Nearly 100 John MacArthur Books!

We put together a new page at recently that features all of the books of John MacArthur that we sell—nearly 100 total! In addition to his commentaries and Bible study guides on almost every book in the NT, you’ll find books covering spiritual gifts, heaven, family, parenting, counseling, Bible study, preaching, leadership, and a host of other topics.

John MacArthur, the pastor–teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California for more than 40 years and a regular conference speaker, has had a profound impact on conservative evangelical churches and Christians all over the country (and world) through his extensive preaching and writing ministries.

There’s no better way to read and study John MacArthur’s writings than in the Libronix Digital Library System. Finding out what MacArthur says on just about any topic or passage is a cinch with Libronix’s powerful searching capabilities.

While you could pick out all of the titles that interest you one by one, the most economical way to add MacArthur’s works to your digital library is by picking up the MacArthur LifeWorks and Commentaries Bundle, which includes more than 70 books and study guides for under $5 per volume.

Go have a look at the new page at


  1. Oh that MacArthur’s sermon archive (His Sermon, QandA, shepherd conference, etc.) would appear in Logos.
    I need not say if you do not have MacArthur in your Logos Library, now is your chance to pick up one of my favourite preachers books at a reasonable price.
    Though i do not follow him down the dispensational drive lane, he is a great Preacher.
    If you do have MacArthur then add another favourite Preacher of mine John Piper to your Logos Library.

  2. Phil Gons says

    Thanks for the comment, Ted. Doing MacArthur’s sermons is a great idea. I think it’s come up before, but I’ll pass the idea along again.

  3. I keep looking for Charismatic Chaos. There are so many scripture references in that book, I think it would be a great example of the power of LDLS.

  4. Efren Fraire says

    I have several of John MacArthur Books, is there anyway of entering them in the Logos Library. I currently have the Scholar’s Library (ND). I also have several of his audio studies, that I listen to frequently, but I have them in cassettes, and would like to save them on a disc.

  5. Is there any information on why Logos is lagging behind in releasing the newest MacArthur commentaries? Another Bible software company already has the John 12-22 volume as well as the 1-3 John volume available. This fact won’t cause me to jump ship (I’ve been using Logos since v1.6), but it’s frustrating not to be able to complete my collection.

  6. Jim, thanks for your comment. I checked with our Electronic Text Development department yesterday and found out that the two MacArthur volumes that you mention are in the works. I don’t have an ETA, but I’d guess they will be coming in the next couple of months.

  7. Phil,
    Thank you very much for looking in to this. It is wonderful news.

  8. Aaron Stevens says

    Hi in regards to the addition of the John 12-22 Commentary of John MacArthur’s, will that be put as a free upgrade for those that already have the rest his commentary collection, or will it be an extra cost as an add-in. I have Scholars Gold with more add-on and all of John MacArthur’s Logos Material. It is an Excellent Program. Thank

  9. Aaron, the new MacArthur volumes will be an additional charge, but we may run a special coupon code with them so you can get them at a nice discount. Glad you’re enjoying your Logos Bible Software!

  10. Pastor John MacArthur recommends:
    1. Harold Hoehner’s “Chronological Aspects of the Life of Christ”
    2. His (Pastor John MacArthur) book “A Tale of Two Sons”
    These do not seem to be available for Logos. Does Logos plan on making these two products available?
    Thank you,
    GOD Bless,