Eerdmans’ NICOT and NICNT on Pre-Pub!

The New International Commentary (NIC) is without a doubt one of the most respected conservative evangelical commentary series ever produced. For years our customers have been begging us and Eerdmans to produce a digital edition of it—we’ve probably received more requests for NIC than for anything else—but the timing just wasn’t right. Until now. The entire 40-volume set is finally available for pre-order, and in just a few days it exceeded the number of pre-orders necessary to send it into production.

The New International Commentary on the Old Testament (NICOT)

The NICOT features 22 volumes of detailed commentary covering 25 of the 39 books of the Old Testament Scriptures by leading scholars like Daniel Block, Peter Craigie, Tremper Longman III, O. Palmer Robertson, J. A. Thompson, Bruce Waltke, Gordon Wenham, and many others. The NICOT brings together 12,365 pages of the best evangelical scholarship on the Old Testament and is an essential tool for pastors, students, professors, and serious Bible students.

Visit the product page for a complete list of titles included and additional details about each volume.

The New International Commentary on the New Testament (NICNT)

The NICNT features 18 volumes of first-rate commentaries covering 25 of the 27 books of the New Testament Scriptures (everything except for 2 Peter and Jude) by prominent evangelical scholars like Leon Morris, F. F. Bruce, Douglas Moo, Gordon Fee, I. Howard Marshall, Robert Mounce, and many others. The NICNT brings together 11,467 pages of the best conservative Protestant scholarship on the New Testament, and our edition will include Gordon Fee’s forthcoming commentary on Thessalonians. If you’re only going to have one commentary series on the NT, this is the one to have.

Visit the product page for a complete list of titles included and additional details about each volume.

Having all of this material seamlessly integrated into your digital library means that it will always be as close by as your laptop or netbook, and access to any of the volumes is just a couple of mouse clicks or keystrokes away. Whether you’re on the road and need to prepare for Sunday’s sermon or just want the flexibility to write your next paper in the coffee shop instead of the library, having the NIC in your Libronix library is the perfect solution.

If you haven’t already, be sure to place your pre-order to lock in the lowest price.


  1. Will the NICOT and NICNT be made available to purchase separately or even as individual “books” in the future?

  2. Well worth the price but any payment plans…or like the previous comment a book by book individual sale would be nice?

  3. Sometimes with large collections and series we are able to sell individual titles from those series several years after their release. Sometimes we are required to keep series together and never split them up.
    According to the terms of this contract, we do not have the ability to sell any of the content in any configuration other than a complete set. That means you won’t see individual books or even an Old Testament and New Testament collection for NICOT/NICNT, just the complete collection.
    It is possible that some years in the future this may change, but especially in this case, I would not count on it. It took perhaps a decade of work to get the contract to this title in the first place, and it was under the strict terms to sell it as a complete unit. I do not foresee that changing any time soon, if ever.
    If you are interested in NICOT/NICNT at all, this is perhaps the best price you will ever see on it and the best possible time to buy. The price could increase at any time, since it has already rocketed well-past the 100% of interest needed to move it into production.

  4. Phil Gons says

    Our current system requires that you choose between the Pre-Pub price without a payment plan and the Sale price with a payment plan.

  5. Bohuslav Wojnar says

    I am very happy to see that progress with this series. Do you have any estimations when we can see it produced? Next month? :-)

  6. Things are moving rapidly, both from a sales standpoint and a production standpoint. It probably won’t be next month. I’ve heard rough projections of early to mid fall, but we’re not really in the position to make a solid projection yet. We’ll provide more accurate predictions as we have them available.

  7. Randy Alcorn uses Logos in his devotions.
    I thought it would be of interest. Also this is a great commentary series. buy it!

  8. Glad to see such a fantastic work come, but it will surely be with the “Sale” and payment plan for me. Any time frame on the work? It would be great to get this within about 12 months for some particular reasons.

  9. Glad to see such a fantastic work come, but it will surely be with the “Sale” and payment plan for me. Any time frame on the work? It would be great to get this within about 12 months for some particular reasons.

