Greek Syntax: Preposition with Multiple Objects

Awhile back in the Logos newsgroups, someone asked this question:

I am trying to do a search of the Greek where you have a controlling preposition followed by two nouns joined by a conjunction. I am sure it can be done, but I am not experienced enough with searches to do it.

A couple of examples might help you understand what I am trying to accomplish. In John 3:5 you have EX (εξ) being the controlling preposition followed by UDATOS KAI PNEUMATOS (υδατος και πνευματος) the two nouns UDATOS (υδατος) and PNEUMATOS (πνευματος) joined by a conjunction KAI (και).

This example is one of those things that is just easier to explain in the context of a video than in writing. So I shot a video—watch out, it clocks in at over 15 minutes—to show how I worked through the problem.

Click the image below to launch the video in a new Window, or download it and save it for later.


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  1. Tim Bahula says

    Thanks, Rick. We want more syntax videos!

  2. Dan Giese says

    On a Mac the video is black with only sound. Same thing if I download the video. Any way to record it so Mac people can see it too without running an emulator?

  3. Awesome. Keep up the Bible nerdery. I love it!

  4. Try the free Flip4Mac WMV player.

  5. Rick,
    thanks very much for this…keep ’em coming!!