Logos User Survey

We do our best to listen to our users through a variety of channels: comments you leave here on the blog, emails you send to suggest@logos.com, suggestions you share in our newsgroups—and now in our new web forums—and many more. We read all user feedback and make sure it gets to the appropriate department for consideration. Some of our best ideas come from our users.

Thank you for letting your voice be heard. Listening to what you want helps us to provide you with the best Bible software in the world.

We also benefit by learning more about you. Are you a pastor, a professor, a student? Do you know Greek and Hebrew? Do you own a Kindle? This kind of information is vital as we make decisions about products to offer, technologies to pursue, and much more.

Over the years we’ve asked survey questions in the sidebar on Logos.com. We’ve recently added some new questions and put them all in one place. If you’ve never answered our survey questions, or it’s just been a while, visit www.logos.com/usersurvey and answer as many as you want.

There are 39 questions in total (you may see fewer if you’ve answered some in the past), and you can quit at any time and return later to pick up where you left off. You’re free to skip the ones that don’t apply or that you just don’t want to answer. Get started with the Logos User Survey now.


  1. Ven Owen Nwokolo says

    I use Scholars Gold plus extral. My library is huge. Jared Bryant has been of help to me.
    Please we need logos to produce Anglican Lectionary. Also let the Hynms Ancient & Modern be produced to work with libronix. It will be wonderful to have it.
    I am from Nigeria

  2. I hope there are plans to somehow allow us to read logos books on a kindle. I have wished there was something easier on the eyes to read logos books. The only thing holding me back from going all digital is the exhaustion from staring at a computer screen.

  3. I hope that Logos looks beyond kindle to a solution that is workable for all of its global market rather than kindle which has restricted availability.

  4. David West says

    If Logos would allow temporarily transferring books to a Kindle, I would get a Kindle in a heart beat.

  5. Pr. Rick E (Hickey) says

    From the above comments, I take it that Logos does NOT work with the Kindle Reader, right? How about the Sony Reader, or any other reader? Any “prepublisher” date?
    Thanks, Brazilian style…

  6. Phil Gons says

    Our software doesn’t not run on any portable device that isn’t running a supported version of Windows. There are some ways to export content to a device like the Kindle. You may find some help in our user forums.

  7. jeff mckearney says

    A kindle Logos app would be incredible. There are so many books in Logos that I will not read because it’s hard to read books at a computer screen but I would on my Kindle. Let’s go Logos you can and should make this happen. Ebooks is where life is headed.

  8. Thanks, Jeff. But Kindle isn’t an open platform. It’s not possible to build apps for the Kindle. We’ve chosen to go with the iPhone for now, and we’re exploring other open platforms in the future.

  9. Murray Sanders says

    I understand your decision in the short time but I would strongly caution you not to pick any of the platform. For example, your choice of iPhone may be fine in the USA but doesn’t work in several other places in the world, like here in Canada. Yet we can get Kindle. But eBooks are the way to go, so please keep exploring that option. I really enjoy your software, but find it really hard to read in the present format!

  10. Murray, we plan to explore other mobile platforms later, but for now we are working on a web solution at http://library.logos.com/.