  10. Rick Powell says

    I am very excited by this news as this is one of my favorite sets. I probably refer to my print volumes more consistently than to any other commentary set (In my opinion, no other set gives such quick access to consistently valuable and reliable information). I count it a blessing that I can finally add them into my digital library. Keep up the outstanding work Logos!
    Your brother,

  11. Too bad individual volumes will not be available. A thousand bucks even in a payment plan is a lot of money these days…

  12. Take your time. It’s going to take me a while to save enough to cover the cost.

  13. Phil,
    You mention using a “netbook” to use the Logos resource above (NICOT/NT). I have a question: How does Logos work on a netbook?
    If some netbooks work for Logos, what things should we look for in a good Logos-capable netbook?
    For instance, would 1.6 MhZ, 1 GB ram, 160G HD, 10.2″ Widescreen… would such a system work well… or do I need more RAM or bigger screen size for usefulness?

  14. One of the guys in the office has it on a new $300 ASUS netbook, and it runs pretty well. He recommends upgrading it to 2GB of RAM though. Hope this helps.

  15. Does anyone know when the Pre-pub price expires?

  16. Given the difficulty to get permission for publishing this set electronically, is it unlikely you will be able to add future (as yet unpublished in print form) volumes as some kind of upgrade to finish out the NICOT set particularly?

  17. Hi there: is the rough estimate still to publish the series early to mid fall? I’ve placed a pre-pub order and am very excited about getting the series! Thanks.

  18. Yes, I think we’re still on track for that time frame.

  19. I second @Dan’s question. If we order this series now and subsequently Eerdmans publishes more of the books in the series, will Logos be able to add them as upgrades to the set? It would still be a great set to own, even if only partially complete. But I would prefer a complete set once/if it becomes available.

  20. Our agreement allows us to publish the future volumes as well. They won’t be free, but they will be available.

  21. Are WE on track for the October 15 release date? Can we PrePub-ers get T-shirts just like the ones you had made for the Yale Anchor Bible project? On to another subject, I’m just curious. What exactly goes on right before release and going “LIVE”? Specifically, I’m curious about when the release date is postponed past the original release date? Is there big disappointment because there WAS a big party with much fanfare planned for the release but it has got to be delayed because of some glitch detected in the 11th hour right before going “LIVE”? Are there sounds of groans from people huddled around the “RELEASE” monitor as they are disappointed and saddened by the glitch and consequent delay? And sometimes I also notice that a title is “LIVE” for a day or even longer before being released. What goes on then? Is there BIG celebration when it is finally released? Is everyone once again with much anticipation and enthusiasm AND in a celebratory party-like atmosphere, huddled around the monitor of the lead project person who actually hits the “RELEASE” button on the computer which then in turn releases all the party favors complete with balloons, confetti, streamers, horns, firecrackers, fireworks, pyrotechnics and fanfare/party music? If my imaging is correct, you should make a video of the whole process of making a PrePub “LIVE” and “RELEASED” with and without “a hitch”…Even if all my suspicions are wrong, you should at any rate do it for a goof…And then post it on this blog!!!

  22. You have some good comments Jonely, we should do more blogs from behind the scenes! Every Pre-Pub is different. In this case, we are actually getting the product from Eerdmans, so we are not producing the final replicated CDs ourselves. We are at the mercy of their production schedules. We don’t have any t-shirts planned, probably because we just didn’t think of it. I wonder how many of our users would wear them? hmmm….
    It is funny how you describe the process, because in the beginning we actually did all gather around my computer while I hit “the button” to make it live and process orders. The way our systems are built today, we have to throttle the flow of orders to integrate to our accounting system, and our license database. That’s why sometimes when a product goes live, depending on how early or late you placed your order it may take a while to get to your spot in line, especially if it close to a weekend.
    I like the video idea… we’ll have to find some time someday to do more of that!

  23. Dan,
    First of all, how nice of you to personally respond to me!
    Second, since this sounds like a pure Eerdmans product because they are in charge of the replication process, am I right in thinking that the whole thing is just waiting for you to press “the button” tomorrow to go “Live”? In other words, I’m not going to be “teased” tomorrow as I wait with bated breath, am I? :D …Like I am being teased with the postponed release of Theology of the Old Testament by Oehler…Is the release being delayed because of the NICOT/NICNT project?

  24. That video was GREAT!!!
    Now it would be even greater if there are video(s) for the “other” situation(s)…

  25. Dave Smith says

    I understand what Logos can publish is dictated by the contract with the publisher. But what I find odd is Eerdmans reluctance to publish individual volumes electronically in Logos when they are publishing them individually for the Kindle.

  26. Rosie Perera says

    I know this is an old post, but the individual volumes are now available for TheWord, Accordance, and WordSearchBible. Surely Eerdmans would now be open to renegotiating the contract with Logos when three competitors have the ability to split up the series? Doesn’t Logos have more clout than all three of those others combined?