2 New Free Hebrew Vocabulary Lists

The post from two weeks ago about the 2 New Free Greek Vocabulary Lists led to some new Hebrew vocabulary lists surfacing. I guess the OT guys didn’t want to be outdone by the NT guys. :) We now have the lists from Zondervan’s Basics of Biblical Hebrew by Gary D. Pratico and Miles V. Van Pelt and Baker’s Introducing Biblical Hebrew by Allen P. Ross.

This brings our total number of vocabulary lists up to 26: 14 Greek, 9 Hebrew, 2 Aramaic, and 1 Akkadian. Visit our Vocabulary Lists page to download these new lists.

Once you’ve downloaded them, you can access your new lists in Logos by going to File > Open, selecting “Vocabulary List” from the Types column, and then selecting the list of your choice from the Documents column. For additional help using them, see the previous post.

Have a vocabulary list from a Hebrew or Greek grammar that you’d like to see us make available? Send an email to suggest@logos.com, and let us know.

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  1. Kevin Repasky says:

    Are these lists available for the Mac version of Logos? If I go to File> there is only Load Workspace> Load Recent Workspace and > Save Workspace.

  2. Phil Gons says:

    Not yet. The current version doesn’t have vocabulary lists.

  3. Any ETA on vocabulary lists for Mac, Phil, or indeed any other upcoming new features for the Mac version? I’m excited to have Logos available on my Mac, but it’s still a pretty poor cousin to the Windows version at this stage. (I realise it’s several dev-years behind!)

  4. Phil Gons says:

    No ETA that I’m aware of. You might want to check out a discussion in our forums about this topic.