New Logos Bible Software Demo Video

We just gave our demo page a makeover and launched a brand new demo video of the Windows version of Logos Bible Software. If you have a decently fast internet connection (the video weighs in at 94.5MB), jump on over and take a look. Otherwise, try out the YouTube version (embedded below), which is a little easier on the bandwidth.

We’re also offering a 25% discount on base packages for two weeks using coupon code NEWDEMO. So if you haven’t picked up a base package yet, now’s your chance to get one at a nice discount.

Feel free to spread the word about the new page, video, and coupon code. Just drop a link to and embed the YouTube version of the video right in your blog post.

Here’s the code you’ll need for the video (you can manually adjust the dimensions):

In addition, you can grab one of our sidebar ads or images and link it to the new demo page.


  1. Rick Powell says:

    Congratulations! That is an outstanding intro video!

  2. Russell Chambers says:

    What is the proper pronunciation. The demo keeps saying Loh-gohs, but I was under the impression the proper pronunciation was Lah-gahs.
    Just a minor point to be sure, but I don’t want to mispronounce the name going forward.
    Can you clarify?

  3. Russell, I addressed this issue in this blog post: “Logo, Logo’s, and Logos.” Give it a read. I think it will answer your question.

  4. Phil Gons says:

    Thanks, Rick. Glad you like it!

  5. Russell Chambers says:

    Thanks Phil,
    That makes it about as clear as mud :-)
    I called once and was told it was Lah-gahs. Since that is how I have been saying it for along time, I will continue doing so. On the upside I will stop correcting those who use other variants.
    Any way you say it, it is one awesome piece of technology.
    Keep up the good work!