John Calvin’s 500th Birthday

Today marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Calvin (July 10, 1509 – May 27, 1564). Hundreds of thousands commemorate this day with gratitude to God for this man and his influence on the church.

Many who disagree with his theology still regard him as a gift to the church. John Wesley called him “a great instrument of God,” and Jacob Arminius considered Calvin “incomparable in the interpretation of Scripture” and recommended Calvin’s commentaries second only to the Bible itself. So learning and benefiting from Calvin isn’t just for the five pointers.

To join in the celebration of the grace of God in the life of John Calvin, we decide to launch—a resource site devoted to everything John Calvin—and create several new Calvin collections, including the impressive Calvin 500 Collection, which contains more than 100 books by and about John Calvin.

If you missed the original announcement and haven’t yet seen the site or the collections, be sure to give them a look.

In addition to the site and the collections, don’t miss out on the two special birthday presents we have for you.

More Books, No Additional Charge!

First, we’ve added 11 new volumes to the Calvin 500 Collection, bringing the total up to 108! To cover the addition of these new titles, the price needs to go up. But instead of raising it immediately, we decided that we’d keep it at the already crazy price of $299.95 through the weekend. If you’ve been contemplating placing your pre-order, you have one last chance to pick up the most comprehensive Calvin collection on the planet at the lowest possible price. First thing Monday morning (July 13), the price will increase.

If you’ve already pre-ordered the Calvin 500 Collection, you’ll get all of these 11 new titles at no additional charge, but we need your help to cover the added cost. Please spread the word about the even bigger Calvin 500 Collection. Blog it. Tweet it. Facebook it. Or email it.

Get a Free Copy of Calvin’s Institutes!

Institutes of the Christian Religion by John CalvinSecond, we’re giving away the Beveridge translation of Calvin’s Institutes through the end of the month. To get your free book, you’ll need three things:

  1. a copy of the Libronix Digital Library System installed on your PC or Mac
  2. a account with a credit card on file
  3. a Libronix Customer ID that is connected to your account

Here are the steps to follow to get all set up:

Step 1: Download and install Libronix for Windows. (Mac users can purchase the Mac version of the engine, or buy a Mac base package.) If you already have Libronix up and running on your computer, jump to the third step.

Step 2: Activate Libronix. When you do, you’ll create a Libronix Customer ID (usually your email address, if you enter it). You can find your Libronix Customer ID by going to Help > About Libronix DLS.

Step 3: Create a account. If you already have one, just log in.

Step 4: Make sure that your Libronix Customer ID is associated with your account. Go to My Account, enter your Libronix Customer ID from Step 2, and click “Confirm.” If it’s already there, no need to do anything.

Step 5: “Buy” the Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin. Go to the page and click “Add to Cart,” or just add it straight to your cart from here, and then make sure to add the CALVIN-500 coupon code to your cart and click “Update Cart.” Proceed through the checkout process and then click “Submit Order.” If you don’t have a credit card on file, you’ll need to enter your credit card information. Don’t worry. You won’t be charged. It’s an unfortunate inconvenience in our current checkout system, and we hope to change it at some point.

Step 6: Unlock and download your new book. If you’re on a Windows machine, just click the orange “Unlock & Download” button. If you’re on a Mac, just synchronize your licenses (Tools > Library Management > Synchronize Licenses) and manually put the book file in your resources folder (Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Libronix DLS/Resources on the startup volume).

Step 7: Start using your new book! Open Libronix, open My Library, then type Institutes to find it. Double-click it to open it.


  1. Thank you for the free book.

  2. Are you sure I’m not going to be charged? It sure looked like a valid credit card transaction when I went through the steps outlined above.

  3. You guys rock! I’m not a Calvinist, but I definitely appreciate having this resource. Keep it up!

  4. Do we Lutherans get a nice treat on November 10 for our good friend Luther? He’ll be 526, but I don’t think he looks a day over 300!

  5. As long as the coupon code was properly applied and you don’t have anything else in your cart, you will not be charged.

  6. We’ll see what we can do. :)


  8. Tom Boone says

    Your Facebook announcement says : “What’s on your mind?
    Logos Bible Software Happy Birthday Calvin!
    Like him or not, get a free copy of what he said so you can be sure you know what he said, and not what you’ve heard.
    I am inquiring as to where the advertised “FREE” copy is located, please?!
    Thank you!

  9. If not for Luther, do it for my wife – November is her birthday too.

  10. I initially typed “Calvin500”, but when the coupon did not register I typed “Calvin-500” and that worked.

  11. Garrison Corchis says

    This is some pretty cool stuff id have to say :)

  12. Rory Lennox says

    Thanks again, it is always fun to look trough the offers and discover that there is a freebie just waiting to be down loaded. Thanks. (I wouldn’t want to be one of the nine.) RML

  13. Phil Gons says

    Tom, just go to the page Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin and add it to your cart. Then use coupon code CALVIN-500 to get it for free. The 7 steps above explain this in much more detail.