study Bible since he was saved at age 57…. ;-0) he is now 72 years old.
    I have glued parts (chunks) of his Bible back together; the best I could… but it doesn’t look so great… ;-0) anyways I would love to see him have an ESV Study Bible…so I will enter my husband Paul into your contest. Whomever you bless I am sure it will be a blessing….
    I must admit, I don’t really care about it being goat leather, just that it is God’s Word is blessing enough.

  308. Wow, this is a really cool giveaway, thanks a lot for doing it!

  309. Gary Hardy says

    If I win one of these I promise not to leave it on top of my car and drive away. I’ve lost two leather NIV Thompson Chain Reference Bibles that way, but I’ve managed to hold on to my current one for over ten years now. So, it’s getting a little worn and could use a nice NIV Study Bible as a replacement. Any of the others would be sweet, as well.

  310. Great software and great idea for a giveaway. I recommend Logos to all my friends and associates. Thanks for your work on behalf of the kingdom of God!

  311. George Roth says

    What a great testimony to see so many people posting because they want GOD’s WORD! Great idea, super contest, and thank you for the resources you make available to support our search!

  312. What a wonderful way to get GOD’S word into more hands…Thank you Logos…

  313. stephen grainger says

    great give away way excellent way to spread the word with excellence

  314. Very sneaky draw! You got me!

  315. says

    This is a great idea – enables some of us to give quality Bibles to people honestly wanting to know the truth! Sign me up!

  316. Gerard Scott-Herridge says

    Thanks for a great system to search the Word of God through Logos and Libronix…now a simple give-a-way of your paper resources is also appreciated.May God continue to allow your group to be creative in all manner of giving,production and public representation of the Good News of our Father’s love to all mankind.Blessings to you all.

  317. i think this is a great idea. for most people it is hard to afford such great bibles. i belive that everya modest, conservitive bible to preach Gods word. Winning such a bible will surely be a great asset to any preacher, teacher or all Christians who would like the luxury of a Bible such as these!

  318. John Cross says

    This is a great company and the tool are great too! The site promotion will make things that much more available in our electronic world. Thanks Logos.

  319. I love Logos….what a great way to give back!

  320. Wow, I just ordered the Logos ESV Study Bible on pre-pub but would love to win any of the Bibles in the giveaway. Sometimes,I just want to feel the Bible in my hand and these sound like they feel awesome in your hand.

  321. Diana Roys says

    Neat-o!!! My dad is not saved and this Bible is in a style of language that he might want to read…it may also give me the chance to witness to him…as of now, he won’t even have a conversation about it….but if it was a gift he would have to make some king of comment and give me an opening….thank you, this opportunity is so awesome….!!

  322. A Bible giveaway? You have gotten my attention!

  323. Rev Daddy says

    Thanks, Logos, for this generous giveaway. If you’re feeling REALLY generous, feel free to pick my name for the NASB or ESV Bible!

  324. So you’re saying there’s a chance. Awesome.

  325. D L Smith says

    Great idea. Thanks and put me in for the KJV!

  326. Great giveaway!

  327. Glenn Dawson says

    This is a wonderful give away from the procucers of a wonderful product. I have been usin gthis and quite pleased with it’s products since 1998. glenn

  328. Pastor Mike says

    Incredible offer! I have given bibles away for years. Never thought someone might give me one. What an incredible, God inspired idea! Way to go!!!

  329. George Weir says

    Wow, who wouldn’t love a Bible of this kind of quality. Logo’s has some of the best in everything

  330. An excellent idea!

  331. David Scammell says

    Wow! I can’t believe the generosity of Logos in giving away top quality heirloom Bibles. What a wonderful way to start a new family tradition of passing on God’s Word from one generation to the next.
    Thanks Logos!

  332. Brad Chymist says

    Great idea. I love the idea of giving the Word of God away for free.

  333. This is a great idea, to give away quality Bibles. Another great way to share the word of God with those that love it. Logos seems to have cornered the market with the best Bible software and is leading the way in the bible software market.

  334. Mark Pereira says

    You can never go wrong, if you’re encouraging people to read God’s Word. I hope I get the KJV.

  335. my site is open source, all I need is plain text and shots for links and ads, don’t need the html as much. Do you have zip available for open source? Love to help

  336. Thank you. Much as I love Logos, the feel is different. Logos is fast and comprehensive and wonderful, but I still find myself needing to use the Good Book in quite time. What a wonderful idea for a giveaway.

  337. Logos has been a part of my ministry for many years, even long before Libronix. This is a tried and true company. This give away is a prime example of the work Logos is doing among us as servants of God. I hope they choose me I recommend them to every one.

  338. Pastor Rick says

    WOW! And again I say, WOW! As a pastor and leader, I would consider one of tbese premium bibles a huge blessing. Thanks for passing along the goodness of God.

  339. Don Julian says

    This is so awesome, never have been in a Bible giveaway
    Don Julian II

  340. The Bible says you have not b/c you ask not. I’d like a goat skin kjv in black please, or an InTouch study Bible in burgandy. Thaanks.

  341. Darrin Trammell says

    Hey, way to go! I have a high quality leather TNIV and love it. Love the feel, how it handles and turns. I would love to have it in the ESV as well, whether study Bible or not. Man, I do hope I win. Thanks for doing this.

  342. Chaplain Horning says

    A likely method, unless LOGOS employs one of its sophisticated search modalities to find “winning traits” in our assorted e-mails! Still, an opportunity to win a lasts-for-a-lifetime keeper Bible is worth our trying to get noticed in all five ways. If it’s good advertising for LOGOS, so be it! I’m glad for the energetic product development LOGOS stands for, all of which benefits ultimately hundreds of thousands of users and extended audiences. Good work, LOGOS!
    Steve Horning, Schweinfurt Germany

  343. tal prince says

    Fantastic, guys! IF you’ve never felt a Bible bound with premium calfskin – you need to so you can understand the magnitude of this giveaway. Thanks Logos!!

  344. Stephen Paddock says

    This is a really cool giveaway. It would be awesome to win a Bible.

  345. Paula Netherton says

    Wow what a deal! I would love to have one of these premium bibles! Being a minister and also a bible student makes this offer very apealing! I would love to carry one of these bibles to my meetings or just be able to sit down at home and enjoy the exceptional quality and craftmanship of one of these beauties. pick me, pick me!

  346. I am an Itinerant Teacher/Preacher and have been using Logos software for 3 years now to do research. I started with Schaff’s History of the Christian Church, which I also have in book format, 8 volumes but I prefer the Logos computer version for doing research. I also use 15 different translations of the Bible to do research but still LOVE my Bible in the printed version.
    I could really use a NEW ONE as my old one with wide margins is filled up. As to translations, I use them all but do not have the new ESV but I would be VERY happy to win ANY. -Ron-

  347. Mark Buerger says

    Wow, what a great opportunity. I’m anxious to receive my new Bible. Thanks Logos!

  348. My friend got a Bible like this at the Shepherds Conference a while back…it is amazingly soft.

  349. This is a great giveaway! But with all the attention on the giveaway, it seems that the announcement of the online Bible got lost in the shuffle. It includes numerous Bible versions and even several versions of the Greek text (I wish it had Hebrew as well!) Its a great resource for when you don’t have your computer with Logos with you.
    Its wonderful to give away premium Bibles to a few people. Its even more wonderful to give away the Bible to the whole world through the internet.
    Thanks Logos!

  350. Val Metropoulos says

    Thanks for the opportunity to share the Word in this way.

  351. Timothy Dean Dilena says

    There is something special about holding the Bible in your hand rather than reading it on the screen. thank you Logos for realizing there is both technological advances and there are some things that can’t be beat… a real Bible
    Great giveaway

  352. Wally Draffin says

    What a great giveaway. May God bless you for your generosity. We know whoever receives one of these Bibles will be blessed.
    Praising Jesus,

  353. Robert Noles says

    What a great thing to do. Thanks for sponsoring a great giveaway!

  354. Thanks for the contest. I’ve always settled for one of the imitation covers. Can’t wait to win one of these!

  355. Don’t you just wish everyone could win?!

  356. Remember the days when leather Bibles were all we had . . . miss them, but appreciate Logos.

  357. I would even more thrilled if I were selected to win any of the collection of bibles.

  358. Reverend Green says

    I gave away a nicely leather-bound copy of an NIV EMB Bible signed by Steve Arterburn to a born again infant seeker of God’s Truth. And now The Great Bible Giveaway is giving us all a chance to experience the written Word of God’s Truth beautifully bound and freely given.
    Logos Bible Software has been and will continue to be a lifeline to my soul. It adds insight and knowledge to the wisdom sowed into my soul by the Spirit of God. It gives verbal translation for clarification of cloudy imaginative visualizations through written exposition of detailed scholarly prose. Thank you for your expression of honor and grace for the Living Word. May God bless the work of Logos to His glory!
    Who knows? Maybe God will bless me again so that I can bless others!

  359. Tirshatha says

    Having followed Logos for a while now, waiting for the Mac version to arrive, I have been very impressed with the quality of the material that I have seen. so much these days seems so sloppy and just thrown together. To maintain a quality and honor for the Word of God, remains an excellent and impressive trait. You are to be commended for the work you are doing. Keep it up. It is needed badly. This giveaway is fantastic. But you are right, what makes a heirloom bible is not the cover, but the value it has to the people who use it. A bible that sits on a shelf and is never used is worthless.
    Keep up the work.

  360. Blessing to those at Logos for this wonderful opportunity. I have never held a calfskin Bible before but it sounds like a wonderful way to spend quiet time with the Lord. Though, for the price of a calfskin Bible, how many Bibles could we get to Africa? I almost feel guilty about submitting my name. Still, I have been wanting to read the ESV. Blessings to all, I pray that those who receive these free gifts pay it forward to “the least of these”.

  361. I am familiar with some of the editions that Logos is giving away. Absolute quality — comparable to the Logos digital product quality one and all.
    rgoster at gmail . com

  362. Sam Cruce says

    Oh Come on,
    I have to win…please!!!! This is awesome!

  363. Desmond Watt says

    Great idea not many freebies in this part of the world

  364. Thanks for another great giveaway! Appreciate your software and now the print Bibles.

  365. Shelbi Cullen says

    What a praise! I hope I win!

  366. That ESV Bible sure looks good!

  367. This comment is posted so I can win a Bible.

  368. This week I was laid off. Tough times for sure but God is my rock and sure foundation. God’s word is powerful and never returns without accomplishing what He intends. There must be some very special purposes for these very special Bibles.

  369. Beverly Stout says

    What a wonderful thing to win a Bible!!!; whenver I get a new one, I give the old one away. this way I get a great treasure, soeone else does too.
    Beverly Stout
    303 452 0579

  370. Sounds like a great giveaway. Sign me up.

  371. Fabulous idea! May God’s Word always be seen as valuable!

  372. Chip (Holland) says

    What a great opportunity. Thanks Logos!

  373. Dear Logos Team,
    Your product is great – and these giveaways are unbelievable! While I suspect few of us NEED a bible like the ones being given away, it would be neat to have!

  374. dgendjar says

    Happy 4th of July everyone. May the people of America turn back to God and serve Him. Thanks to Logos for wonderful tools to learn and understand the Word of God.

  375. Fantastic giveaway – Thank you for encouraging people to dig into our Bibles by making it so much fun too!…

  376. Rod Hardiman says

    I hope everyone has a great Independence Day and takes the time to remember the things that made this country great. Thanks Logos & partners for the outstanding giveaway!

  377. yay!

  378. Great giveaway! Consider me entered!

  379. Laurence says

    Great idea and like the use of FB and Twitter. Smart.

  380. Great contest. I never win anything, but it sure doesn’t hurt trying.
    Love Logos. Me and my daughter.

  381. Ria Smit says

    Would I like to be given a print bible? You bet I would. Living in China one misses Christian booksellers where you can just walk in anytime you like and buy a bible, or even view one. So, getting one which is prized at more than a month’s wages, would be a thrill.

  382. I’ve never heard of Bibles so nice…hope I get to experience the difference once I win one!

  383. Kim Sauer says

    Thanks for doing this giveaway. It is a wonderful blessing that can be shared forward. Happy July 4th all….

  384. Great giveaway, good bibles. Having a small problem with using the search box on my site, but I will just register here.

  385. Marvin Hall says

    Happy 4th of July. May the people of America begin to read God’s word more to serve Him. Thanks to Logos for allowing me to use this tools since 1993.

