7 New Calvin Collections and Calvin500.com

Logos CollectionsThis year marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of the great Protestant Reformer John Calvin. For several years we have had Calvin’s Commentaries and Institutes available, but there is a large portion of Calvin’s writings that we don’t yet have (e.g., his collected writings in Latin span 59 dense volumes!). So we decided that 2009 was the perfect time to work on digitizing as much of Calvin’s corpus as possible—and to update our existing Calvin material.

Seven New Calvin Collections

We are excited to make available for pre-order seven new Calvin collections:

The Calvin 500 Collection contains all of the volumes from the other six collections and is an unbelievable value. It offers an additional 50% off the cumulative Pre-Pub prices for the individual collections—which themselves are already priced very low! It’s 97 volumes, nearly 40,000 pages (!), and currently just $299.95. That makes this the lowest priced Pre-Pub (in terms of price per page) that we have ever offered! In short, this is an amazing deal that you won’t want to pass up.

If you already own our earlier editions of Calvin’s Commentaries and Institutes, don’t worry. There’s an upgrade collection available that offers you an even lower price based on what you already own—and you’ll get all of the newly updated content at no additional charge.

Calvin’s Sermons

What about Calvin’s sermons? Most of Calvin’s extant sermons were translated into English in the late 1500s, but 16th-century English uses different spelling, and the majority of these volumes haven’t been updated to modern English spelling. We’re in the process of evaluating our options for a Calvin Sermons Collection and hope to be able to put it on Pre-Pub in the near future.

Additional Titles

The literature by and about Calvin is as massive as the great Reformer’s influence has been. It’s possible that we missed important books in our research, so we may add additional volumes to many of these collections over the next few months. That means the prices will probably have to go up to cover the additional production costs, so you’ll definitely want to pre-order early to lock in the lowest price! If you pre-order now, any additional volumes that we add to these collections will essentially be free!


In conjunction with the release of these new collections, we’ve also just launched a brand new website: Calvin500.com. We’ve done a fair bit of research on Calvin, so we thought we’d share it with you. You’ll find information about Calvin, bibliographies of Calvin’s works and literature on Calvin, a list of all Calvin 500 conferences, a page that tracks all Twitter mentions of John Calvin, and some fun stuff like a Calvin quiz and a couple of birthday countdown widgets. There’s also a blog where we will post news and announcements. Be sure to subscribe to the Calvin 500 feed to stay in the loop.

Blogging at Conferences

By the way, if you’re planning to attend any of the Calvin conferences this year and would like to blog the conference at Calvin500.com—or even if you blog about them on your own blog—let us know. We’d love to feature you on our site.

Go check out the new site and collections, and help us spread the word by blogging about it or mentioning it on Facebook, Twitter, and the other social networking sites you frequent.


  1. Richard DeRuiter says

    Does the upgrade include the old Ages Software version of Calvin’s Commentaries?

  2. Rich, the Calvin’s Commentaries Upgrade is for people who already own the Ages version of Calvin’s Commentaries in Logos format. We are redoing these and will provide the new edition to owners of the Ages edition free of charge.
    The Calvin 500 Collection Upgrade is also for people who already own the Ages version of Calvin’s Commentaries in Logos format.
    Neither of these collections will unlock Calvin’s commentaries. Rather, they will provide the new edition free of charge if the Ages edition is already in your account.
    Does that answer your question?

  3. John McLeod says

    Will the Calvin 500 Collection Upgrade also work for the Galaxie version of Calvin’s Commentaries (GS_CALVC.lbxlls)?

  4. John, it will “work,” but the upgrade collection will not unlock the new commentaries that we are producing.

  5. Keith Larson says

    Let me start off by saying thanks for offering this awesome Pre-pub.
    Will these new editions ALL have the “Current Reference Text Box”?
    I am working on a sermon on Hosea which I will preach in a few weeks and it is a pain that it does not show up in the Passage Guide.
    The Harmonies are also hard to work with.

  6. Keith Larson says

    I would like to suggest you consider adding the Battle’s edition of the Institutes and the abridged version that Bakers has. I have found that lay people are overwhelmed by the full version at first, but really like the abridged version.

  7. Todd Phillips says

    How do you mean that it works then? If I own the Galaxie version, then I don’t really have an upgrade path…correct?

  8. Todd, if you want to get our new edition of Calvin’s commentaries, you will have to purchase one of the non-upgrade collections. If you are content with the Galaxie version of Calvin’s commentaries, then you can purchase one of the upgrade collection to get only the new content you don’t already have. My point was that anyone can purchase one of the upgrade collections and get access to all of the content it includes—you just won’t get the commentaries unlocked unless you already have our previous edition of them.

  9. Keith, we’ve haven’t yet been able to license the Battle’s edition, but we’re still looking into it and hope to be able to add it to our collections in the near future.

  10. You’re welcome, Keith!
    All of these resources are being created from scratch and will have all of the standard features you have come to expect from us. So they should all have the reference box, and all of the commentaries should function as commentaries.

  11. Luther Locklin says

    I’m confused. The page for the collection includes a Calvin Commentary set. Is this set different than the ‘Ages’ Set you were discussing with Richard.
    Thanks for the help,

  12. Luther, sorry for not being clear. Our previous version of Calvin’s commentaries was based on digital files from Ages Software. They were based on the same edition that Baker has reprinted several times, but the quality of the Ages files was not up to par with what you’ve come to expect from us. So we are starting over from scratch and redoing this same edition. The content will be essentially the same (though much more accurate to the print), but the quality and features will be much improved. So our previous version of Calvin’s commentaries and our new version of Calvin’s commentaries are essentially the same edition—the new version will just be of much higher quality. We’ll provide the files for the new version to owners of the old version at no additional cost.
    We’ve provided upgrade collections to give people a way to buy only the new content that they don’t currently have (and won’t get for free) so that they don’t have to repurchase the commentaries. The upgrade collections do include the new version of the commentaries, but they will not be unlocked unless the old version of the commentaries appears in one’s license at the time of purchase.
    Does that help?

  13. Keith Larson says

    Another question. It seems that bids for one collection is not impacting other collections. If the goal is to meet production cost, then every bid for the 97 vol collection is a bid for one of the smaller collection and bids for smaller collections is a partial bid for a larger collection. Is there anyway to adjust the progress bars to reflect this?

  14. Keith, we don’t currently have a way to share production costs with different weights across multiple products, so we have to adjust them manually. Right now, most people are ordering the Calvin 500 Collection, so that’s why many of the individual collections look low. We’ll look into how best to show the progress for each collection.

  15. there is a large portion of Calvin’s writings that we don’t yet have (e.g., his collected writings in Latin span 59 dense volumes!).
    Oh dear 59 volumes in Latin! I am surprise that these volumes have never been translated. Have we in the church been asleep or not been aware of this? What a shame the wisdom of this great reformer is buried in Latin!
    Is this not a project (translation) Logos can take on Phil?
    Thanks for this great, magnificent, awesome offering. Can new offerings on Pre-pub beat this, i doubt it!

  16. Much of the content of the Latin works of Calvin has been translated, but some has not and some (i.e., the sermons) are not available in modern English. I am astounded that the English-speaking world has never produced the Complete Works of John Calvin like has been done with so many other (lesser) theologians.