ESV Study Bible Coming to Logos

ESV Study BibleThe ESV Study Bible from Crossway is one of the best study Bibles on the market. This carefully crafted volume packs in 2 million words (including the ESV Bible text), 20,000 notes, 50+ articles, 200+ charts, 200+ full-color maps, 80,000 cross-references, 40 illustrations, and more. The ESVSB brings together a wealth of evangelical scholarship in a concise and refreshing way and is sure to help you understand God’s Word better.

This award-winning study Bible is about to get even better. It’s now available on our Pre-Pub page in two different versions—a notes-only version for those who already own the ESV Bible (which is included in all of our base packages) and a complete version for those who do not yet have the ESV.

The Logos edition of the ESV Study Bible puts the Bible text in one resource and all of the other content in a second resource. This enables you to view the Bible and study Bible content side by side—and even scroll synchronously when both resources share the same link set. The ESV Study Bible Notes resource will function just like any other commentary and will show up in the Passage Guide along with your favorite study Bibles and commentaries. So no matter what passage you’re studying, the ESV Study Bible with all of its rich content is always just a click away.

Watch the video below to find out why you should add the ESVSB to your digital library.


  1. Great!
    It would also be great to hear that something we have pre-pubbed nearly a year ago is going to shipped, not going to be shipped, or never made it to the ship!

  2. When? When?
    Also, when?

  3. Dave, what product(s) did you have in mind?

  4. $30 for just the notes is a bit steep – that’s about what I paid for the ESV Study Bible itself.

  5. 1. How good are the graphics (maps, charts, etc.)? Are they suitable for copy into PowerPoint for teaching, etc.?
    2. Does this include access to ESVSB online materials too? And are they somehow hotlinked from Libronix?

  6. I believe that’s the cheapest price you’ll find for a full-featured digital edition. Another company sells the notes for $40 and the notes with Bible text for $70.

  7. 1. I’d imagine so, but I’m checking to be sure. I’ll let you know what I find out.
    2. No.

  8. Phil Gons says

    There’s been a very good response so far, so I’d imagine that it will be a quick Pre-Pub. We’ll let you know once we have a better feel for when it will be ready to ship.

  9. Phil Gons says

    1. The official answer is, “Yes, the graphics will be of sufficient quality to use on a screen.”

  10. Will the graphics be high resolution like the ones in New Unger’s Bible Handbook? The pictures look incredible on my large flatscreen TV btw!

  11. I believe so.

  12. George Haven says

    I think the maps add alot to the Study Bible, since most of us grew up on visuals. It seems to help with getting closer to the era in which it was written and anything that helps us understand the Scriptures from a Jewish perspective is definitely a plus.

  13. Will this work on the Mac version of Logos?

  14. Yes, the ESVSB will work on both the Windows and Mac versions of Logos Bible Software.

  15. How big in terms of megs will the download file be? I’m trying to get an idea of the resolution of the graphics.

  16. We’re not sure of that yet. Once we’re closer to having that information, I’ll let you know.

  17. When is it going to be available? is there a round-about date?

  18. Jakob Olofsgård says

    When? Is it impossible to know?

  19. Ryan Heath says

    I purchased the pre-pub version months ago, thinking it was coming along. Any word on if this is coming to LOGOS?

  20. We’re still in negotiations with the publisher. I don’t have a date on when it’ll be available, but we’re working on it.