Searching Non-Versified Books

Today’s guest post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

Libronix contains some great "commentary like" books that aren’t versified, which means they won’t show up in the list of commentaries on the Passage Guide or in Parallel Resources when a commentary is open. Among these books are Hard Sayings of the Bible, Difficulties in the Bible, and The Training of the Twelve. They contain excellent insights but you have to know how to find them. Try this trick. First create a collection of these non-versified books. Choose Tools | Library Management | Define Collections. Click New. Name the Collection Non -Versified Books. Add the books I listed along with any others you desire. Click OK. Open the Reference Browser from the Go menu. Set the In box to Non-Versified Books. Set the Type to Bible. Type a Bible passage in the Find box like Matthew 12.40. Click Search to see a list of every place the passage is discussed in the non-versified books!

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  1. Billy Noel says:

    This is a great tip!

  2. Martin Folley says:

    A good tip . . . I had not even thought that there might be resources that have not been ‘versified’.
    How would I go about finding such resources? I presume that it can be done through “About this resource” under data type: bible, but that is rather laborious. Is there another way?, or a published list?

  3. David Pereira says:

    Thanks for the reminder on this. Actually now, the procedure is simply:
    – Tools
    – Define Collections
    – New
    Thanks, dp

  4. Nate Porter says:

    Great tip… That’s one thing I’ve disliked about the digital version of Hard Sayings. Is there a more complete list somewhere of non-versified books on the Bible?

  5. Tom Daugherty says:

    Yeah, when you have 100’s or in some cases a couple of thousand resources, how can you simply identify non-versified books in your collection?

  6. Nate – See if Morriis Proctor’s tools for “Collections” is helpful to you at all.

  7. Is there a way that we can manually go in and “versify” books like the Training of the Twelve?

  8. k.robert.schmitt says:

    By K Robert Schmitt on April 20, 2009 6:03 PM
    Greetings! Christ is Risen….
    I was setting up my recent purchase of the Anchor Bible with both ‘Collections’ and ‘Resource Associations’ Which allows us to easily do the search you were listing above ….
    But my question relates to it in a different way….
    I was putting it on the Libronix Toolbar and wanted to assign it a symbol (like a Greek Letter that is in typical ‘symbols’) I know it can be done because I have already done it ( I have both Greek Letters and Hebrew Letters assigned to my workspaces) but I can’t remember HOW I DID IT.
    Can you post ‘How it is done’ so I can do it again…..
    Your forgetful student a few years past…
    Bob Schmitt
    Catonsville MD

  9. John Frost says:

    Under “Tools | Library Management” the closest thing to “Define Collections” I have is “Define Resource Associations” and that doesn’t work for this. Is the ability to define collections an add on?

  10. John, the post had a mistake. It should have just been Tools > Define Collections. Resource Associations is different.