Bible Study Magazine—One of the Best New Magazines of 2008

Today’s guest post is from John Barry, the associate editor and project manager for Bible Study Magazine.

Library Journal, the premier magazine for librarians, featured Bible Study Magazine as one of the top 10 magazines launched in 2008.

Steve Black, who wrote the article and reviews countless periodicals a year, said Bible Study Magazine is “a serious, clearly written [publication] that uses biblical scholarship to illuminate but not refute the principal beliefs of evangelical Protestantism. . . . [It] is to Bible studies what Scientific American is to science or Psychology Today to psychology. A thoughtful bridge between the work of scholars and laypersons looking for a deeper understanding of the biblical texts.” Check out the full review.

We are honored for Library Journal to hold our publication in such high esteem. We envisioned Bible Study Magazine as a bridge between scholarship and the church and are thrilled that our vision has come to fruition. To be featured alongside top-notch publications such as BBC Knowledge, Food Network Magazine, Science Illustrated and World Affairs is also an honor. Accompanying these magazines about culture, the sciences, and the world demonstrates that God has placed us in an influential position—something we do not take for granted.

But we are not just honored—we feel blessed. With over 500 magazines going under last year alone, we are grateful that ours is a success. When reflecting upon Bible Study Magazine from inception to present, we see God in every step along the way. We are committed to offering something eternal—the Word of God. We strive for excellence, not just because good isn’t good enough, but because our publication is about an experience. It is a journey into God’s Word resulting in a betterment of family, church and life.

You asked Logos how to study the Bible and we delivered Bible Study Magazine. We find the best stories about Bible study to motivate you, and top-notch tips, tricks and Bible studies to guide you.

The Bible expands our relationship with God—bringing us His very words. Because of that, we have made the business of Bible Study Magazine about God’s business. There is nothing more important than knowing what the Bible says, what it means, and how it applies to our lives. Bible Study Magazine is about getting you into God’s Word. Bringing you truth in crisis and teaching you how to find the truth for yourself. We are here to help you know God. And for God placing us in that position, we are grateful.

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  1. We did subscribe to the Bible Study Magazine earlier this year, but will only see the issues at the end of the year. We plan to return to the States to spend Christmas with our college age kids. The overseas shipping rate is exorbitant and they are waiting for us at the house of my mother-in-law. I know that Logos doesn’t control that cost. I believe that the cost of shipping was a big part of the reason that we started buying Logos five years ago. We will pick up the free book meanwhile.

  2. I just received my 2nd issue of Bible Study Magazine. I really like it and it has already helped with some questions I was receiving from a recent convert. His kids were studying David and Goliath in Sunday School. The recent issue of the magazine had an article that answered the questions he had. Thanks!

  3. This is great news! I really believe this is one of the best Christian magazines available right now!

  4. Trygve Landru says

    I was given one of your magazines by a friend. I really like it. I would like to subscribe but was given no address. Please reply. Understand the introductory price for a year’s subscription is $14.95. Please send your address so I can remit payment and receive the magazine. Thank you.