New Logos Bible Software Demo Video

We just gave our demo page a makeover and launched a brand new demo video of the Windows version of Logos Bible Software. If you have a decently fast internet connection (the video weighs in at 94.5MB), jump on over and take a look. Otherwise, try out the YouTube version (embedded below), which is a little easier on the bandwidth.

We’re also offering a 25% discount on base packages for two weeks using coupon code NEWDEMO. So if you haven’t picked up a base package yet, now’s your chance to get one at a nice discount.

Feel free to spread the word about the new page, video, and coupon code. Just drop a link to and embed the YouTube version of the video right in your blog post.

Here’s the code you’ll need for the video (you can manually adjust the dimensions):

In addition, you can grab one of our sidebar ads or images and link it to the new demo page.


  1. Rick Powell says

    Congratulations! That is an outstanding intro video!

  2. Russell Chambers says

    What is the proper pronunciation. The demo keeps saying Loh-gohs, but I was under the impression the proper pronunciation was Lah-gahs.
    Just a minor point to be sure, but I don’t want to mispronounce the name going forward.
    Can you clarify?

  3. Russell, I addressed this issue in this blog post: “Logo, Logo’s, and Logos.” Give it a read. I think it will answer your question.

  4. Phil Gons says

    Thanks, Rick. Glad you like it!

  5. Russell Chambers says

    Thanks Phil,
    That makes it about as clear as mud :-)
    I called once and was told it was Lah-gahs. Since that is how I have been saying it for along time, I will continue doing so. On the upside I will stop correcting those who use other variants.
    Any way you say it, it is one awesome piece of technology.
    Keep up the good work!