2 New Free Greek Vocabulary Lists

If you’re learning a new language, mastering the most commonly used words is an essential task. Did you know that Logos makes available 24 different vocabulary lists taken from the most popular grammars to help you? We currently have 14 different Greek vocabulary lists, 7 Hebrew, 2 Aramaic, and 1 Akkadian. The best part is that all of these lists are free. Just download them and save them to C:\. . .\My Documents\Libronix DLS\VocabularyLists.

The two latest additions are the lists from Learn to Read New Testament Greek by David Alan Black and Essentials of New Testament Greek by Ray Summers. Visit our Vocabulary Lists page to download these new lists—and any of the others you’d like. You don’t have to own the corresponding resources to make use of the vocabulary lists.

Once you’ve downloaded them, you can access your new lists in Logos by going to File > Open, selecting “Vocabulary List” from the Types column, and then selecting the list of your choice from the Documents column.

With your list opened, you have the ability to add to it, edit it, and print out vocabulary cards that you can carry with you and review between classes or when you’re away from your computer.

If you’re not a fan of print vocabulary cards, you can work through the lists right in Logos. Just grab another Window and cover up the right column. Move it down after you guess the meaning for each Greek word.

Visit our Vocabulary Lists page to download the available lists.


  1. Hey this is a cool tool…. :-) Just downloaded.

  2. You think you might can do a Kindle version?

  3. Thanks for developing a great piece of software. I have been teaching, using, and providing tech support for Logos and Libronix for over 10 years now and nothing comes close to it.
    Also thank you for the Bible Giveaway. While Libronix is great I still like the feel of reading God’s Word in my hands.

  4. Jack E. Waller says:

    Thanks for an opportunity to refresh my limited knowledge of the common Greek!

  5. Josh Blevins says:

    This looks like a great tool, I will definitely download it! Hopefully this enters in the Bible giveaway as well!!!

  6. I would appreciate some ideas on the kind of paper to use to create real flash cards, not just printed lists and 8.5 x 11 paper.

  7. Phil,
    Great to have 2 more vocabulary list.
    I just checked, Printing on A4 (8 or 10) Vocab cards, has never been working properly ever since I started using Logos 2004/2005? Wishfully hoping that it can be fixed in V3.0 :)
    I noticed that the vocab list found in Seow’s “A grammar for Biblical Hebrew” – revised edition is quite different from what is posted in Logos Website. It is nice to have it updated.

  8. Joan Korte says:

    Hi Phil,
    Is this new? I don’t know how or when the Vocabulary Lists folder was created on my system but it was and it is empty, but not for long. Thanks so much!

  9. Robert, if you want thicker paper more appropriate for flash cards, you can buy card stock and then just cut the cards with a paper cutter—perhaps you can even find some perforated card stock.

  10. Since you can export these lists to PDFs, you can create your own Kindle version since Kindle can read PDFs.

  11. The vocabulary lists feature has been around since we launched 3.0, but the various lists have been released over the last couple of years, with new ones becoming available every once in a while. Hope you find them useful!

  12. K Robert Schmitt says:

    Someday I hope the programers can make vocabulary lists to download into Power Point to work like flash cards….
    We can download so much stuff for teaching etc from Libronix I hope that this could happen to help us learn in proven methods of ‘flash cards’ (the old way) Rosetta Stone (modern picture flash with vocabulary)

  13. I created the VocabularyLists folder and downloaded the files, however even after refreshing resources, restarting Logos and system, the Vocabulary Lists do not show up on the open menu. Running up to date Libronix RC and Windows 7 RC. Any suggestions?

  14. Mervyn Frampton says:

    Hi Phil
    I have the same problem as Frank.
    I created the “VocabularyLists” folder (one word, plural) and downloaded the files, but the files do not show up on the “Open\Vocabulary List” menu
    Please help

  15. Frank, the Vocabulary Lists functionality is part of the Original Languages Library and higher. If you don’t see the option in the New or Open menu, then you don’t have the necessary addin. You’ll need to upgrade your base package.
    See the note on the top of the Vocabulary Lists page:

    For owners of the Original Languages Library or any of the Scholar’s Libraries (versions (OC) or (ND)) we have introduced some new features to help students of the biblical languages learn new words more efficiently. It is now possible to create lists of vocabulary words with glosses in a number of ways, and then print those lists on flashcards for portable study.
    Note: If you don’t have the Original Languages Library or one of the Scholar’s Libraries, take a look at your upgrade options!

  16. Mervyn, see my response to Frank. The Vocabulary Lists functionality requires Original Languages or higher.

  17. wmorgan9 says:

    As with Phil comments….These flash cards will not print correctly on computer business cards. The spacing is incorrect. I have contacted Logos in years past about the problem and they agree there is a problem, but they do not have a solution. Is there somebody who can help with the spacing so computer business cards can be utilized for flash cards?

  18. I have Scholars Gold and cannot get the Vocabulary Lists to show up.
    I have refreshed my resources, restarted Logos and restarted my computer.

  19. I figured it out. I spelled the file incorrectly.