Tips & Tricks blog SetToday’s guest post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars. is a website containing thousands of sermons and illustrations contributed by people from around the world. The Libronix automated report called the Passage Guide automatically searches this site for sermons about your specific passage.

On the Home Page enter a passage in the Study Passage box and click Go. When the Passage Guide opens look for the section named containing links to specific sermons on the site.

If does not appear on the Passage Guide complete these steps:

Click the Properties icon on the Passage Guide toolbar. Make sure in the Web Resources section that is checked.

If this section does not appear in Properties, then please update the Libronix software by choosing Tools | Libronix Update.

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  1. Sam Lamerson says

    I have gone to the properties icon in the passage guide toolbar and there is no button to check. I have just updated and it is still not there. Any suggestions?

  2. Ok, Where do you update Libronix for the Mac? It’s not under Tools, or if it is I’m missing it – which is entirely possible. ;)
    I would love to have this added resource, but can’t find it or update to get it.

  3. Sorry this was not mentioned in the post, but at this time, this feature is only available for PC users.

    Updating the Mac engine is a bit different. If your Mac purchase (base package or engine-only) was from, first login to your user account. Then, go to your Order History and find that original order. There, you will see a link for the Mac 1.1 update.

    If you purchased your Mac software any other way, please call Mac Support at 800-875-6467, or email for assistance.

  4. I have followed all the instructions for linking to from the Passage Guide, incuding getting the Lgos updates. I am still having no success. Any suggestions?

  5. Medjb,
    I have forwarded your message to our Customer Service department. You should expect to hear from them shortly.

  6. SermonCentral appears in my passage guide & lists numerous sermons. However, when I click on the links, nothing happens. How can this be corrected?

  7. Well I’m going to have to do some more research but this is a pretty good spring board.