22 Pre-Pubs Needing a Push

It’s time for another plug for the Pre-Pubs that are right on the brink of moving into production but need just a handful of additional pre-orders. Now that our Electronic Text Development team has finished up the Anchor Yale Bible, they’re ready to get going on some other projects.

Take a look at the products listed below, or—if you have a little more time—scroll through the Pre-Pub page and take note of the ones that are getting close to 100%.

Whether it’s commentaries, theology, biblical studies, or practical issues that you are interested in, there are plenty of titles and collections to choose from.

Focus on the Bible Commentaries (32 Vols.)If you’re looking to beef up the commentaries section of your digital library, look no further. These seven collections offer a wide range of perspectives at some great prices:

Do you enjoying studying Reformed theology? Have a look at these four products featuring the writings of A. A. Hodge, George Smeaton, Jean Henri Merle d’Aubigne, and William G. T. Shedd:

Studies in New Testament Greek and JSNTS Collection (17 Vols.)Are biblical studies more your thing? Check out these titles:

If books dealing with the practical side of the Christian faith are what you’re looking for, we have several books and collections that might be a good fit:

Can’t decide or just want a bit of everything? Consider the Roy Zuck Vital Issues Series (12 Vols.).


  1. Don’t forget about the Harvard Classics!

  2. Ted Hans says

    Thanks Phil for the post, i have not yet recovered from the Anchor Yale Bible.
    With the exception of Roy Zuck Vital Issues Series (12 Vols.) Count me in on all the items on your post.
    Question, some old and new volumes are missing from the Focus on the Bible Commentaries (32 Vols.) Can we have it in another separate future stand alone offerings? :-)
    James by Derek Prime
    James by Christopher w. Morgan & B. Dale Ellenburg
    Philippians by Hywel R. Jones
    Hebrews by Walter Riggans
    Ephesians by Paul Gardner
    Ephesians by R.C. Sproul
    Romans by R.C. Sproul or The gospel of God An exposition of Romans
    Not part of the series but it’s inclusion into Logos will be great.
    A walk with Jesus: Enjoying the company of Christ ( Luke) by R.C. Sproul
    The reality is Christ: The message of colossians for today by Derek Tidball
    Wisdom from heaven: The message of the letter of James for today by Derek Tidball
    Chained + cheerful: Paul’s Letter to the Philippians by George Mitchell
    The Authentic Chuch: What are our priorities before Christ comes again?
    A study of the Letters to the Thessalonians by David Jackman
    The Strength of weakness: How God uses our flaws to achieve his goals by
    Roy Clements. ( 2 corinthians)

  3. Thanks, Ted! We’ll look into the volumes that you mentioned.

  4. I am waiting for this to reach 100% also.

  5. Is there an thinking to put the new international commentary on pre-publication?

  6. NIC has been requested many times and is definitely on our short list, but at this point there are no definite plans to do it.

  7. Mark Lundeen says

    This is my first time in using a blog in years. I just finished a whole entry to you guys and wiped it out. So I’ll have to start again. I have basically two questions. The first is are there any software programs out there that will take scanned book files in PDF or Word and turn them into Libronix usable files? I have paper books that are getting old and I would like to save them electronically before they deteriorate and I thought it would be great if I could get them into my library of Libronix resources. My second question involves a request to provide more materials from her premillennial perspective on Scripture. What is the criteria for submitting books that would be considered prospective titles? Does your staff look for these books very often, I hope they do. It has been hard work to build a library over these years it is more than just one viewpoint. Thank you for putting up with my newbie status in reference to blogs. Signed Mark Lundeen/ The Josh McDowell Ministry (retired)

  8. Phil Gons says

    Thanks for writing.
    1. The closest thing to your first question is the Personal Book Builder, which is available for our Windows version.
    2. The best way to suggest books is to email suggest@logos.com with the details about the titles you’d like to see be made available.
    Hope this helps.