Searching the John Piper Sermon Manuscript Library by Topic

Tips & Tricks blog SetToday’s guest post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

As mentioned in a previous blog, Logos released The John Piper Sermon Manuscript Library. Here’s how to locate sermons on a particular topic or passage from the library:

  • After installing the sermon library click the small black arrow next to the Home icon on the toolbar
  • Choose Sermons from John Piper from the list of Home pages
  • When his Home Page opens click the Browse tab

Now you can browse his sermons by Series, Topic, Occasion, or Scripture!

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  1. Suggestion: Now that Logos has two software for two platforms (Windows and Mac OSX), it is probably a good idea particularly for new users that you specify which platform the tip is for. So this tip in particular is only for Windows users as the Mac version does not have this capability.
    A step further would be that when a tip can apply to both platforms, that you give the tip for both. Most of the time a Mac user can work out how to do a search, but it would again probably aid new users.
    I do enjoy these tips and learn stuff from time to time that I didn’t know even after years of being a user!

  2. I agree. NONE of the custom home pages work on the Mac version (I miss the Piper Home page among others) and you really should specify in your blog posts which features, hints, tips and tricks are for Windows users and which ones are not supported on Mac version.
    Blessings Phil.

  3. oops, I just realized this was not Phil’s post… sorry Adam.

  4. Jason K says:

    Does anyone know if the updates for the sermon library are available somewhere? Mine are still the original data set that came with the disc.

  5. Hi Jason,
    So far, there has not been an update to the John Piper Sermon Manuscript Library. The most recent sermons are from April of 2008. Be assured that once we have an available update, we will make it available.

  6. Jason K says:

    Thanks Adam!

  7. Jeff Beard says:

    I have the Piper Sermon library, but it does not show up on the drop-down arrow, the only option is the Word Biblical Comm. How do I create the Piper Sermon home page option?
    Thanks, Jeff

  8. Bob Hubbard says:

    Can you search John Piper sermons in Logos 4?

  9. Bob,
    Yes, the John Piper Sermon Manuscript Library is searchable in Logos 4. If you want to search a specific volume in the Piper Manuscript Library, open the Library, search for Piper and find the volume you wish to search. Click on title to open the resource, then right-click in the resources and select Search this resource.
    If you want to search all the volumes in the Manuscript Library, first go to Tools and under Library, select Collections and create a Piper Collection with all the resources you want included in the search. Next, click the Search Tab and change the “Search Entire Library for” setting to your Piper Collection. Then, enter your word or phrase. That’s it.
    Be sure to spend time watching our videos as this is the best place to learn how to use Logos 4. If you don’t find your answer there, check out our Logos Forum for the answer. Chances are, your question has already been answered.
    Hope that helps!