People behind the Product: Meet Jana Gering

It’s been a while since the last post in our People behind the Product series, but you should start seeing more in the months to come. In this brief interview, you’ll meet Jana Gering, the project manager for our Electronic Text Development department, a past guest blogger here, and the winner of this year’s chili cook-off.

YouTube is currently being a little finicky. If you get the message, “An error occurred, please try again later,” try clicking the little HQ button, which should launch the video in high quality.


  1. Great view into the staff. Do more.

  2. Rob Kuefner says

    Great interview! Hey, I love the sound at the end of the interview with the Logos logo and the blip, blip, blip for each letter. I know this is probably not something that’s related to Jana’s interview, but I’d love to have that be the startup sound for Logos. Is there anyway to make it possible to choose your startup sound. Of if not, could you make that sound available as a ringtone, like you have for the other Logos startup sound! Thanks!

  3. Ted Hans says

    Thanks for the blog, interesting to get to know people behind the scene.
    It is a surprise to me that from time to time we have guests post video here on this blog but for Phil (who oversees the blog) there is no video post from him or about him. As an international customer, I am left wondering who is this guy that is always helpful and takes the time from his busy schedule to respond to various queries?
    Is it possible to have a video post on or about Phil and Jared W. Bryant? Thanks

  4. I love these kinds of interviews. It’s neat to know the staff of Logos more.
    Can I recommend others? How about a nice, in depth walk-through of Logos’ headquarters? And what about a documentary on how books are converted into Libronix resources?
    I’ve always been interested in the nitty gritty details of these kind of things!

  5. Hey, it’s great to see another installment of this series! Like the others who have responded, I too enjoy meeting the folks who work to make Logos such a great company.
    Ted asked a great question, which I am happy to reiterate here. Is is possible to have a video post on or about Phil and Jared Bryant? I’ve enjoyed seeing Jared’s family blog and believe he is one of those great assets that any company would be happy to have. To all at Logos, though, keep up the great work!!

  6. Yay for mentioning Bible Quizzing! To see Jana in action in her volunteer work, visit

  7. Greg, this isn’t as in-depth as you might be looking for, but have you seen this company overview video we posted a while back?

  8. Dan,
    Yeah, I saw that a while back. Still interesting though!
    I’ll admit, I’m a total book-lover at heart, so I really just want to see more of them in Logos! I would love to spend a day wandering around the place, seeing what books ya’ll have and peeking over the shoulder of those actually making the digital versions.
    Geeky and weird, I know, but what can I say? I love books!