  386. This is an exciting giveaway – I WANNA WIN!

  387. Don Johnson says

    This is a great idea! There are so many uses for so many Bibles, the least of which is to keep them in a warehouse!
    A Bible sitting on a shelf cannot change lives, so I would be thrilled to win any of these to be able to give them as gifts to people without a Bible – some pastors for whom we are praying in Kenya, for example.
    Thanks, Logos, for the inspiration and excitement over God’s Word!

  388. Ryan Lenerz says

    The ESV Study Bible is amazing – getting it in the super fancy binding would be super cool.

  389. Pastor Val says

    What a great opporunity!! Thanks so much for the opportunity. Shame everyone can not win. Love my Logs software – well back to my sermon.

  390. Calvary Promise - Frank says

    Nice viral program – and for an organization I proudly support!

  391. Michael Nath says

    Logos software is awesome for it’s purpose, but nothing beats holding a Calfskin print version of God’s Word! No battery life necessary!

  392. nicermannson says

    I am a sinner and I am also a conman, more popularly known as sinnerconman. I know where will be my destination be in the hereafter.
    I wonder why it is called hereafter and not nowafter? Why not call it dayafter death? I read the Bible here and there and each version presents a particular verse in a different way. I know heaven, earth, hell and paradise and the more I know I more I am confused. Then your have a God who is love and then you have hellfire tormenting souls for ever and ever. All these doesn’t make sense. What I need is just a simple to understand Bible.

  393. I sent a Bible in the past to this place to have it recovered in buttery, soft leather, as a gift for my pastor.

  394. rich anderssohn says

    You guys are awesome,looks like a great promo.Love the ESV version

  395. As a Scholar’s Library user for 15 or more years, I can say that your inclusion of multiple Bible translations has been invaluable. While I the original languages are paramount, seeing how translators have handled obscure passages and the historical flow of different interpretations is often the key I’m looking for.
    Keep up the good work. I may yet submit my interactive audio Greek/Hebrew interface in Libronix format, but don’t hold your breath.

  396. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    You have a very good product and a very good marketing strategy.

  397. Larry Smith says

    Great idea. The word needs to be sent every way possible.


    what a great way to get GODS WORD into so many homes way to go, i hope i win

  399. WOW! What an amazing offer! I am new to Logos software having just purchased my first version a few weeks ago. Thank you for providing such a great reference and study tool!

  400. Logos is the best Bible study software that exists today. Thanks for giving so much to Christians to empower them in their study of God’s Word! This is an amazing and generous giveaway. Thanks again!

  401. It’s a great giveaway, but I’d sure love to see an NRSV Bible among the ones being given away. The ones being offered are my less-preferred translations.

  402. rich anderssohn says

    Awesome Logos you guys rock

  403. clarence layton says

    I recently purchased the scholars edition of logos software and i really love it…still learning..and having one of these bibles any version would be another plus in my library.

  404. Jeff Mackey says

    I love the ESV Study Bible!

  405. razorbackmom says

    I would love to have one of these Bibles! Thanks for giving them away!

  406. PapaMario says

    Thanks for a great contest. To bad we can’t all win.

  407. Don Munn says

    This is a cool idea. I love Bibles. Thanks for the chance to have the Word.

  408. Mike, Godspeed to you. Remember, He will not put anything before you that you don’t have the ability to handle. Praise Him. I use an NIV Archeological Bible currently. I would be able to bless someone with one of these special Bibles.

  409. mfreeman says

    thanks for the opportunity to win this contest!

  410. Milton Gutierrez says

    May the best minister or theologian win!!!

  411. Give-away says

    Thanks for holding this give-a-way. That goatskin NIV looks pretty cool.

  412. Thank you for the opportunity to receive a new Bible.

  413. Like most Western Christians, I have PLENTY of Bibles sitting around my house. I can only read one at a time, but it’s still nice to have 10-15 around in case I ever want to use a different one. Sure, send me another one that’s really expensive so it can sit with all my other ones. Ok, here’s a better idea- just send it to me so I can sell it on Ebay; with that money, I can buy new Bibles for our youth ministry here in Taiwan.

  414. Stephen C. Lord says

    Sitting on one of my bookshelves is an old, leather-bound King James Version from the 1830’s. It belonged to an ancestor, a great, great, grandfather. The pages have yellowed, the binding is a bit brittle, the leather cracked in places. Obviously it is not for daily use. Yet had it been a paperback, important as those are for placing the written Word of God into as many hands as possible, it would not have survived nearly two centuries. When I hold that weathered volume and see the faded signature of an ancestor I never personally met, the line of that great hymn, “Faith of our fathers living still…” echoes in my soul as I think of the hands this particular copy of the Word has passed through. Perhaps one day in the distant future, a descendant still faithful to the Lord will be holding an antiquated NIV or ESV or NASB with the faded signature of Stephen C. Lord in it and experience the same emotions.

  415. Jonathan Carl says

    Great idea!

  416. neil stetson says

    What a great thing.
    Thank you

  417. This is such a wonderful gift of life you are giving away. Thank You!!! My prayer is that the recepient will use it to study, learn to rightly divide the Word and spread the Good News of Christ. Thank you so much!!! May the LORD bless each of you mightily.

  418. Jim Daniels says

    This is great…cannot wait…Logos is the best!!

  419. It is the Spirit that gives life. The flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak said Jesus is Spirit and Life. We who are born again of the Spirit is Spirit said Jesus to Nicodemus. God is Spirit and they that want to worship God must worship Him in Spirit and truth says Jesus. Paul calls us to walk in the Spirit then we will not fulfill the lust of the flesh (sense life). Whow!! the Word of God is our guiding light as to how we to walk in the Spirit. This free gift is therefore a wonderful gesture. Thanks

  420. Philana Crouch says

    This looks so cool. God bless you guys!!!!!!!!!!

  421. Interesting contest, hope the conman wins one of the bibles and learns that it is all about a holy God that loves mankind and hates evil. It really does make sense when you understand how Holy the One, Living, God of Love is/ and just how far-reaching evil is, and how hellfire is necessary.

  422. captain-D says

    This is a great thing you are doing.

  423. Lisa McKinney says

    Putting Bibles into the hands of people? It’s all good! Thanks!

  424. dalesechrest says

    The Logo’s Electronic Bible has been so helpful during the past year that I have had it.
    Can’t believe they are actually giving away a heirloom type Bible.
    Hope I can win one.

  425. Thanks for the giveaway offer!

  426. dalesechrest says

    Please enter me in the Bible Give away contest.
    I have enjoyed Logo’s for more than a year now. It has been a blessing to me.
    Thank you.
    Dale Sechrest

  427. Brian Horrobin says

    I am grateful to Logos for such a grenerous offer. There is nothing that can compare to the touch of the pages of Scripture and the smell of leather along with it. Count me in!

  428. Great way to encourage being in the Word. Thanks

  429. Marchingman says

    Thanks for the great offer and the great software. Logos has made a huge difference in my Bible study.

  430. MarkBordeaux says

    Likely, none of us needs another Bible, but nevertheless, what a precious gift! Thanks!

  431. This sounds like a fun give-a-way. I personally have never seen this type of covering. Be great to own one.

  432. Stephen J. Padilla says

    I have been using Logos Bible Software since I got it for Christmas. I am very happy with this product. We use it on Monday nights for the teenage small group we host in our home.
    The special Bible will be a beautiful addition to our home. Thank you.

  433. Thank you for being so generous with the bible giveaway. I know it will bless 72 people. I pray that the words in those bibles become alive in those who read them, and that they cherish the word and bind them in their hearts. Amen!

  434. This is an excellent way for people to get a quality-bound Bible!

  435. Bonnie Girdler says

    My husband, a pastor, is a Bible connoisseur — he has so many, and uses each one for a specific purpose! I must say, his REALLY nice Bibles are my favorite — I’d love to have one of my own instead of just holding his, but I can’t really justify spending the money on one for myself — I’ll gladly buy him his, but he’s using his to do his job!!

  436. Mark Larson says

    Ohhhh a ESV study bible would be nice. Thanks for blessing others with this contest!

  437. Brent Miller says

    I take my laptop anytime we are going to meet people about anything. It is so powerful to have an instant library and cross reference things so quickly. No more fumbling around with 5 or 6 big books! Of course a really nice Bible is always of good use. Hmmmm maybe I could give it to someone…

  438. Paul Burns says

    Well, I was going to buy an ESV Study bible but perhaps I’ll win one instead!

  439. Thanks for sharing Bibles with so many people! Sounds like a great promotional plan for you, and a great blessing for many others.

  440. Thanks Logos!!!!

  441. David Lovi says

    This is Awesome! Logos is the best Bible resource hands down.

  442. Jenny Riddle says

    Having worked in a Christian retailer previously, I can say that these types of bindings are amazing. One of the things that makes them so unique is their quality and ability to hold up for generations. Thanks for putting together this giveaway!

  443. Pastor Stewart says

    I am elated at the prospects of getting a premium study bible. I have enjoyed and been blessed by the Logos software since I bought my first program in 1992. Keep up the good work.

  444. The contest arrives at good old Europe. We in Switzerland are very happy to be a part of this great family who loves the Lord Jesus!

  445. I’ve been thrilled with what I’ve seen so far from Logos. This giveaway is amazing.

  446. williammwoods says

    What a wonderful July 4th gift–the WORD of GOD.
    I hope that I will be one of the lucky winners.
    Keep on with these wonderful innovative ideas—
    in order to encourage greater use of the WORD.

  447. yakenken says

    Please enter me in the Bible Give away contest.
    I have enjoyed Logo’s for more many years now. It has been a blessing to me.
    Ken Scott

  448. Kelly Banning says

    Clever idea. Thank you for entering me. I love the ESV.

  449. I don’t run a website that allows me to add the Libronix Bible search feature, I don’t think. It I do, I’d be glad to know how! I’m not a Twitter or Facebook user, and I don’t manage a blog. If I could enter any of these ways, I would.
    Will there ever be another Sermon Add-in giveaway? That would be a tremendous opportunity that I would be sure to look into!

  450. Great contest! We LOVE our logos program and use it all the time!

  451. Norma Cole says


  452. I’d love to be entered in the contest! Thanks for all your great products and services.

  453. Howard Oakes says

    Sounds good. Would be a nice Bible to carry.

  454. I think this is an awesome way to get people connected to God’s word! Way to go Logo’s!!!!!

  455. What a wonderful giveaway! We LOVE our Logos Bible Leader’s Software. We can study the Bible at the deepest levels now.

  456. Daimi Horton says

    Great contest! Thanks Logos!

  457. Mark Silver says

    This is fantastic, I have been enjoying the LOGOS software immensely and now this!! Way to Go!

  458. Don Howeth says

    I really would like to have a really good study bible.

  459. This giveaway is awesome. Thank you!

  460. Jon Bauerle says

    Awesome! Internet Bible… Meet Paper!

  461. Thanks for doing this give-away. I’m excited for whoever wins these Bibles.

  462. Gary L. Bennett says

    As a Logos user since version 1.5 all the way to Scholars Gold with many add ons, I can vouce for your product and have many times, What a great thank You the calf skin ESV would be. By the way the Black Logos shirt looks great. Thanks for your product and all you do. Fo the cause of Christ, Gary

  463. I love getting new Bibles!! When does mine arrive? : )

  464. This is a great promotional tool for the company.
    Hope to get one of these!

  465. Mark Atterson says

    What a great opportunity! God bless…

  466. stacey scarboro says

    sign me up, what an excellent contest.

  467. This is really awesome. I’ve never heard of a Bible giveaway before. I’m excited about it!

  468. Kirby Martens says

    This is super exciting! I love Logos Bible Software and couldn’t be happier when you developed the Mac version.

  469. blindink says

    In reading about the giveaway, I read about the touch of a new leather Bible. Well, I was in an accident in 1999 and since then I have been losing my eyesight. I am now 10/500 in one eye and 5/4500 in the other. I only have a hardback study Bible (4 Bibles in one) and part of the Bible on tape and I cannot afford as I live on Disability now, but I know what touch means now and to touch a butter like Bible would mean everything to me. To touch it and feel it and let the words flow out of it as I listern to the word would be everything

  470. H.R. McLeod says

    Sounds great….thanks for doing this!

  471. This is awesome! I’m old school…sign me up for the NKJV!!

  472. Nathan Kassulke says

    Thanks, Logos! Love the software for Bible study and exegesis. The bound versions look great. I’m hoping for NIV.

  473. Dan Palomino says

    This is very cool! I would love that ESV bible!

