People behind the Product: Meet Jim-Ray Higginson

So far we’ve introduced you to Deborah Mickens, Jim Straatman, and Jana Gering. In today’s People behind the Product video, you’ll meet Jim-Ray Higginson, one of our end-user sales representatives.


  1. Ted Hans says:

    What a surprise to see/hear from the first sales Rep who sold to me from Logos 04/06/2007.

  2. Once again, it’s always great to have a face with a name. Jim-Ray has assisted me with orders in the past and was very professional in his work! Jim-Ray, I agree, Dr. Kent Hovind is an awesome individual. Keep praying for him while he suffers for his work in the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as he is dealing with trumped up charges against him by the illegal entity called the IRS.
    It was great seeing you in this video!

  3. It’s great to put faces with voices on the phone! Jim-Ray has helped me in the past and was very personable and professional. Keep up the good work! By the way, I, too, appreciate Kent Hovind and feel his ministry is a good one. Please keep Kent and his family in your prayers.