My Story: Beau Abernathy

It’s time for another episode of “My Story.” This one comes from Dr. Beau Abernathy, pastor of CrossPointe Church.

Dear Logos,

Words escape me to adequately express my appreciation to the Lord for you and your ministry!

As a bi-vocational church planting pastor, time is a premium commodity. How do I balance being a loving husband and father with work and church responsibilities? In order for a new church to grow, one part is that the people coming need to sense that the messages are excellent, challenging and life-related.

When preparing a message, in the time it would take me to get out of my chair, find a commentary (provided I own it in the first place), and get back to the study, I can flip through a dozen commentaries with Logos! It is the most effective, efficient use of my time to use Logos Bible Software when preparing messages, studying, and I have recently begun to use it with my quiet time with the Lord. The Word Study feature takes the years of Greek and Hebrew I took in seminary and condenses it into an understandable, usable format in seconds—something I could never do with the hard-copy reference books.

Probably the feature I like the most in Libronix is the “Copy Bible Verses” button in the taskbar. I use “Copy Bible Verses” on a daily basis so that I can paste passages from various translations into a message, church letter or pastoral letter very quickly.

Thank you again for providing this service for the family of God and for those called to shepherd God’s people!

Thanks for sharing your story, Dr. Abernathy. It’s always a joy to hear how Logos Bible Software helps pastors like you to be better pastors—and better husbands and fathers. Enjoy your $100 worth of unlock credit!

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