R. C. Sproul Digital Library Gets Updated to Libronix

R. C. Sproul Digital LibraryOne of the last remaining products to be updated from the old Logos Library System (LLS) format to the Libronix Digital Library System (LDLS) format is the R. C. Sproul Digital Library. This is especially good news to all of our Mac users, since Logos for Mac reads only the newer Libronix files.

The collection includes the following 20 updated titles:

(Right-click on any of the above titles to save the file to your computer.)

If you already own the R. C. Sproul Digital Library, you can download all of these new books for free. If you are using Logos on a Windows machine, just run the resource auto-update script. If you are using Logos for Mac, download the files to your resources folder (i.e., Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Libronix DLS/Resources on the startup volume) and restart Logos for Mac.

Once you’ve downloaded the new files, you can safely delete the old files. In Windows you can do this by running the Delete Duplicate Resources tool (for more advanced users), or you can just manually locate and delete the files from your resources folder (i.e., C:\Program Files\Libronix DLS\Resources). The file names are the same as the new ones, but the extensions are .LSF and .LIX rather than .lbxlls.

There are several other R. C. Sproul titles that are not included in the R. C. Sproul Digital Library:

Each of these is available for individual purchase and will work on both the Windows and Mac versions of Logos.


  1. Keith Larson says

    Thanks for updating these resources. Two questions:
    1) Will the “Welcome to the R.C. Sproul Digital Library” be updated. This has a nice topical index and other features.
    2) Will the product itself be updated so that new users will not have to purchase the library in the old format and go through all of these steps?

  2. Thanks for the comment, Keith.
    1. I’ll check into this.
    2. We’re looking into making a new version of the collection available at some point.

  3. Steven Leavitt says

    I’m a mac user. You’ve mentioned that you can update the files by downloading them to a certain folder. Question is, from where can you download from? Also, are there any plans to make a tool for mac users to automatically update the resources like window users have?

  4. Steven Leavitt says

    Sorry. Just realized that I can download just by clicking on the titles. But I am still interested if there would be an autoscript for mac like there is for mac? It would take a long time for someone to update all their resources if they have one of the Logos packages, especially Scholar Gold.
    Thank you Logos!

  5. Thanks for your feedback, Steven. Yes, we definitely want to have an automated updater in a future version of Logos for Mac.

  6. Phil;
    Any answer as of yet to Keith’s question #1 from April 15th?
    Will the “Welcome to the R.C. Sproul Digital Library” be updated. This has a nice topical index and other features
    Dave Farrell

  7. Phil Gons says

    Sorry for the delay. I’ve got an email in, and I’m checking to see. Hopefully I’ll have news soon.

  8. How do I add this library sent to me in LOGOS2 format to my Libronix collection without installing LOGOS2 onto a vista PC?

  9. Phil Gons says

    Jeremy, if you call our customer service team (800-875-6467), someone will be able to quickly help you get your collection set up without installing LLS. If you don’t want to wait until Monday, I can help you today. Email me at phil@logos.com.

  10. So… i purchased the RC Sproul Digital Library and downloaded the files in the new format. Now how do I unlock the books on my Mac?