Horatius Bonar: “Unparalleled in Gospel Clarity”

The Life and Works of Horatius BonarHoratius Bonar (1808–1889) was a powerful Scottish Presbyterian preacher, a voluminous author, and perhaps the greatest hymn writer that Scotland has ever produced—yet few today have directly benefited from his many contributions to evangelical faith and life.

According Iain Murray, Horatius Bonar “is one of the greatest of the little-known evangelical leaders,” and he is so obscure to most “because many of his writings have long been rare and unobtainable.”

Joel Beeke likewise has high esteem for Bonar and his writings: “I have been collecting and reading Horatius Bonar’s writings for 35 years and have always found him to be unparalleled in Gospel clarity. He is simple yet profound, and always insightful. Bonar is particularly gifted at reasoning with unbelievers and removing doubts of believers.”

C. H. Spurgeon wrote of Bonar’s The Everlasting Righteousness; or, How Shall Man Be Just with God?, a book that I read in seminary with much profit, it is

a rich book, suggestive, gracious, full of holy unction. Unlike many writers of the Evangelical school Dr. Bonar is not content with baling out milk for babes, but gives us real thought and teaching. There never was any need that orthodoxy and platitudes should go together, but they often have done so; no one can bring that charge in reference to this work. We say to all our friends, read and be refreshed.

This collection brings together all of Horatius Bonar’s extant writings, many of which have never been published in print. In all it is 137 volumes:

  • 41 books
  • 14 volumes of hymns and poems
  • 5 volumes of biographical material
  • 29 volumes of letters, manuscripts, and tracts
  • 25 volumes of the Quarterly Journal of Prophecy
  • 21 volumes of The Christian Treasury
  • a photo gallery
  • an audio lecture

Place your pre-order now to help bring these rich writings to a new generation of Christians—and to many generations to come.

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  1. Ted Hans says:

    What an impressive offering! My friends at Logos have out done me on this one, because of the comprehensiveness of the collection. I do have a handful of Horatius Bonar books but i was not aware of so many titles offered in this collection.
    My big thanks for this & well done. If you have not pre ordered – please do, you will not regret it.
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