  474. You guys at Logos are the best! I too am thankful for the Mac version of Logos! One problem about this give away – If I win, my wife will probably snatch it from me and I’ll never see it! :)

  475. You guys at Logos are the best! I too am thankful for the Mac version of Logos! One problem about this give away – If I win, my wife will probably snatch it from me and I’ll never see it! :)

  476. You guys at Logos are the best! I too am thankful for the Mac version of Logos! One problem about this give away – If I win, my wife will probably snatch it from me and I’ll never see it! :)

  477. Richard Swain says

    Thanks for the give a way

  478. I know a lady who could really use The Bible and all its contents. This is an exciting opportunity!

  479. Good company, great software. When at home, I do my devotionals using Logos. When away, I use my portable devotional (my Bible).

  480. What a great idea. Love the software, but also remember the feel of my grandfather’s Bible

  481. Edward Yeager says

    Here’s my entry.

  482. Logos is a wonderful resource and I have very much enjoyed using it. I look forward to learning more about it. And what a great contest too!

  483. aepearson says

    Great Idea

  484. Karl Flentje says

    This is just another example of how Logos is committed to getting the best Bibles and Bible study material into the hands of Christians so we can rightly divide the word of truth, give an answer to anyone who asks about the hope within us and preach the word to all the world. I am also impressed that Logos shows a strong commitment, not just to the digital version of the Word, but to print forms as well (and with that I’m thinking of Bible Study magazine in addition to this Bible giveaway).

  485. An ESV Study Bible would be an exceptional tool for in-depth Bible Study. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Please, oh please, oh please PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  486. Steve H. says

    Nobody else needs to register to win the awesome bible, I’m winning it.

  487. Gary Griffis says

    While I have been reading the Bible for about 40 years, and while I have been studying the Bible for just less than that, and while I have been preaching the Bible for 33 years, and while I have been using logos to deepen my understanding of the Bible for less than a decade, I have never used a Bible that could be called “ultra-premium” because it is one of “the most amazingly bound Bibles ever printed”. But I’d like to…
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Rev, Gary Griffis
    Pastor and Professor

  488. This is great!! I would love to give the NKJV to my wife…uhh, maybe I’ll just give her my old one.

  489. Wow! What a great opportunity to share God’s Word with others! Thanks for offering such an awesome giveaway!

  490. Robert Franck says

    Looks like a lot of people entering this way. I pray that God will work through the random process to get the Bibles to people who will truly be blessed by this giveaway!

  491. Hi,
    There are apparently a couple errors in your html code for putting a search tool on blog sites: I was asked to insert a ‘;’ after the variables ‘ref’ and ‘x’; and there were three places where the ending was

  492. This is great! Hopefully they will be used and not just put on a shelf. Also, someone else will hopefully be gifted with the bible currently being used by the lucky recipient(s) of these new bibles!

  493. I have found Logos to be a good source. I look forward to the giveaway.

  494. Warren Wagner says

    I am a newby to logos. Would be wonderful to win a new study bible.

  495. Warren Wagner says

    I am a newby to logos. Would be wonderful to win a new study bible.

  496. Roger Counts says

    I do not make it a practice entering contest, however I could not pass this one.I have been using my Bible for many years, even before I entered the ministry and it’s like an old friend, but maybe it is time for my friend to have a rest.
    Thank you for this opportunity you are giving someone a chance to own a fine quality copy of The Word of God

  497. Mark Papierski says

    Pick me! Pick me! Blessings to your team at LOGOS!

  498. Pastor Darryl Hartless says

    I would be so happy and honored if I could have one of these bibles!!! Either way, I love my Logos, and highly recommend it to everyone!!! In His Service, Pastor Darryl

  499. This contest is great! I would love to win the NIV Study Bible for my wife. I also love the software.

  500. Patricia J. Summetrs says

    Would love to win NASB to accompany my Precept Ministies Bible studies as it is geared to this verson.
    What a wonderful opportunity you all have provided.
    Thank you.

  501. Kolkow Family says

    Hey, thanks for doing this! Logos is a great company!

  502. Chris Marlowe says

    I am praying for the NASB Large Print Ultrathin Reference Calfskin!

  503. Pam Figueroa says

    Thank you for making me aware of this awesome Bible give away. My heart jumped within me that my entry has the potential to recieve one of your premium bound Bibles. I would LOVE to have be a winner of one of the NIV or NASB versions with wide margins because I LOVE God’s word and to study it which is why I purchased Logos software! I would considered it such a blessing to win one of these Bibles so that I can take it with me and study from it when not at my computer and to have as a family heirloom too. I’ve been giving thought that my children may want to glean from my Bible one day after I leave this world and take residence in my heavenly home and for them to have it bound in an heirloom Bible would be sweeter yet. So many reasons I am entering to win this Bible. Thank you for doing this give away. Hope I’m one of the winners!
    God’s richest blessings,
    Pam Figueroa

  504. daisyever says

    Wow, what a great contest. I spilled something on my favorite NKJV bible, and am looking for a new one. What perfect timing! Thanks!

  505. Mark Markham says

    Great Idea. Thanks.

  506. Rev. Lionel Trujillo says

    I first became a LOGOS/Libronix user in 1999. This amazing resource helped me get through seminary and continues to serve me immeasurably well with my sermon preparation and in my ministry teaching the bible to prison inmates. And now with this fantastic Bible give-away contest, it only gets better! ESV Study Bible in Calfskin? Wow! Kudos to LOGOS for their continues commitment to assist those of us who teach and preach the Word of God. You make our jobs so much easier.

  507. This is a very powerful giveaway, especially with the ESV Study Bible winning Book of the Year honors from World Magazine. I would love to have a premium copy of that Bible!
    Right now, business being what it is, that is very out of reach. Praying for change and hoping for a blessing…

  508. Lynn Hoover says

    This is a celebration idea. Spreading the good news about Jesus and giving away Bibles is terrific! This Logos Giveaways should help increase awareness. I’m hoping to win/receive a NKJV or even software.
    Thanks for the offer.

  509. buckeye81 says

    I spend HOURS going through a new Bible, just feeling the pages, smelling the paper and the leather. I encourage others to give away one of their current Bibles if they win one of these
    PS – Logos software, while it doesn’t smell like leather, is WAY COOL. I use it all the time.

  510. REV. RON LYNN says

    Can logos do anything more creative than this?
    Great gifts for word of the mouth advertising.
    I have had the Logos system for at least seventeen years now and it is the greatest tool I have ever used.
    I have seen the evolution of this computer software program from it’s begnnings to now. I can’t wait until ten years from now to see what next is in store for us.
    I have probably over 3500 books and collections on my computer system. I have a dedicated 500 gb drive just for the system. I never have to worry about running out of hard disk space or slow system response.
    I write my own sermons without the help of using everyone else’s material. It is good to read over other’s messages and maybe use an illustration or two, but don’t get caught in the habit of looking at everyone’s materials before developing your own.
    It isn’t important to me if I win a free Bible or not, I will just give it to a needy devoted person.
    I just pray you folks at Logos continue to produce the type of products you have been bringing a universe of information to us at our fingertips.
    Rev. Ron

  511. Thanks for the offering this Bible giveaway. You have got some great Bibles in the list.

  512. Kevin Becker says

    I wouldn’t say no to one of these Bibles. :) sign me up.

  513. Jay Bruton says

    Thank you for taking the undisputed lead in applying electronic technology to Biblical studies. While there may be other marginal players, yours is far and away the most advanced and widespread, The titles and features you offer greatly enhance my studies. I hope that this publicity effor is profitable for you.

  514. Kelsey Coleman says

    Thanks for the chance to win. Would be nice to have a Bible of this quality. Thanks.

  515. This is a great giveaway and if you already have enough Bibles around your home then why not share the Bible with someone who may not have access to one. These are premium Bibles that can be handed down from generation to generation. So if you do keep it – use it and annotate it and let your children and grandchildren benefit from your personal walk with God.
    The Logos software is great and I’m a long-time user but there is just something about having a premium print edition Bible in your hands that is awesome!
    Thanks – Logos!

  516. Karen Gunter says

    What a blessing! Thank you for this ministry.

  517. What an amazing giveaway My husband is a chaplain in the Army and cannot stop talking about the ESV study bible and how he would enjoy having one. He says it is like an entire Seminary education, with all the notes and maps and charts. How great would it be to win one and send it to him in Afghanistan! Thanks LOGOS for this opportunity.

  518. This is AWESOME! Thanks for this expression of grace. God bless!
    Logos is fantastic.

  519. Bill Fiess says

    I sure hope that I win one. Thanks for offering it!

  520. Logos software is already a tremendously helpful tool. This giveaway is awesome. Count me in!

  521. Kirk Crager says

    I’ve been praying for an ESV calfskin, Your will be done!

  522. Scott Basolo says

    I’m sure this won’t be it, but I’m in anyway.

  523. There are some sweet Bibles here!

  524. My husband is a chaplain in the Army and can’t stop talking about the ESV study bible, he says it is like an entire seminary education with all the maps and notes and charts. How fun it would be to win one and send it to him in Afganistan! Thanks LOGOS for this opportunity.

  525. OOOPS! I did not mean to send this twice, it said that is did not go thru the first time, that is why I sent it again…sorry!


  527. David Muntean says

    Thanks for the giveaway. It would be awesome to get one of these long lasting premium Bibles.

  528. Robert Weidner says

    If you haven’t tried the Libronix Digital Library System software yet, check it out. It’s great having all of your Bible study guides, aides, commentaries, devotionals, and even hymnals all in one place.
    But sometimes it feels more reverent to hold God’s Word in your hands and page through the wisdom.
    Anyone who receives one of these great giveaways will be blessed. Good luck everyone, and check out the Libronix software!

  529. Henry Geter says

    I beleive it’s a great way to begin to get God’s message to the world. There is no telling how many people will get involved on ‘Twitter’ or ‘Facebook.’ In fact, they might just begin to read the Bible on their own. Thanks and have a great day.

  530. Randall Newcom says

    I got my Father a find Coatskin Bible many years ago, He read the Bible though several time, He is now gone to be with God and I still have his Bible and it is still in great shape today, Thanks for putting the give away together.
    I hope to win one of these fine Bibles

  531. Jon Stasney says

    Thanks for this. I am definitely interested in the ESV Calfskin Study Bible. I have two hardbacks, and they are heavy to use and travel with.

  532. I think this is a great idea and I would love to have such a beautiful bible. Here’s hoping I could win one! Thanks for this.

  533. When you have a bible that you take notes in the binding is important. The bonded leather bibles never last beyond 5 years and some of the leather bound bible are just as bad. A premium bible that might last as long as one human life would preserve the notes and the bible as a leagacy. Thank you for offering the hope of a bible that might last a lifetime, a dedicated lifetime.

  534. Anthony DeKorte says

    Wow, free Bibles. I’m a seminarian and few things sound better than free books, except maybe free Bibles. I’d really like the special edition TNIV for those times when I cannot use my libronix. Thanks.

  535. Daryl Olson says

    Thanks for the great software you produce and the opportunity to win a Bible!

  536. Ian Carrico says

    I am a seminary student and find that logos is a one of a kind tool for ministry! I am greatly satisfied with the software and get to enjoy blessings such as this giveaway! Thank you LOGOS!

  537. I’ve always wanted a super nice Bible but thought of it as silly to spend so much money on something that tells me to live frugally so I could feed the poor. I would love to win one though!

  538. This is an AMAZING giveaway! I’m glad to have the opportunity to be a part of it.

  539. Great marketing Logos! I continue to be impressed. Please enter me for the ESV Study Bible or any or the NKJV Bibles. While I use Logos extensively, a print Bible with notes that will stand years of usage will be invaluable to my pastoral ministry.

  540. SATLighthouse says

    I am saving up to purchase an upgrade to the Leadership Logos Bible Software. I have several Bibles and tools on my current edition. I would be truly Blessed to win on of the Great Bible Giveaway Bibles. Consider this my July entry for the blog! Be blessed one and all!

  541. Caleb Kolstad says

    What a great deal!

  542. Mark Anderson says

    I have been using LOGOS since the mid 90’s and I really appreciate this valuable tool for digging into the Bible quickly and accurately.

  543. Sarah Joy says

    I would really love to win any one of these Bibles.

  544. Jose Alonso says

    Awesome Bible giveaway and great products. Thanks and God Bless Logos!

  545. Mark Harvey says

    Sign me up!

  546. Keith D. Church says

    Sign me up for the giveaway. I am a pastor and I use Logos for everything. I have used at least 5 different software packages, and Logso is by far the most complete and easy to use single resource. Keith

  547. Joe Schneider says

    This is such a great giveaway. It is quite ironic since these are old-fashioned paper Bibles.

