4th of July Fun

Most Americans celebrated the 4th of July by watching fireworks, but five Logos employees celebrated by spending more than 80 hours working outside—in temperatures approaching 100 degrees in the afternoon—putting on a massive fireworks display for others to enjoy. Customer Service representatives Justin Kooy, Debbie Mickens, Kat Hutchison, and Christy Powell and software developer James Van Noord joined three others to put on a fireworks display at Fort Spokane over the July 4th weekend.

All but one of the Logos pyrotechnicians have done professional displays in the past, and Justin will be getting his official pyrotechnics license later this summer. We thought you’d enjoy seeing how some of the people behind the product spent their 4th of July.

Here’s a slideshow of some of the pictures—courtesy of James Van Noord.

A congratulations is definitely in order to Justin Kooy, who proposed to his now-fiancée Katie during the fireworks show (see the second to last picture). Congratulations, Justin and Katie!


  1. K Robert Schmitt says

    Always remember this is a very dangerous task….
    4 were killed on the little Island we vacation at this year (Ocracoke Island NC) just unloading……

  2. Bev Powell says

    Wow James, you captured this event so well! Christy described the long hours of work, dirt, heat and tiredness to us. But nothing spins a tale like a grouping of great photos!
    Glad you all did so well, and with such great camaraderie and commitment. I was praying for you, by the way. :-)
    Bev Powell
    *Christy’s mom*

  3. Lynwood F. Mundy says

    Congratulations, Justin and Katie on your engagement!
    Congratulations to Justin Kooy of the pyrotechiques crew; you should get your pyrotechnics licenses.
    Great job by all on their pyrotechnics work and pictorial essay!

  4. Justin Kooy says

    We always work by the safest procedures and always have safety meetings before working with any of the product. It is indeed a dangerous hobby. We are often reminded that one simple mistake could mean a premature ending of the show or even injury.
    The crew feels that the thrill and adventure is worth the risk and we look forward to the next show! :)

  5. Daniel Foster says

    Wow. Looks like an intense day! Great shooting, James.

  6. Many congrats on your 4th of July proposal Justin…and on your acceptance Katie. The two of you are a lovely couple.
    The fireworks display was gorgeous and then some. I’ve only seen a display over water once in my life and I’ll never forget how awesome it was…just like your picture. The display I had the good fortune to witness was where the bridge crosses the Mississippi River on I-40, linking West Memphis, Ark. with Memphise, Tenn. This was on July 4th,1993 when I was still driving 18-wheelers coast-to- coast, hauling produce to the New England states. :’-)
    Great job y’all!!! Your brother in Christ,
    Dave Adams

  7. Dan DeVilder says

    wow, looks like a blast . . . ummm, sorry, i thought of that before I realized the obvious pun (although that is not really a “pun” is it? What then?). It, umm, looks like it was, ummm, a really good time. :)
    Now what company can boast 4 or 5 employees who can actually do that?? You guys remain the coolest! (or is it hottest, most explosive?)

  8. Hansel Mitchell says

    No Comment!!