BibleTech:2009 Round Up

Today’s guest post is from J. D. Elgin, a member of the Marketing Department and the coordinator for BibleTech:2009.

BibleTech:2009 is officially a thing of the past. The conference was a great time for learning, interacting and networking with everyone in attendance. It was truly amazing to be in the company of so many intelligent and creative people.

For those of you who missed out and really want to catch up, we have made the conference audio available on the BibleTech website. We have also made available the presentations slides for several of the presentations.

Today, we thought you would enjoy hearing what the conference attendees thought about BibleTech. We have listed links to the blogs of our speakers and attendees, and we hope you can take some time to read their reactions to BibleTech:2009.

BibleTech:2009 received some encouraging media coverage from sources outside of Logos and our speaker base. Eric Young of The Christian Post wrote a nice article about the event. Matthew Miller, ZDNet Tech Blogger, was in attendance and wrote a very thorough review of each session he attended. Thanks, Matthew!

In addition to his BibleTech:2009 Postlude, Sean Boisen posted a blog entry for each presentation he sat in on. You can surf through his recent posts to read a nice summary of the presentations.

Speaker Wes Allen reminisces on his experience in BibleTech09—Points East. Wes also posted several live blog posts from the event.

Antoine RJ Wright of Mobile Ministry Magazine shares his concluding thoughts in Reflections while on the Plane.

You can also find the entire #BibleTech09 Twitter feed on the BibleTech website. Try following the Twitter conversation that corresponds to a presentation you want to listen to. There were several attendees conversing over Twitter during the presentations and their discussions added a new, interactive dynamic to the conference experience!

We certainly hope you can make it out to Seattle next Spring! If the positive feedback from our recent gathering is any indication of things to come, you won’t want to miss out on BibleTech:2010!

If you know of any other BibleTech:2009 round ups we missed, please post them in the comments for everyone to enjoy!


  1. Philana Crouch says

    These look really good. Are you going to make the audio of “Sermon Painting: Using Digital Projection to Illustrate a Sermon” by Wes Allen? It looks really good, and I would like to be able to hear it.

  2. J.D. Elgin says

    Wes’ presentation is currently being made into a QuickTime movie that incorporates both the audio and the slide images. We will post it as soon as the file is available.

  3. Philana, if my day goes as planned I’ll be getting the audio/video synced up today and get it to JD. Sorry for the delay.
    My blog does have a version of my presentation that’s taken from a video camera that captures the audio (badly), me, and the slides. I don’t think I presented as well as I did at BibleTech09, and the audio is dreadful (I cleaned it up as much as I could but…), but after you see the audio/video here you might want to check it out. Without the speaker’s movement sermon-painting tends to lose something I think.