  548. oooh!! This is a great giveaway!! I hope I get picked!! Yay for free bibles!

  549. Christine says

    How awesome! God knew exactly what you needed!! Good clothes at 70% off … what a God thing!
    Had to get your own popcorn…aww. ;)

  550. Christine says

    What an awesome idea! May God bless each Bible and it’s recipients!

  551. Robert Marx says

    What a great offer! I use Logos software in my classes in seminary and in ministry. The software is invaluable; further, I would not have made it through Greek classes without Logos software.

  552. Thanks for the chance to win guys…

  553. Put me in the drawing!

  554. David Palmer says

    There is no book more precious to me than the Bible. I study it through my Logos software on a daily basis. I have never owned any Bible of the quality that you describe. To have the privilege of owning one would be totally beyond my means. It would be an incomparable treasure to hold, read, pray and weep over,and one that I would look forward to passing on to my daughter or grand-daughter.
    Thank you, Logos. I am excited to see you launch the online Bible program. Blessings on you all.

  555. Christopher Szemraj says

    Logos is a synonym for quality and top research. I think this is a great marketing idea that will point many more to Logos resources.
    Thanks for your work and should I be a winner please provide ESV Study in Calfskin. Thanks and keep going!

  556. Gregory Chambers says

    Excellent idea! Please enter me.

  557. Tami DeNoel says

    I love Logos products. The ease of use has started my yearning for more knowledge of the Bible. Since I am on the computer everyday, it is a quick and easy way to study the bible everyday as well. Now that I am hooked, a free “real” bible to study from would be great as well. Good luck to everyone. Thank you Logos.

  558. James Harte says

    WOW! What a great offer! But what else would you expect from a great company!

  559. Chad Kuisel says

    WOW,God provides for people in so many ways! I hope that if i win i might be able to use the bible i get and give someone my current bible in which i recently acquired. I know God is soverign and whover ends up winning one did’nt “Win” it, God GAVE it to them.
    God bless

  560. Gabe Martinez says

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  561. Thanks for the Bible offer. Maybe I will be the lucky one, although I know there is no such thing as luck for a Christian.

  562. Steve Briix says

    I was expecting some kind of twist, like these were virtual calfskin bibles.

  563. Penny Beasley says

    I purchased the Calfskin NASB by Lockman for a Christman gift for a bible school teacher from our class. It is the most luxurious feling bible I have ever touched. Its Smythe sewn, has nice print and paper. It came with a lifetime warranty also. It is heirloom quality and worth the $149.00 we paid for it. My teacher loves it. It opens out almost flat even new, has two ribbons and a velvet cover to carry it in. I have seen it in Navy, Burgundy, and Black…all are beautiful….

  564. Amy Welty says

    WOW…what a generous giveaway!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  565. Joseph Pang says

    This is a great giveaway. Bless your heart andmay the Lord continue to bless your ministry as we benefit from your help.
    I will love to win any of the prize.

  566. Joseph Pang says

    I am amazed by this offer, may God bless your ministry.
    Love to win one of the prize.

  567. LOGOS IS THE BEST! I’ve been a Logos user for years. Hope I can grab one of those great bibles!

  568. Rob Jankowski says

    Wonderful Idea…Logos is doing some incredible things for the Kingdom and continues to be creative in reaching people. Keep it up!

  569. Stacy Farrell says

    Thanks you for creating one of the most amazing Bible study tools available. It’s fantastic. And yet, I’ll always treasure physically holding The Book in my hands….

  570. John Runkle says

    Count me in! This is a great deal. I give you my name and I could win a great bible. Win – win.

  571. Charles Tillett says

    My old faithful bible is falling to pieces I really need a new
    Bible. Hope I am picked, and you to. God Bless, Missionaries to Kenya
    Charles & Alice Tillett

  572. moshemorrison says

    I have used the NASB side column reference bible for 30 years. Needless to say, the copy I received in 1979 is no longer in useable condition. My wife’s copy is only 19 years old. When my copy fell apart for the last time a couple years ago, I started using hers. She would like it back. I thought that since you are giving one away, giving it to me would be a great solution.

  573. Char Hauser says

    What a generous thing to do. I’m hoping the person who wins has the greatest need for a new Bible. Thanks for doing this.

  574. Cool giveaway! much as I love logos software, I also still love a great leather Bible! Perfect partners!

  575. Great site. Great software. Great promotion!

  576. Thanks for the great work and sign me up!

  577. I got my Logos library and it has helped me so much in my studies. My wife has found it a huge help to her in her personal studies as well as lessons for teaching children and ladies.
    I would love a Bible from this giveaway!

  578. What a fantastic giveaway. Thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to win.

  579. Leon Sexton says

    What a fun way to do this.

  580. leonidas says

    Thanks for linking me and my family to the word. This is a great giveaway. My the Lord give you much more. Your are blessed because it is more bleesed t give than to recieve.

  581. Bill Trucano says

    Logos software is the greatest Bible study material ever! Thanks for what you do.

  582. I think the logos software is the best available on the market. This giveaway is amazing!

  583. Logos for Mac liberated me almost entirely from my evil PC. Thank you LOGOS! This is a truly splendid giveaway.

  584. ThE gReAt BiBlE gIvEaWaY1!1!1!

  585. Kfitzgerald says

    I have had the logos software for several months and I have been able to replace my whole paper library with this software. Not only is the software user friendly the software comes from a great company who stands behind its product..

  586. Richard Hendricks says

    This is great. I hope I win.

  587. I am so stoked about this giveaway! As a Pastor I am always looking for a great Bible to preach from.

  588. This is a great idea. I have never been able to take the plunge to purchase a Bible like that, but it would be great to win one!

  589. It’s so exciting that you guys are doing this!

  590. Yes please!

  591. Phil English says

    I am a pastor at a small church in Canada and use the Logos Bible software all the time. It is a great tool for study and research. Thank you!

  592. Marcus Rogers says

    Logos software is simply incredible for the seminary student. The Great Bible Giveaway seems too good to be true.

  593. James Borja says

    Thank you for this great tool and resource of a blog spot with helps and articles that pertain to situational problems that we encounter with how to figure out the in’s and out’s of the program. Also for the Bible giveaway. That’s super cool! I hope more Mac stuff and resources becomes available soon.

  594. Awesome giveaway! Love Logos Software! Thanks!

  595. I am a happy owner of Logos Software. I am a Liberty University Alumni and Graduate Student at Trinity presently and find the software an amazing tool for study!! Anyway, I hope I can win something in this giveaway. Thanks. To God through Jesus Christ be ALL the glory.

  596. This can be awesome for ANY winner, but getting God’s Word proclaimed was just made easy by LOGOS doing this!

  597. It’s been a blessing to use Logos these last several months… thank you. And now another giveaway… I know these will be a blessing to those that get them! I’m hoping I’m one of them. ;)

  598. This is a pretty cool giveaway.

  599. This is an awesome idea! I would love to be able to win a new Bible. I’ve been looking for a while at buying one but winning one would be way better.

  600. Awesome Bibles. I’d especially love to win the ESV Study Bible.

  601. This is an impressive gift that shows the Logos people are all about the Word of God. May this ministry be blessed richly.

  602. William Beaulac says

    What an awesome opportunity to put the written Word into peoples hands. Those calfskin covers will feel a lot better than these plastic keys . . .

  603. Thank you for a wonderful give-away!

  604. Gary Whitfield says

    This is a nice Bible give-a-way. I had a good quality leather Bible once. It got much use but pages started falling out. It would be great to win another one.

  605. Kyle Sprecher says

    Hope I win! Thanks for all the great work at Logos.

  606. Love your software – would love to win the Bible!

  607. I had a leather worker make a two custom Bible covers–one of buffalo skin and the other of deer skin. What the author of the Logos news release wrote bout how incredible it feels to hold a Bible wrapped in fine leather is absolutely right. Sometimes I will just pick it up to hold it.

  608. This is a very nice giveaway promotion and I am looking forward to the coming monts

  609. Vernal Mathis says

    i think this is a good idea. A great way to get the bible into people’s hands. Good job Logos.

  610. Hey awesome giveaway. thanks so much. Love the ESV.

  611. I think it’s so cool that you would honor God’s Word by offering a beautiful bound bible as nice as your online and software bibles. I still love both ways of studying scripture, so count me on this giveaway.

  612. Denis Frediani says

    This is an exciting giveaway. As a part-time pastor in a small church and a volunteer chaplain in the State Prison my Bible gets quite a workout. To have a high quality Bible that would really go the distance would be so helpful and would be such a blessing. This is a great idea guys

  613. Rev. Prescott Jay Erwin says

    Okay, I got the e-mail message about The Great Bible Giveaway, so I’m posting to the blog. I guess I could be a winner!
    But seriously, I’m an avid BibleWorks user because of the strength and vesatility of the language tools. Having invested in it — and living on a Pastor’s income — I’m reluctant to lay out 2-to-3 times as much for Logos. Can anyone tell me what the advantage might be in changing?
    Pastor Scott

  614. love the word says

    Would love to win one of these great bibles. I have my eye on the KJV.

  615. David Zemmer says

    The “Great Bible Giveaway” is a wonderful idea. I bought for my wife this year a ESV calfskin bound bible and it is absolutely the best binding I have ever owned. It is so supple that it invites the pages to be opened and then lays flat at the chosen spot. This binding exudes respect and reverence for the book it contains.

  616. Jim Dunne says

    Awesome offer! Thanks to Logos for sponsoring this amazing giveaway.
    Jim D.

  617. David Chase says

    You can never go wrong with making quality Bible applications available on the www for free. I think about those missionaries or other ministry partners that do no have access to Logos software but are now able to use You also can’t go wrong giving away a top quality Bible.

  618. Jeanne Robinson says

    I am and have been all of my 75 years a Christian.

  619. I have enjoyed using Logos software for years and think it is great. I don’t know what “twitter” is? Or a “blog”, although I think I am using one now? Haven’t got a clue what a RAF tag is? and anything after that leaves me cold! Anyway, if I win an NIV Study Bible I will be overjoyed!! Shane

  620. Very nice! A prize that’s so much better than any gadget out there. I am in need of a new Bible as well. My current one is falling apart from good use.

  621. Great giveaway! I much prefer print Bibles for devotional use, and I much prefer leather ones. Thanks for this opportunity.

  622. Timothy Glover says

    I would be interested in entering a chance to win a Bible version. Thanks!

  623. Kirke Holmes says

    This is another great Logos Promotion. Sign me up. I would love to win either the ESV or one of the NASB bibles.

  624. Northcliff Davis says

    keep up the good Word

  625. Tim Plett says

    Love the ESV Bible, but really I love most versions–they all can add necessary insight. Great site–great contest.

  626. This is a fantastic idea. I’d love to win one of the Bibles, but it’s even better the way this is going to be get around to so many people.

  627. Marc Levinson says

    I think Logos offer to give away various high quality Bibles is fantastic. I have loved God’s Word for the last 25-30 years. My life verse is “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth,” 2 Tim. 2:15 KJV. Ever since God touched me with His truth, I have been passionate about learning more about Him and His Word. Not only is the offer of a new Bible great, but the whole new set of electronic study aids is also fantastic.

  628. Hello;
    I am a pastor in Northern Alberta Canada, and see many opportunities to get good study resources into the hands of people.
    I currently own an ESV in TRUTONE, NATURAL BROWN. It is an amazing resource Bible. If I win the Calfskin Bible, I will be passing my old one on to a youth in our church who really wants to go deeper with the Lord. Thanks for this great opportunity. I also use Logos software as I prepare sermons.
    Pastor Sheldon

  629. Pheonix28 says

    This is an amazing idea, and an amazing giveaway. Thanks.

  630. I’m really wanting a ESV Study Bible but maybe I’ll get lucky and win one instead. Logos Scholar’s Library Gold is great but you just can’t beat getting out your bible and doing some good old fashioned bible study the old fashioned way.

  631. Roger Peugh says

    THANKS for this offer. Please sign me up for the drawing. I enjoy using and endorsing this terrific program. Roger Peugh

  632. Mali-Anta says

    Wow! That’s great. Can I choose the translation if I win? I’d like either NLT, NIV, or ESV. I hope they won’t give me a King James. ;-)

  633. Lee Sigmon says

    We just returned from a Navajo Nation Mission Trip, we left our 4 ESV Bibles with the children of the mission. It would be wonderful to win a new ESV.

  634. Quin Marlow says

    Great contest! There is no prize like the Bible!

