What Makes Logos Books So Special?

Not all digital books are created equal. I regularly interact with people who have never used Logos Bible Software, and one of the most common things I hear goes something like this: “I already have ________ as PDFs. Why would I want to get the Logos version?”

I go on to explain all of the things that you can do with Logos resources that you can’t do with PDFs, and people get interested. Once they try it for themselves, they are blown away. One professor recently responded this way, “I can’t believe how fantastic this is in Logos—far superior to PDFs.”

One of the things that makes Logos resources so useful is all of the tagging behind the text. We put together a video recently that talks about the various kinds of links in our digital books. What is a red link, and how does it differ from a blue link? Did you know that just about every word is a link? Find out more in the video below.

For more videos, visit www.logos.com/videos or www.macbiblesoftware.com/videos.


  1. I agree. Now if I could only get the books I already have as PDF into Logos…

  2. I won’t deny that they’re nice, but it’s a cost-benefit thing. All the added toys in, say, Spurgeon’s works costs about $100. Y’all really need to find a way to reduce your costs so you can reduce your prices.

  3. The only thing is, things like Spurgeon (which I had in ages) aren’t indexed (though Morris Proctor’s tip helps a lot) so the value add is a very small increment from a PDF.
    Now there certainly is a tremendous amount of value in things that are thoroughly indexed.

  4. I’m not sure what you mean when you say that they aren’t indexed. (Perhaps you mean that they aren’t tagged as commentaries and so don’t show up in the Passage Guide.)
    You can create a Spurgeon collection and add it to the Passage Guide and instantly find all of the places that Spurgeon mentions the passage you’re studying. And it doesn’t matter how he cites it; Logos will turn up a variety of referencing schemes (e.g., John 3:16; Jn 3:16; verse 16 in John’s third chapter, etc.). You can’t do that with PDFs. You can do this through the Reference Browser as well, or by using the Simple Search and entering something like Bible = John 3:16 or Bible in John 3:16.
    Remember that you can also hover on the Bible references and get your favorite Bible translation or click through to explore the context in Greek or Hebrew.
    You can also search for topics in Spurgeon’s sermons using the Topic Browser. Again, you can’t do that with your PDFs.
    How about advanced searches like trinity WITHIN 5 WORDS spirit—46 hits in just about a second? Again, you wouldn’t be able to find things like this in your PDFs.
    Certainly some resources take advantage of this advanced tagging better than others, but even the Spurgeon Sermons from Ages do, in my opinion, add significant value over PDFs.

  5. Rich Bose says:

    If Logos integrates with PDF, it would makes it even better…

  6. Rich, this has been requested many times before, but the problem with having PDFs integrated is that they are missing all of the “behind the scenes” tagging that makes Logos resources so useful. That being said, it could still be useful to have them in your single digital library, even if with limited functionality, that way you don’t have to go hunting for resources in folders all over your computer. Feel free to send an email to suggest@logos.com and voice your desire to see this added.

  7. You’re right, Chris. If you don’t need the benefits of having Spurgeon integrated into your library with instant look up of words by double-clicking and the host of other benefits I mentioned in my reply to Mike, then PDFs may suffice. Many count the benefits worth the cost. Some don’t. Others simply don’t know what the benefits are.
    We do our best to keep our prices as low as we can, but processing and tagging massive amounts of data is not inexpensive. We’re always looking for ways to improve the process and make our collections even better deals.
    Thanks for your feedback.

  8. I would happily give up my Ages PDF but i find my friends at Logos inadvertently do not want me too.
    My Ages Calvin collection comes with the works of Augustine 8 volumes, which i could not find on the Logos website. Again i looked at the biographical section and found 3 biographies of Calvin which are not available in Logos. Happily The History of the Reformation in the Time of Calvin is being offered by Logos.
    I am stuck with my PDF’s until Augustine & 3 biographies of Calvin make it into Logos. The same applies to Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards etc.
    So Phil i want to give up PDF’s why don’t you guys make it possible? :-)

  9. Ted, as we mentioned with the Calvin stuff, we’re happy to look into adding other titles. I think you’re referring to these two:
    Smyth, Thomas. Calvin and His Enemies: A Memoir of the Life, Character, and Principles of Calvin. 1856. Reprint, Carpenter, 2008. 184 pp.
    Wileman, William. John Calvin: His Life, His Teaching and His Influence. Robert Banks & Son, 1909. Reprint, Gospel Mission, 1981.
    We’ll look into adding both of these. (The Beza biography is included in volume 1 of Tracts Relating to the Reformation, which is in our Tracts and Treatises of John Calvin collection.)
    On Augustine, we have all of that and more. See volumes 1-8 of the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers.
    I’d be curious to know what you’re referring to with Spurgeon and Edwards.

  10. Thanks Phil for the info, i do have the Augustine resource but never knew it.
    On Jonathan Edwards – Edwards Ages PDF includes TIMOTHY DWIGHT COLLECTION.

  11. You’re welcome, Ted. And thanks for the info on Timothy Dwight. His
    Theology: Explained and Defended in a Series of Sermons is on our list.

  12. Ted Hans says:

    “I’d be curious to know what you’re referring to with Spurgeon and Edwards”.
    Phil, rather than post the Spurgeon stuff i shall mail it to you. There are several books by C.H.S in the Ages collection not Present in Logos.

  13. Thanks, Ted. We’ll look into it.

  14. Warren Magnuson says:

    Mike wrote on April 22 that the Spurgeon Sermon Collection was not indexed. I had the same problem. However, I found that it was indexed but not under Spurgeon. There is an “Alphabetical and Subject Index of Charles Spurgeon’s Sermons” and an “Alphabetical Index of Charles Spurgeon’s Sermons” under Ages Software. Perhaps Logos could move it so that it appeared under Spurgeon.

  15. Ted Hans says:

    Well said Warren, i agree.