11 Pre-Pubs Shipping Soon

Now that Anchor Yale Bible is done, our electronic text development team is starting to pump out quite a few other Pre-Pubs. The following 11 are projected to ship within the next 2 to 3 weeks:

I’m pretty excited about picking up several of these, and I know many of you are too. But if you haven’t placed your pre-orders yet, you’d better act fast or else you’ll miss out on the opportunity to pick up some of these titles at the nicely discounted Pre-Pub price. In some cases you have just a few days left to get your pre-orders in.


  1. Ted Hans says

    It is of great joy to me that Owens monumental Exposition on Hebrews is about to ship.
    I wasn’t sure if Phil meant Anchor Yale Bible Reference in his post:-) (Yale Reference when shall you appear in Logos! your twin brothers Anchor Dictionary and Anchor commentary have appeared) I shall take comfort for the time being that Calvin’s works are currently being offered on Pre-pub.
    With such impressive titles about to ship, some of us die hard Logos fans have heeded the warning to purchase at a discounted Pre-Pub price.

  2. wow great to John Owens and Harry Ironside being added! Logos is really taking charge in this area of digitizing and making available some great classic works!

  3. Mike Taylor says

    Why does Logos sometimes digitize books that are not the most recent release? For example, it appears that the “Learn to Read New Testament Greek” by Black is the original release (1993) as pre-pub, while it is currently in its 3rd release (2009)? Given that it is at the same price at Amazon, I have to choose between electronic/out-dated or paper/current it seems…

  4. At the time we licensed the book, the 3rd edition did not exist. We’re looking into getting the newer edition instead of the older one.

  5. Patrick Carver says

    I’m having trouble downloading •The New Unger’s Bible Handbook. Is anyone else having a problem?

  6. Phil Gons says

    Patrick, everything should be working properly now for the New Unger’s Bible Handbook. Feel free to contact our Customer Service team if you’re still having problems: 800-875-6467 or customerservice@logos.com.

  7. H David Holbrook says

    Since the Hermeneia on CD-Rom 2.0 Pre-Pub will be shipping soon, will the Hermeneia Upgrade also be shipping in a few weeks?

  8. Hi David,
    There are a few things we are sorting out with the Hermenia upgrade, but we will be processing and shipping orders as soon as possible.