  635. This is truly awesome!
    A beautiful leather Bible to go along with my Logos Scholar’s Library will be an amazing win… Hope I win the ESV or NLT… :-)

  636. JohnnieB says

    Great idea to spread the Good News of our loving Lord.

  637. Okay, I’m responding to the e-mail solicitation for The Great Bible Giveaway, but I’m a BibleWorks user because of the strength and versatility of the language tools. Having made the investment in this software, I’m reluctant — on a pastor’s salary — to shell out 2-to-3 times what I already have to invest in Logos. Can anyone tell me why I should change software?
    Pastor Scott

  638. Mark Gomez says

    Pastor Scott,
    Yes, I realize the investment issue. As a small church pastor I totally understand the financial issues. Nevertheless, as someone who has tested BibleWorks I have to go with the tools available with LOGOS. There would be a learning curve to accomplish many of the same things. There is a wealth of language tools, as well as some of the finest reference materials available any where. I have personally used every type of bible software since the days of DOS. No one compares to LOGOS.

  639. Richie Batson says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  640. I have been blessed by the use of Logos Software for a long time. The Greek and Hebrew have been indispensible for me in my studies. I think that it was a wonderful idea to give away Bibles, and I would like to able to give mine to a brother in another country who does not have such a beautiful Bible. May God richly bless you for doing this.

  641. Peter Franck says

    Awesome idea. It piqued my interest and got me interested in exploring the web site. But sometimes there is nothing like the printed page. I’ve never had a high-quality leather printed Bible before.

  642. Pretty sweet!

  643. Patrick Mulholland says

    Thanks for reaching out

  644. Ger Rodriguez says

    Great way to spread the Gospel! Hoping to attain the ESV study bible since I truly enjoy using this version as my everyday bible for reading and meditation.

  645. Helen Nash says

    Please enter me in the Great Bible Giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!
    Helen Nash

  646. I am very pleased to see that Logos is giving away the printed word on real paper. While a computer version paperless Bible may be great for study and speed, the cover and the paper of a printed Bible seems to bring the life of the printed word to life in ways the computer version can not.
    Please do enter me in the contest to win one of the 12 Bibles!

  647. I am very pleased to see that Logos is giving away the printed word on real paper. While a computer version paperless Bible may be great for study and speed, the cover and the paper of a printed Bible seems to bring the life of the printed word to life in ways the computer version can not.
    Please do enter me in the contest to win one of the 12 Bibles!

  648. livingNlove says

    Wow. what an awesome gift.

  649. Good deal! Seems like a lot of people are responding! I wonder what the odds are!? :D

  650. Rick Pearson says

    OK, its been a while since I’ve looked at what’s available online and I must say I am very impressed. And yes, the ESV Study Bible definitely excites me, even more so than when Logos for the MAC was finally available. I’ve got multiple study bibles and a few copies of Logos, two different versions on Windows desktops and one on a MAC Pro laptop. But even so, I’ve just got to have that study bible! Thanks for the great info.

  651. David King says

    Sounds like a wonderful give-a-way. I hope I win.

  652. I’d not heard about a contest quite like this one. Way to go for promoting the Bible creatively again Logos.

  653. Bunchahicks says

    I was excited to see Logos giveway. While I don’t win anything, just the thought of possibly winning a KJV Cambridge bible is worth all the hoops. I enjoy all the Logos products and have found nothing that compares. Thanks Logos team.

  654. Timotius Oentoro says

    I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Working at COCCI ( Communion of Chinese Churches in Indonesia ). Would like to have some ESV Bibles for our co-workers in this archipelagos nation. Immanuel and GBU!

  655. Great event to give away all those Bibles. Also very nice Bible such as the calf skin.

  656. Joy Stephenson says


  657. Woot Woot!!! you all rock!

  658. Ng Liang Wei says

    i enjoy new Bibles. I get a kick out of reading a new Bible. So may we all have one beautiful one if possible.

  659. Sweet action! This is a very creative idea for a giveaway. Good luck, Everyone!

  660. I thought I posted a comment earlier today, but haven’t seen it yet. I wonder if it was moderated, or perhaps I just didn’t finish the steps to post….
    Anyway, I think this is a great contest. The blog post is right — the feel of premium high-quality binding is unmatched, and really goes a long way to helping you get into the word. And, no matter what kind of Bible software you have for study, there’s nothing like using a printed Bible. Personally, I have been using Accordance for years as my software solution. I know Logos has recently entered the Mac arena with their product. So far, it doesn’t look like it holds a candle to Accordance in terms of ease of use and power, but I’m glad that they’re an option now — competition tends to spur innovation, and I’m looking forward to both products improving as a result.
    And I hope to win the ESV Study Bible. :-)

  661. This is an amazing and awesome example of generosity from a business.
    Bless you guys.
    Please sign me up for the giveaway.
    Bring it on!

  662. Dave Johnson says

    I would love to have a great quality Bible. I’m glad I didn’t see one particular publisher in the list. I’ve had a couple of their products and the bindings always fall apart. Thanks for the opportunity.

  663. Ron Coleman says

    I use Logos software as a Home Group leader and fid it fantastic to use. We also use it for Bible College study. I am a great noter in my everyday Bible and find that it is getting full of margin notes. The cover has now seen better days also. I have been contemplating the acquisition of another Bible with a first class cover. Your competition would provide me with my need.

  664. As much as I love my Logos software, there is something truly spiritual about holding a bible in one’s hands.

  665. Thanks for the opportunity to win these awesome Bibles, Logos. Your software is amazing, but I don’t see myself preaching from my laptop, so winning one of these Bibles would be great.

  666. While I love my Logos software, there is something very spiritual about holding a bible in one’s hands.

  667. Mark Warda says

    I use my Logos program often, especially for sermon preparation and devotionals. I still use a print bible and enjoy reading it in places where I wouldn’t use a computer, like in my son’s treehouse.

  668. Susan Clark says

    Don’t have website, don’t tweet, blog or facebook. Thanks for this easy-for-Luddite-hold-outs to enter your wonderful giveaway contest!

  669. David R. says

    Hoping to win a KJV Bible. It would be very sweet. You have good software. I have enjoyed using it. Thanks.

  670. Wow what a great give away!!!! Thanks for all you do!!!!

  671. Jimmy Vallarta says

    Sounds like a great contest. I’m all for it. I have found Logos very helpful for my studies.

  672. Sandra Burgess says

    This is a very generous act of service LOGOS. Thank you for all your work in promoting God’s Scriptures and supporting fellow workers – and there’s nothing quite like brushing over it with your fingertips!

  673. Emily Pawelski says

    I think it’s a great way to inform people about the Bible, and a great way to get people to read more if they were to win a great quality copy.

  674. Dave Irwin says

    The Great Bible Giveaway is a great idea — thank you!

  675. Tobin Schroeder says

    Sounds like something I’d like to win. The logos web site looks great also!

  676. I would love to win an ESV Study Bible. I have heard good things about it,

  677. Randy Coleburn says

    Hey, I think this is a great way to advertise Logos and also to spread the Word. These bibles would make great gifts!

  678. I like the idea of sharing about the contest in order to apply.

  679. Spencer Parker says

    When I was in Bible school (it seems like an eternity ago) we were a test site for Logos version 1. I have been a confirmed ‘Logosite’ ever since. Now, as a preacher, missionary, and teacher, I still find Logos invaluable. I find it appropriate and ironic at the same time, that Logos would celebrate by giving away actual printed Bibles. It would be an honor to use one.

  680. Darrell DeGreve says

    What a good Idea

  681. I love your software. It has been a real blessing to me and others I know. I look forward to you accepting my friend request on Facebook.
    Isaac Fineman

  682. Logos is a tremendous product. I wish they made other software do what it should do the way they make it Logos do Bible study.

  683. Excellent give away. I’ll enter every time I get a chance

  684. Roy Hamlin says

    Thanks Logos for giving us a chance to win a collectors bible to study and increase our faith and walk with the Lord.
    Please look up the Great Bible Giveaway for a chance to win a collectors bible to study and use. Great study chance.

  685. drcomber says

    Please enter my name in your ballot.

  686. Dustin Hite says

    This giveaway is pretty sweet. I would be particularly pleased to get the ESV since I don’t have that print translation yet.

  687. What a steal! I’d love to get my hands on a nice Bible like this. I know I’ll be competing with hundreds, but here’s hoping.

  688. To GIVE is A good WAY!

  689. Sandra Johnson says

    What a wonderful blessing this would be. Thanks, Logos, for the opportunity to win. Peace and Grace to all who enter.

  690. Logos is awesome software and really helps my bible study.

  691. Keith D. Lewis says

    This is awesome. I don’t do of those other things either, blog, facebook, etc. So I appreciate the opportunity to enter this way.

  692. Mike Oram says

    Most people who read this will (I guess) already have a Bible. Receiving a free printed Bible enables freely giving a bible to someone who hasn’t…!

  693. Elena Hartrick says

    I would love to study with a new New American Standard Bible. My study bible is literally falling apart.

  694. Well, almost 700 comments, so a 1 in 700 chance?? Thanks Logos for all the great work you do and all the cool stuff you give away!

  695. We love our Logos Scholar’s Library software!
    Please enter my name in your Great Bible Giveaway.

  696. Sign me up.

  697. Steve Bockemeier says

    Receiving one of these Bibles would be a great blessing to those in ministry. May the Lord grant His favor. God bless.

  698. Jeremy Van Delinder says

    This is a great idea. Sign me up, please.

  699. Josh Sheffield says

    Woah! A Bible giveaway? Great Stuff Logos. How many times can I say how awesome you are to get my hands on one of these? Because, well, you are awesome you know. Like, for sure, on the top of my list.
    Anyway, great promo.

  700. Scott Brawner says

    Please enter me into the contest!

  701. Gord Berta says

    Thanks for the contest, a lot of fun waiting to see the winners.

  702. Michael George says

    Excellent promotion! I love your software!

  703. Ralph K. Hooker says

    What a great way to get the Word of God into the hands of those who teach and preach.
    Ralph Hooker

  704. michael r. says

    Wow, that’s awesome I love the ESV and NASB.

  705. Jonathan Snyder says

    What a great giveaway. THanks logos!

  706. Victoria says

    I have recently started using LOGOS software and come back to the site often to buy add-on’s for the software I own. The Bible give-a-way is a great way to share the gospel with others. I have 4 bibles plus alot of Bible Software but I think the LOGOS software is the best of them all. I would love to have a really nice Bible to give to one of our church members who starts his seminary training this fall. I have been researching the “special” bibles but unfortuantely they way exceed my budget. So if anyone knows where I can find a Goat-skin NIV Bible at under $150.00 I would appreciate your help. Knowing my luck, I never win anything but I have faith enough to know, that the Lord works His wonders in mysterious ways. For all that read this post: “Whatever you do, do for the Glory of God, for with Him, you have everything you need”. God Bless and Good Luck to all who enter.

  707. Jitesh Patel says

    Awesome! Keep up the good work.

  708. Marc Richard says

    Great contest, sign me up!

  709. I LOVE my Logos software, can’t imagine studying without it. What a great contest. Thanks Logos!!!!!

  710. Gary Vaterlaus says

    I love LOGOS software and I am excited about the Great Bible Giveaway. I hope I win.

  711. Brad Fabling says

    Please sign me up for the Bible givaway. Thanks!

  712. todd plunkett says

    As a pastor who occasionally would like to use logos on a computer without the program, I think this method of finding passages to offer lots of possibility. I am excited about the website.

  713. Thank you for the opportunity to own one of these awesome bibles. Please sign me up for the Bible giveaway

  714. Donald MacLean says

    Sounds like a great idea. Would love to own one

  715. Your clever approach is appreciated.
    Recently I began thinking about getting a leather Bible. I’ve worn out the binding on some hardcover Bibles. When you first buy a hardcover, it’s hard to imagine that the thing would ever wear out; the feel plenty solid. It’s hard to resist the urge to use a Bible as a storage vault for church bulletins or notes. That practice seems to be hard on the binding.
    Here’s hoping you get the results you are looking for in your giveaway/get-out-the-word-about-Logos effort.

  716. John O'Quinn says

    What a great promotion! Logos has always been top shelf and this just confirms it. Thanks for all you do to support and assist in theological studies and ministry.

  717. i would really like to have the Calfskin bible ESV!

  718. This is quite a gracious giveaway. There will be quite a few happy people who are the fortunate recipients of the Bibles.

  719. Scott Bearer says

    What a great giveaway event. These Bibles are Amazing. Logos has the best bible software on the planet! Thank you Logos!

