Library Journal Gives Bible Study Magazine Good Marks

Steve Black, a librarian at the College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY and the primary reviewer for Library Journal, evaluates Bible Study Magazine and has some nice things to say about it. He even gave it a red star, which Library Journal uses to mark an outstanding title that is especially noteworthy.

Here’s his conclusion:

Bible Study Magazine is a serious, clearly written popular magazine . . . . Highly recommended for religious studies collections in academic and public libraries.

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Does your library carry Bible Study Magazine? If not, the best way to get your local library to carry it is simply to let a librarian know that you’d like to have them subscribe.


  1. Carey Pearson says

    How about making a ‘good thing !’ even better.
    Any chance of making an ‘electronic version’?
    I subscribe to PC Magazine, and they just went digital, and I really like it. The software will allow bookmarks, searches etc.
    This would be a GREAT option for the Bible Study Magazine.

  2. Phil Gons says

    Thanks for your comment, Carey. For an answer to your question, be sure to read Bob’s post “Why a Print Magazine,” where he says:

    For the digerati among us who’ve given up on print and read everything from a screen, we’ll eventually have the magazine content available electronically for Logos Bible Software. In the meantime, though, we hope to use the power of print to reach a new and larger audience whose horizons we can expand and whose curiosity we can pique.