Logos Bible Software for Mac 1.2 Now Available

Last night we put the finishing touches on Logos for Mac 1.2 and made it live for all Logos for Mac users. As with earlier updates, version 1.2 is a free update that you can download from your Logos.com account. It’s also now available for purchase as a download (the 1.2 DVD will be another week or two).

In addition to fixing a number of bugs, 1.2 adds some cool new features like Bible Speed Search, Parallel Resource Associations, printing, the ability to choose an English font, and more. Read the new support article to see the complete list of changes.

Just head over to Logos.com, sign in, navigate to My Account > Order History, and then click on the order number for your Mac engine or base package order.

At the bottom of the order page, you’ll see a “Files to Download” section.

Click the “Download” link next to LogosMac1.2.dmg to save it to your Mac, and then double-click the file to install the update. Follow the instructions, and you should be up and running with the latest version in just a minute or two.

If you don’t have a Logos.com account, don’t see the link below your Mac order, or have any other troubles updating, please contact our Mac Customer Service team at 800-875-6467 or macsupport@logos.com.

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  1. Thanks for the update. When will more addins become available to get the Mac version caught up with the PC version?

  2. Philana Crouch says

    I would second that question. It would be great to have those features. Especially the PBB, since many former PC users paid for them. I hope they will work soon, before the license for this year runs out.

  3. Luuk Dondorp says

    Dear Phil,
    Thanks for this update. Being able to print is great! Speed Search even more!!
    Just one comment: I didn’t receive an email or newswire to make me aware of this update. This means I have to follow the blog to be aware of these updates. This is a bit tricky, for example during my holidays I won’t be able to use a computer and therefore I won’t be able to watch the blog. Making me missing these updates easily.
    Perhaps I understood it wrong but I thought that the Logos policy is to send registered Logos users an email or mention it on Newswire?!
    Perhaps the best solution is let the Libronix program issue a message about the availability of the MAC update.

  4. Dido on passing the update along.

  5. Phil Gons says

    You’re welcome, Luuk. We’ll be sending out an email announcing the updating tomorrow.