  720. Pastormcphearson says

    Great giveaway, I would put good use to any of the Bibles that is being given away.

  721. Danny McKinney says

    My first Logos Bible Software was 2.0 now its 3.0f, you have come a long way. What a pleasure and time saver in Bible Study compared to just a Bible and a concordance. Thanks for the opportunity to have my very own lether bond Bible. God Bless

  722. niseterp says

    LOGOS is committed to putting quality Bibles and study materials into the hands of people who otherwise might not be able to afford them. Thanks, LOGOS. Your commitment to spreading the word of God is pleasing to our Lord.

  723. Great idea I love it.

  724. A great way to share the Word of God with others. Thanks!

  725. I guess you will ship these to New Zealand when I win?

  726. Bob Kossler says

    Dear Logos,
    This is a wonderful evangelical approach to spreading the Gospel. In particular, it is taking the most beautiful reproductions and sharing them. One could not ask for a better way to share.
    Thank you for being so thoughtful.

  727. darkestafrica says

    ESV Study Bible Please :)

  728. Love the Logos Software! and now a free bible giveaway…!

  729. carlhorner says

    I love reading different versions of the Bible too. I have read through the bible is about 5 different versions so far.

  730. Great!

  731. A very nice promotion using the Word to promote Logos. Logos has been a very wonderful tool to use and I appreciate Logos now being available for Mac. It is fantastic!

  732. What a great blessing. Thanks for the chance Logos crew

  733. I sure would like to win one of the bibles.

  734. Richard Lapadat says

    I feel that this giveaway is a great way for people that can’t afford quality Bibles to get them as Family Heirlooms. So that they may pass them on to future generations.

  735. In reply to Ian Carrico’s comment I’d only like to say that I, too, hope to be in a M.of Divinity program at Liberty Univ., located in Lynchburg, Va. come late Dec.’09 or early Jan.’10. My wife purchased my 1st Biblical library software program about a year ago and I love it. And I’m looking to upgrade when we can afford to do so.
    In regard to this awesome giveaway of 72 copies of the Holy Bible I’d really like to win a copy of either your(Logos)KJV or the Large Print NASB. I include the KJV because, although many of us grew up with it,I have’t used it as a study resource for years.
    Even if I shouldn’t be selected in draw I always feel that I’m a winner whenever I use my resources from

  736. Clinton Meharry says

    Hi, You got my attention by the Bible Giveaway.

  737. Thanks!

  738. I would love to give one of these to my pastor.

  739. orrin horton says

    GOds word never returns empty and by receiving one of these bibles
    which is Gods word,IT would be a blessing to me and the class i teach.

  740. M. Garcia says

    Thanks for running this contest, I look forward to learning who is going to receive the bibles!

  741. Fabulous give away – why wouldn’t you be in it?!

  742. I appreciate this opportunity.

  743. Kellye Skaines says

    Upon reading about the free Bible give away I realized there are
    many opportunities given to us by God and this is one of the best.
    Having His Word in such a beautiful package would just remind me
    over and over of His goodness. Kellye

  744. Arrealia Allison says

    What a wonderful way to spread God’s Word!

  745. Yay!

  746. Kristina says

    I love free stuff =) Especially resources that help me understand the Bible more!!!

  747. Jackson1679 says

    I love Bibles. In fact, I collect Bibles. However, I have very few really nice Bibles and none like you have described. I thank you for the opportunity to win such a classic. Bless you.

  748. WHOA, that’s a lot of entries!

  749. What a great thing!

  750. Agreed, the nicer the feel of the book, the more it motivates you to hold and read it.

  751. R. Vanhooser says

    This is awesome – who would not want a collector’s Bible? Thanks Logos for the opportunity to participate!

  752. Dotty Jackson says

    Wow this is a wonderful opportunity for people to get a awesome Bible at no cost. This is an amazing giveaway! I loved to have any of the Bibles your giving away.

  753. Mike Belcher says

    Thanks guys! Count me in!

  754. Floreen Reid says

    Wow! This is a great contest. I would love to win a bible.

  755. Richard Stillwell says

    Great giveaway! I would be elated to win any one of the Bibles offered, but I have always wanted one of the NASB premium Bibles. Love my logos software-it’s awesome!

  756. This is a great way to put the word of God out. My hope is that each of these bibles finds it’s way into the hands of someone who will appreciate it and use it.

  757. Just in time, the one I use to teach Junior and Senior high Bible started to fall apart. May God be glorified through this!

  758. Roberto Pelayo says

    God’s perfect Word. Would love to give away a beautiful bible to a missionary heading out to the field. Count me in for God’s glory.

  759. A. Akins says

    Thank you for such a generous and considerate offer. I just discovered I need a new study bible, but I hadn’t taken the time to begin researching/ shopping. As a new Logos software customer, I am enjoying learning to use my library. It’s an invaluable tool, and I hope to become more proficient with each use. Again, the Great Bible Giveaway is a most generous and considerate offer. Thank you and I hope to be the recipient of a NASB Large Print Ultrathin Calfskin bible soon!!

  760. Mark Walker says

    Logos Bible software is great! Thanks for coming up with this giveaway.

  761. Rev Abe Kudra says

    What a golden opportunity for a preacher in a small assembly! Pastor Abe

  762. Terry Stump says

    awesome idea. thanx for the great software logos team.

  763. Will Varner says

    You guys are terrific. What an idea!

  764. I want to make mention to all you calvinists out there that you can stop leaving comments because this one is coming my way. The ESV was ‘planned’ to be mine, i have the black leather ESV Study Bible but the upgrade would most certainly be a welcome new member to the family!
    Thanks Logos

  765. Jim Brown says

    awesome idea, His word never passes away and it’s great to have a copy that lasts for years.

  766. That’s a great idea, but I don’t know how to get the prize! Could you give more details?

  767. nico thirion says

    I like to win giveaways, I love bibles. So two great things together.

  768. Logos,
    Wow! This is a great contest. I would love to win a bible.
    hey, how come so many people are ahead of me?

  769. Tommy Huneycutt says

    a great way to spread the Word of God to others,and spread the written a world that desperately needs a Saviour
    thanks for your giveaways,and I know it will help save others!

  770. I use logos for years and it’s great! thank you for giving away this bibles! I hope to get one and carry the Word of God not only on my computer, but finely printed.

  771. As a late bloomer in Bible college (just graduated at 56 yr.) I studied with the NIV, NASB, KJV; lovely Bibles. But at the last year I discovered the ESV, even more lovely. Thanks for the oppertunity to have ANY of these copies of scripture.

  772. What a great idea for a giveaway. Bonded leather is great… until it falls apart – a fact I’ve bemoaned on a few of my Bibles. Now calfskin, that’s the ticket!

  773. Roy Lester says

    Awesome idea! Thanks Logos!

  774. Love to win one of these.

  775. Aaron Bolduc says

    I will take that ESV!

  776. Marty Pinkston says

    I’ve been using Logos for several years now…since 1995 if memory serves me correctly. It ain’t cheap, but I am thoroughly convinced it is the best! The Great Bible Giveaway…what a wonderful way to reward loyal users/fans!

  777. The Rev. John Heidengren says

    Thanks for this great Bible Giveaway contest. I’ve never had a Bible that wasn’t just a paper cover.

  778. Kevin Repasky says

    The Great Bible Giveaway! I love it!! I agree with Marty Pinkston. This is a wonderful way to reward loyal users. Mr. Proctor… You Da Man!!!
    I was introduced to Logos at the Moody Pastors’ Conference a few years ago and have used this incredible software everyday since!

  779. Ronell Peters says

    Jesus said that the first shall be last and the last shall be first. God Bless you! I pray that you receive one of these awesome Bibles. Your brother in Christ.
    For His Kingdom, By His Power, For His Glory!

  780. I love Logos. It has been an invaluable tool for me in ministry. I appreciate the Great Bible Giveaway to show users some love!

  781. Thanks for doing this. Well-bound Bibles are increasingly hard to come by.

  782. Cooper Smith says

    This is a great giveaway! Please include me in the drawing.

  783. Sue Carr says

    Well, like everyone else I have a Bible or two… but this is pretty hard to ignore! Thanks for a fun start to my day.

  784. Blair Waddell says

    As a poor student I’d love to win this.

  785. What a great giveaway! Thanks for your ministry.

  786. Doug Finlay says

    Great idea. Regardless of who wins – everyone wins.

  787. Larry E Parks says

    I feel if iy was’nt for Logos Software and Logos staff I would not be as close to JESUS CHRIST as I’am Now I’ve been A CHRISTIAN for over 30 years now. With all the health problems I have had the LORD
    got me through it All we all need to relye on the Lord more for everday proublems & thing. Don’t forget The LORD is GOD.
    Larry Parks

  788. Benjamin Sutton says

    Logos software is very helpful to me in my Bible study. Thanks for the Bible giveaway as well!

  789. Wow! What a great giveaway! I can never have too many bibles :-)!

  790. What a great ldea for promotion of this incredibly useful tool.
    Leave it to you guys at Logos to come up with a way for all of us “Logo-philes” to promote this through the web/tweet/facbook world!

  791. Eric Scholten says

    I’d love a free Bible

  792. Charles Clayton says

    This is a fantastic offer. I usually use the NASB but I would like to try a newer version.

  793. I’d really love to have one of these Bibles!

  794. Praiser365 says

    Thank you Logos! I would love the ESV Study Bible.

  795. Katie Harms says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a great Bible reference!

  796. This is an awesome opportunity! I’m in need of a new bible and it would be fantastic to be blessed with one of these!

  797. Nicholas Weber says

    I sure would like to win one of these bibles :) I know a friend of mine who would love it, and it would help him greatly grow in the Lord =)

  798. this is a great giveaway! thanks.

  799. I would love a copy of the ESV Study Bible, as I gave away my hard cover copy a couple of months ago, and I haven’t replaced it (yet). I think I’ll do some of the other activities to increase the odds a bit. Thank you Logos for the opportunity, as well as for the new Bible site!

  800. Samuel Lamerson says

    Must comment to win:
    “This looks like a great contest”
    Comment made

  801. Tom Lovig says

    I in particlar would appreciate the standard in which these Bibles are being made. In just two years of seminary my main Bible is coming apart at the seams. These Bibles I can well imagine could stand up to the test of time and use. I use Logos a lot but never-the-less when studying the Word of God I still want the Bible itself in front of me. The NASB, ESV, or NIV would be great.

  802. I think it’s great your giving away Bibles. The Lord’s blessings on all who enter the giveaway.

  803. Garry Medford says

    This is a great giveaway. I’ve never been able to afford a Bible of this quality, especially since I am a college student. LOGOS is great!!! I hope I win!!

  804. Noel Igma says

    I have replied to many such program give aways such as this, I realized the limited supply you have may not suffice to the many request you may have received. Nevertheless, I’m interested in receiving KJV Bible (no substitution.) Your bible software was definitely instrumental in my study. Thank you for launching such a great program as this.

  805. Catherine King says

    Congratulations on your wonderful new page. And what a wonderful and special reward your heirloom Bible giveaway is! Thank you. I have a small leather Bible collection which includes the Cambridge Concord Wide-Margin Goatskin KJV Bible. It is my favorite and sits on my desk all the time with my name gold stamped on the cover. The quality is unsurpassed for this price point. It is so beautiful and, with proper care, will last generations. It is great for putting important notes in the margin and teaching with, be it Sunday school or other classes. I love my Logos Scholar’s Gold Edition, but having one of these Bibles in seeking guidance is important too. This Bible can be purchased at a discount on-line.
    If I should receive one of these, it will make a most special gift for someone who has generously imparted the inspired Word to others for more than 40 years; someone who appreciates leather books and their preservation.
    Tip: Leather books need to be regularly cleaned and preserved from drying out with a no-wax solution. I use Apple Brand Leather Care every 6 months. It is easy to use and can be ordered from the company: This will ensure the leather will last a lifetime.

  806. Wally Warrenburg says

    I’ve been a Logos software “owner” for many years but have never taken the time to really learn how to use the software effectively. I’m retiring at the end of this year and hope to take the time to get all the “good” out of my investment. It would be nice to have a new high quality hardcover Bible as well!

  807. Ross Durham says

    Always great to have new Bibles available.

  808. This is great! Can’t wait to see who wins!

  809. Roberta Pratt says

    I’m really excited about the Bible giveaway. I do use several different versions when I study and do research. I’m really impressed with the new site. I’ve found some good information on it and able to search the Scriptures easily. thanks again for the new site and the Bible giveaway.

  810. David Prairie says

    Always willing to accept a free Bible!!

  811. j. j. fortenberry says

    It’s nice to hear about premium-bound Bibles. I’m a little frustrated with the quality of the typical bonded leather binding that come with most Bibles. They don’t hold up well to serious use. I think the premium-bound Bibles are a great idea. Something to use for years and pass down to the next generation.

  812. Peter Sangwoon Kim says

    What an amazing Logos idea!
    What a great Logos giveaway!
    and What a wonderful Logos Bible software!

  813. This Bible giveaway is a great idea to showcase your new site and get a fabulous book, the Word of God, into the hands of a child of God. May it be used to advance His kingdom here on earth and bring a multitude to faith in His Glory and Honor.

  814. Samuel Veneman says


  815. Mark Lee says

    I love Logos software and have found it very helpful in my personal bible study and also with preparing for my Sunday School class lessons. As a lover of God’s word, I would cherish having one of these bibles for my own.
    God bless you folks for such a thoughtful promotion and God bless all who enter.

  816. This is wonderful! Great idea. Thanks for the opportunity.

  817. Tim Morris says

    What a blessing to live in a time when God’s word is so easily available to us — different translations, new study Bibles. And what a wonderful and generous offer by Logos to make some of these Bibles available in such wonderful editions.

  818. Sweet!

  819. This is an exciting contest. Thanks.

  820. Adam McMahen says

    This is a pretty amazing deal.

  821. Thank you for doing this! I really appreciate it, and would even more if I could win, as I cannot afford a premium Bible like this. I would especially like to get one of the ESVs, NASBs, or NKJVs, as I know I would use one of them the most.

  822. Greg Smith says

    This is very nice of Logos.

  823. As I study for certification in biblical counseling, I find LOGOS software and the WORD and invaluable combination! God is so good &
    What a joy it would be to be able to study from one of these wonderful books you are offering. I would be humbled to receive such a treasured gift and use it for nurturing and training in righteousness as I counsel those desperate for spiritual guidance.
    Many blessings from our Heavenly father for your generosity!

  824. As I study for certification in biblical counseling, I find LOGOS software and the WORD and invaluable combination! God is so good &
    What a joy it would be to be able to study from one of these wonderful books you are offering. I would be humbled to receive such a treasured gift and use it for nurturing and training in righteousness as I counsel those desperate for spiritual guidance.
    Many blessings from our Heavenly father for your generosity!

  825. As I study for certification in biblical counseling, I find LOGOS software and the WORD and invaluable combination! God is so good &
    What a joy it would be to be able to study from one of these wonderful books you are offering. I would be humbled to receive such a treasured gift and use it for nurturing and training in righteousness as I counsel those desperate for spiritual guidance.
    Many blessings from our Heavenly father for your generosity!

  826. Robin Koshy says

    Great! Thanks Logos!

  827. Leave it to Logos to come up with great ideas like March Madness and Bible Give Away.
    I have only one request. We would love a Logos Camp on the nort side of Atlanta. I can offer a great location for you.

  828. Chris Coppa says

    This is an excellent idea. I have been a user of PC Study Bible since the early 80’s but have always liked the Logos Bible products, as well. I’m glad to see the company reaching out to customers.

  829. Kevin Dalla Santa says

    Thank you for the contest and for your awesome Bible study products!

  830. Eric Smith says

    A free Bible sounds great! Especially NKJV or KJV :)

  831. Cool. One of these would make a great gift for my teenage daughter!

  832. I would love to win one of these beautiful Bibles. To hear you speak of them makes me want to hold one in my hand and feel it’s “velvety, creamy, buttery” leather! Of course, I hope to win one. Any of them would be an honor to have.

  833. As much as I appreciate (and use!) Libronix, there is nothing like reading God’s Word from the printed page. I could never afford one of these beauties, but just maybe…

  834. Logos is unreal! It’s a gift for the Church, both Pastor and laity to mine the riches of God’s word. A Calfskin ESV is also unreal too!

  835. i sure could go for one of those esv calfskin bibles but it makes me wonder: what did they do with the rest of the calf?

  836. Great giveaway! Thanks for promoting the best book in the world!

  837. Caroline Borishade says

    This is a awesome opportunity to have a bible study that i might not be able to afford.

  838. Great giveaway. Thanks.

  839. This is awesome. I can’t wait to win one of these Bibles.

  840. sign me up!

  841. Could I have one of the Bibles you are giving away please.
    My fiance purchased the Logos software for me as a gift for being ordained. I don’t know that I can spend that much money on a premium Bible like that as we save for a Wedding.

  842. Mike Ward says

    The Logos in leather, what could be better!
    Sign me up today, that out of leather-bound I may
    Read God’s Word and see all of its truth,
    Looking up details in Libronix to boot!
    Blessings to you for all you do,

  843. The ESV Study Bible is amazing. My hope is to have one in calfskin that will last a very long time!

  844. yaddamaster says


  845. Would a snake-skin Bible be sacrilegious? Keep spreading the Word of the Lord! (and maybe one of those neat Bibles my way…)

  846. Noble Kendall says

    Great opportunity to get a Bible. I love the NLT but do not have a hard copy. I use it frequently in my LOGOS software. Maybe I will be fortunate enough to win one.

  847. Should we start calling you Brother Dan? ;-) I just finished reading God’s Smuggler and I’m sure Brother Andrew would have appreciated the ability to give away Bibles as easily then as it is possible to today by electronic means.

  848. Bill Drummond says

    What a great way to spread the Word…giving it away:)
    Thanks for all you do!!!

  849. Neil Hicks says

    I just love to have the hardcopy and if it is in a splendiforous binding and cover all the better.
    I must say that I am overwhelmed by all the techno stuff I’ve had to go through to get to this point int he process.
    Whatever happened to a simple email?
    Facebook, twitter, blogs….. I don’t DO any of this stuff and feel all at sea.
    Just send the hard copy.

  850. Thank you, Logos, for these most valuable gifts!

  851. Logan Huff says

    I have an ESV in black calfskin, very nice edition. I totally agree that the excellent quality is worth the extra money. I would sure like to present another ESV Study Bible in calfskin or another premium Bible to either of my two closest friends who are entering full-time ministry! Thanks Logos!

  852. This is great! I love high quality books, especially Bibles but I’ve never been fortunate enough to own one. I hope whoever wins one wears it out some day!

  853. Thanks for hosting such a great contest! Please enter me.

  854. S. Sullivan says

    What an awesome way to spread the Word. What a blessing it would be to receive a new leather bound Bible.

  855. FaithCreator says

    Thank you for the opportunity to possibly handle the specialness of God’s word in a wrap that exceeds all others! The skinned covered Bible giveaway is an offer that should not be refused.

  856. Who doesn’t want something good for free?
    A contest well worth entering…and winning would be good too ;).

  857. Jay C. Burgman says

    I’d love a copy of the ESV study Bible! The reverse interlinear that I purchased (amongst many others at a recent Morris Proctor Seminar is phenomenal. The seminar was wonderful. I’ve been a Logos user for as long as you folks have been in business and your programs continue to revolutionize the way I study. Thanks for bringing great products to the computer!

  858. Andrew Huber says

    I’m excited about this giveaway. My wife and I have been looking at heirlooms Bibles and it would be great to get one for free!

  859. Glenn Anderson says

    Great promotion for spreading the Word! Logos has been a blessing to me.

  860. Edward PERRY says

    Logos is to be commended for this initiative as a Bible is a great gift! May they all be used to further the work of the Lord!

  861. jabyrdtx says

    God Bless You and I thank you for the opportunity to acquire such fine Bibles, esp. the ESV Study Bible.

  862. The Logos online Bible is a remarkable tool, and this giveaway totally rocks. Thanks for the chance to win.

  863. That is awesome i think this is a great thing to do especially during times like these.

  864. Joel de Leon says

    I pray that I win. It would be such a great blessing to my family if we were to receive one of these free bibles.

  865. Awesome!

  866. Another great idea from Logos! :-) Among the giveaway Bibles for the following months I noticed NIV Archaeological Study Bible from Zondervan. I already own this wonderful Bible. Even if you do not win one, it is worth checking out. Highly recommended. Too bad it is not available in Libronix format. Why?

  867. Thanks for this contest! Great idea! (And I’m hoping I get one! :P)

  868. Joshua Chang says

    Thanks for having this Bible givaway. Hope that Logos will continue to publish good materials as an aid to help us grow spiritually.

  869. Joseph Pratt says

    I want the bible to go to someone who doesnt have one, if there isnt anybody I would love it!

  870. What a wonderful gift!
    Please count me in.

  871. Pastor Elizabeth says

    Many thanks for all the good ministry you do!

  872. Steve Alde says

    Great Bible software and a great giveaway.

  873. Shawn Faulkner says

    What a blessing it would be to win a Bible! Thanks for offering this opportunity.

  874. Great site, a new one I can use! And a fun promotion, thanks for the opportunity!

  875. Pastor Al says

    I just picked up a free sample of the ESV Study Bible (Gospel of Luke) at a local Christian bookstore and I love it. Thanks for the new Bible search site Logos!

  876. Pastor Al says

    I just picked up a free sample of the ESV Study Bible (Gospel of Luke) at a local Christian bookstore and I love it. Thanks for the new Bible search site Logos!

  877. Pastor Al says

    I just picked up a free sample of the ESV Study Bible (Gospel of Luke) at a local Christian bookstore and I love it. Thanks for the new Bible search site Logos!

  878. Pastor Craig says

    Great idea, Logos! I’d love to have one of these Bibles to pass to my children someday!

  879. I love my logos software and I think this giveaway is awesome!

  880. What a great give-away. I have never invested in a “nice” Bible, wondering what that soft cover feels like ;-)

  881. Pastor Al says

    Just picked up a free sample of the ESV Study Bible. Thanks for the new Bible search site Logos!

  882. Chris Echols says

    Thanks for the new Bible search site Logos! I hope I could be blessed with one of those new Premium Bibles…

  883. Ted Smith says

    The Great Bible Give Away is fantastic. I think this is the greatest program of its type I’ve ever seen promoted. The Bibles to be given away are absolutely first class and anyone would proud to own one of them.
    Ted Smith

  884. I think this is a great idea. Thanks for the opportunity to win a nice Bible.

  885. There is nothing like a fine leather Bible. The Bonded cheap leather of most seldom last a few years. Just when you get really used to it and automatically know where to look they seem to come apart. I would like to see good leather Bibles in the bookstores again but they are very hard to find.
    Thanks for bringing these to our attention.

  886. Daniel Sinclair says

    Wow, NKJV is kinda under-represented – wide margin, single column study bibles are the best! But I think that only ESV does that, right?

  887. Victor J. Loredo says

    I would love to win a top-notch premium leather Bible

  888. Great promotion! A Bible software company who promotes their software by encouraging people to actually read a print Bible.

  889. brymorrow says

    This is awesome, I would love to give a great bible away to someone who is in need of the Word of God!!!

  890. Mark Herbkersman says

    What a great idea! I’d love to hold one of these new bibles personally, but we’ll wait and see!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  891. great idea! gives people that may not have funds to buy these great bibles

  892. I would be thrilled to get one of these ‘premium’ bibles, especially the ESV!

  893. Donna Rogers says

    What a great way to get the Bible out to people, would love to win one!!

  894. Jim Berg says

    Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the Giveaway. I’ve used Logos since 2.0 and am pleased with the ongoing help it is to me in the ministry.

  895. I like the selection of Bibles for the giveaway.

  896. hennessy says

    I am so excited about the giveaway. Good quality bibles are great to have.

  897. Jolene Kirk says

    It’s great your giving away bibles. I’m not a scholar and I have never gone to seminary but I just started a 4 year study on the Word. A friend just recommended Logos bible software and it is amazing how much this helps the average jo bible studier!!

  898. Timothy Hellman says

    I’m sure this will help get the word out about I’m looking forward to seeing it past the beta stage. Also RefTagger is pretty neat.

  899. anything to win a nice bible.

  900. The people at Logos never cease to amaze me with their giveaways. This by far the best one yet. Great giveaway from a great bible software company.
    By the way if my name pops up the ESV Study Bible would be a great addition to my study Library.
    Many thanks.

  901. Sounds great I am interested Dan

  902. Rev. Jonathan Wesssel says

    Well, I hope that the Lord is gracious to all of us who have entered.

  903. Barbara Silverstein says

    I love the idea of premium bible giveaway. there’s still nothing like holding/reading a book, even with the convenience of computerized reference tools. especially one that feels and smells good!

  904. I first received Libronix in 2005 as a gift, and I continue to use it today in my personal quiet time. It’s an indispensable tool for me.
    Thanks for giving away copies of the Word. I think the NASB wide margin would be my choice.

  905. CElliston says

    This is great, I also search for different versions of the Bible, it helps me in my studies. Great work.

  906. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.
    He makes my lie down in green pastures.
    Thank you for the opportunity to receive a free bible..

  907. What a *Great* giveaway! Thanks! By the way, great product. I’ve been using it for years…and it got *way* better after taking Morris Proctor’s training.

  908. Edwin Hannah says

    hey what a great idea… looking forward to see who wins the bibles

  909. Lisa A. Runquist says

    Wow. I love my computer, and the ease of using the Logos/Libronix Bible software, but nothing beats being able to sit down with a nice Bible in hand. Love the idea!

  910. Dennis Phelps says

    Leave it to Logos to find a powerful way to connect Bible study, electronic technology, and social communication tools. Great job!!

  911. Great software, great giveaway – thanks, Logos!

  912. Would love one of these. Maybe it would help me study more!

  913. great competition! thanks for the Bible love!

  914. Nice idea. (Hope I win).

  915. Byron W VanArsdale says

    Bibles from Allan, Cambridge, Lockman, and Crossway. All are beautiful to behold and a joy to study.

  916. Michelle says

    Wow what a great contest! And it gets people aware about the Logos Bible software as well – a fantastic online tool :)
    Oh, and I hope I can get a free Bible from you too! ;)

  917. Jason Rankins says

    I love my Scholar’s Library, but when I go to, or lead a bible study, there is nothing like a good old familiar Bible-in-hand to cite a passage in a pinch. God bless you.

  918. Kealoha Yoshioka says

    What an awesome give away. I am a new user to Logos and so far am very pleased with this resource. The Scholar Gold library is by far the best value and it will be used to make a very wise investment into my ministry.

  919. I never thought these kind of bibles existed.

  920. Joel Watt says

    I think this is a great way to equip the saints.

  921. Melissa Iverson says

    Reading the Bible is what keeps my life on track. The Word of the Lord stands forever, so thank you for keeping this in people’s hands and minds.

  922. Jaimie Wisdom says

    Love the idea and what a great way to spread God’s word. Thanks for the opportunity.

  923. D. Lee Grooms says

    I’d love to enter—thanks!

  924. David40023 says

    I enjoy Logos 3 software for my daily Bible reading and research. Thank you, Logos!

  925. This is a great giveaway. I’m looking forward to winning atleast once. ;-)

  926. First time here. Came here from twitter post, Nice resource, will definitely use for bible study.

  927. Would love to win. Thanks for the contest!!

  928. What a generous offer! Thanks Logos for this giveaway, 12 lucky winners will be very happy!!

  929. giving away the Bibles is a good way to spread the gospel keep it up!

  930. Hope not. I sure would like to win one of those leather bound bibles.

  931. Hi
    I would love a bible! Thanks for this opportunity

  932. Stephanie Dennis says

    I have been browsing your site and I am loving it completely! I think that you are giving these bibles away is a wonderful thing and that you are giving a great opportunity to people who might never be able to afford such a beautiful bible. :)

  933. Andrew Ronan says

    Those Bibles look sweet! I would really like the KJV goatskin :P.

  934. Corey Espich says

    I’d really enjoy that calfskin ESV Study Bible. Great idea.

  935. This is an awesome and fun opportunity! I do not usually win things, but i would really like an ESV Study Bible!!!!

  936. Chris Demas says

    Thank you for the give away.

  937. Mark Bainter says

    These are really nice bibles, and like most everyone else here I’d love to give one a nice home. :-)

  938. Great idea for a contest! Thanks!

  939. thanks to you and the publishers for doing this. wonderful and kind idea and offer. I have got your link and button to the Logos Bible search on my blog site and it works very well. I would be absolutely over the top to get one of these great Bibles – especially the NASB InTouch widemargin Burgundy leather one!

  940. Walt Hillebran says

    I think that your Bible giveaway is a great idea!

  941. John Painter says

    Thanks for making the offer available. I recently started using Logos after moving from esword. While esword is good for what it does I find Logos to be far more reaching in bible study. Now if only I could afford more modules!

  942. Very cool giveaway…I already have the ESV study Bible, but would love the upgrade to the nicer leather! :)

  943. I wait for delivery each day until three. I can’t help it if I’m lucky.

  944. Please enter me in the contest. Thanks! (Without a doubt, that’s the most comments I’ve ever seen on a blog post.)

  945. I love books, I love Bibles, I love this contest.

  946. Hunter Goff says

    It’s always worth a shot.

  947. Abraham Sangha says

    Sign me up.

  948. Bobby Daniel says

    What a great contest! Thanks! And for the record, i never imagined loving my Logos software and using it nearly as much as i do.

  949. Logos, this is an awesome idea to get the word out about your ministry. Keep up the awesome work!! The Lord is blessing you guys!!!

  950. What a blessing it would be to be able to win one of the Bibles that are being given away! I would love one of the NIV or NLT Bibles.

  951. My Libronix Bibles neither flop open nor let me pound on them emphatically in a preacherly fashion, so these would be a welcome addition.

  952. Thanks, Logos crew, for initiating this opportunity for people to own a great, nice and new Bible. I hope to win (as I’m sure everyone else does), so I have participated in as many ways as I can (like posting on this blog). I’ve never been able to justify buying a really expensive Bible since I have so many others readily available, but it would be a treat to have a nice one to use as my primary Bible that I can take extra special care of and transfer all my notes into. Maybe this’ll rekickoff my consistent participation on my blog…

  953. COOL!
    Did I win yet??

  954. Thanks LOGOS for the giveaway. I love books and I love the Greatest Book of all and would love to win the KJV version for use in my teaching and lay ministry. Keep up the great work LOGOS and thanks again. JN 3:16

  955. Can one ever have too many Bibles. I know I have quite a few in both print and digital. I guess the best way to look at it is the more you have the more you can give away. It’s always a good idea to give God’s word away. Great promotion.

  956. Chris Sielbeck says

    Love your software. Use it also everyday.

  957. Andrew Loney says

    I’m unable to open the contest website page. An error shows up very briefly and then the page goes blank.
    Anyway, I would like to get signed up for the contest. Please let me know the five ways…
    Thank you

  958. Andrew, we’re aware of a couple of issues that cause this problem for a small percentage of people. What browser are you using? We’ve seen the behavior you’re describing in Internet Explorer 6. Is that what you’re using?

  959. Thank you all for this giveaway!

  960. Anthony Ezernack says

    I think this is an awesome way to get people interested (or “re-interested” in the Bible.

  961. I am a church planter and have never been able to afford a high-end Bible. I’ve held them though… and dreamed. There are going to be 72 very happy people when this is all over… I would love to be one of them.

  962. I know so many have applied, and part of me thinks now, ah, am I still in with a chance of obtaining one of these amazing Bibles? Some of these Bibles I could never afford myself, the only Bible I do have which I use was given to me for free.
    To do something like this is amazing, it’s a truly wonderful gift. It would be an honour to receive something like this, but If I do not turn out to be one of the 72, then God Bless to those lucky 72, and enjoy reading your new Bibles :)

  963. One can always use a new bible!

  964. Gregory Ruggiero J. Ruggiero says


  965. George Geno says

    I can imagine that a winner will probably want a new bible cover; something good down a few atmospheres and nitrogen filled.

  966. Logos is a great company, striving to make the bible more easly accessable and readable through numerous translations and study tools to accompany them. This is just one more example of thier pursuit to get God’s word into the hands of people.

  967. Dave Schmidt says

    There is no more valuable effort than giving away Bibles. May God’s word find new hearts in which to bear fruit!

  968. Kevin Brennan says

    Bravo on the giveaway.
    God’s peace.

  969. Huge thanks for doing this!!

  970. Please add another entry on my behalf into the contest.

  971. Jason Padgett says

    What a clever campaign! One of the smartest ways to get advertising and at the same time generate a lot of excitement from end-users. Put me in to win! And I guess I’ll see you next month ;)

  972. Cam Ikeard says

    Its a blessing to see that some will go beyond measures to share and spread the Gospel and or equip Gods people.

  973. Thank you for doing this. I’d love to win !

  974. I would really love to win a new Bible as mine is falling apart. Thanks for the great give-a-way!

  975. Excited to hear about this. I’ll definitely post about it on my blog as well. Grace and peace.
    – Tim

  976. Doug Campbell says

    This is awesome!

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  978. Nannette Austin says

    My son brought the ESV in paperback home from college. What an amazing bible. I would love to be able to give him a leather bound premium bible. His paperback is quite worn, he spends hours in the word every day. Well, my own KJV bible is falling apart. I’d love to have a new one now. However, my greatest desire is for my guy to have a leather ESV! Hope you consider us!

  979. Wonderful contest. What better prize than the BOOK. Thanks! Kris

  980. Cisco Cotto says

    Logos has aided me more than I can explain. Thanks for all of the great work you do!

  981. Michelle says

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    This will be fun to see how this happens.

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  986. Cheryl Kennedy says

    God is good all the time, and all the time God is good:-) The Bible is the best and greatest book ever written, and for that matter to live by:-) Look at GOD; HIS MANY BLESSINGS ARE FREE:-)

  987. Great Contest!

  988. Greatest Bible Giveaway Ever indeed

  989. cool – I’ve glued my bible back together at least 3 or 4 times and it’s in pieces again! Well used and well loved, but I’m ready to let a new one into my heart now ;-)

  990. Me, Me, pick me.

  991. This is a delightful contest that encourages reading of the Bible. Thanks for offering this opportunity. I’ll be adding the Logos Bible Search to our web site shortly.

  992. Valerie Frost says

    What incredible Bibles. I can’t imagine being so blessed to be able to have one…but it’s possible!

  993. Jim Beebe Jr says

    Witty comments elude me, I hope it’s a random pick.

  994. I hope wanting to win one of these bibles is not breaking the 10th commandment

  995. Chris Ross says

    this is an absoutely wonderful competition. I was hopint to buy an ESV study bible for my daughter but maybe I can win one.

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    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Kindly visit to enjoy photo essays of missions outreaches to Ghana and Northern India.

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    Pastor Adam

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  1018. Eric Han says

    Thanks Logos! If I get an ESV Study Bible I’m going to give it to my friend

  1019. God’s Word is a treasure of immeasurable worth. Would love to win one of these premium Bibles so that I can dig in deeper.

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  1022. Sounds fantastic. :D

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  1024. Tony Jones says

    looking forward to receiving one of these great bibles

  1025. very giving. Great texts!!

  1026. Way to go, Logos! Free copies of Logos Scholar, seminary scholarships, and now free print Bibles—keep giving great stuff away, perhaps someday I’ll actually win.

  1027. William Reed Kerr says

    Great idea for a giveaway! These are some exciting Bibles. I cant wait to see what others you’re going to be giving away.
    If I believed in arbitrary luck, my fingers would be crossed. :)
    Regardless, thanks and God bless!

  1028. Judging by the volume of comments on here, I guess I’m not the only one who knows about this…..shucks.

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  1030. Awesome – Sign me up!

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  1032. This is so cool you are doing this. I have entered all the ways I can & let me friends know about it also.
    I love using the software in my own studies & in preparation to teach a Bible Study for moms. It has helped to deepen my understanding of the word & made studying it in depth much easier & fun!

  1033. Danny Presswood says

    This giveaway is an awesome opportunity for believers to get to read and study new and different bible translations, and it is also a wonderful way for a disabled vet on a fixed income,like myself, to have a chance at a super quality bible that i could not otherwise afford.
    I read the Bible through at least once every year (for 35 years) and I would read this lovely bible through and study it for years to come.
    It would truly be a blessing to own one.

  1034. These sound almost too nice to use in real life. But no bible deserves to sit on a shelf so I suppose if I win one I’ll buy myself a cheaper version (as a prize to myself) and give the goodie to someone who would truly enjoy it. Or: Here’s hoping that someone who will appreciate it deeply wins directly. :)

  1035. I think this is a great way to not only win a Bible of a lifetime, but to also share this with friends. Logos has so much to offer and I think it’s fantastic they are willing to give to so many. I have let everyone I know, know about this and I hope they might win also.
    Blessing to you all at Logos….and thanks!

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  1044. Hello
    I believe the ESV is the best. Easy reading and such joy to study. Thanks for offering the bible giveaway. What a great thing to do.
    Dave Council
    Newbern TN