Become a Logos Ambassador

Logos Ambassador ProgramAre you passionate about Logos? Do you have a desire to introduce others to your favorite Bible software? Are you looking for a little extra income or help building your digital library? If this describes you, then the Logos Ambassador Program might be a perfect fit.

Almost daily we meet people who have never heard about us and wonder where we’ve been all of their lives. We use just about every means possible to let people know about us (e.g., websites, blogs, email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, radio ads and interviews, TV interviews, conferences, web ads, print ads, Bible Study Magazine, etc.), but we can only reach so many. We count on our happy customers to spread the word to family, friends, and colleagues.

Many of you are already great promoters, and we appreciate all that you do to spread the word about Logos. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to make a little extra money or build your digital library doing what you already love to do? When you present Logos to friends, family, and others in your community, you’ll earn 15% (if taken as a check) or 30% (if taken as Logos credit) commission of the sale price for every base package that you sell! This could provide some nice supplemental income or help you afford that next collection you were hoping to add to your digital library. The beauty of the program is that you can work as much or as little as you want, so the Ambassador Program can be a perfect fit no matter how much extra time you have.

Getting started is easy. Visit the Ambassador page, read the details and FAQs, and send in your application with your one-time payment of $39.95, which covers the cost of the Startup Kit. We’ll notify you as soon as you’ve been approved and send the Startup Kit to you. It contains all the essentials that you’ll need to do your presentations, take orders, and start making a little extra income.

Is the Ambassador Program right for you? Go find out!


  1. Kathy Birkett says:

    After reading the FAQs, I have one more question, Phil. Is this open to Canadians?

  2. Hi, Kathy, good question. Unfortunately, it’s not open to individuals outside of the U.S. right now, but we will consider opening it up to Canada after we review the success of the program in the U.S.

  3. I too will be waiting for the “Canadian” edition!!
    One other thing: Wouldn’t it be simpler to have an “Affiliate” program, rather than make people purchase a ‘kit’, to sell products?? This makes Logos appear like the old fashioned “encyclopedia” salesmen – ie: ‘snake-oil’.
    I am already an affiliate for a number of companies and find this method ‘much’ easier and simpler. I am also setting up my own ‘Affiliate’ program for my websites, which will simplify my life and increase my income!!

  4. Vern, we used to have an affiliate program, but not enough of the process was automated, so we decided to close it for now. We may revisit it in the future.
    There are two reasons that make the Ambassador program useful:
    1. Most people need to see the product demoed before they are willing to purchase it, and seeing it in person is often even better than watching a demo online.
    2. Ambassadors can reach an audience that an online affiliate program can’t reach.
    Hope this helps.

  5. Daniel Finney says:

    Logos Software is amazing… I am a Nazarene Bible College Student and I cannot tell you how many times I have used the software to help me do an exegetical or other type biblical paper

  6. Thanks Phil for the info. I would definitely join the Logos ‘Affiliate’ program, since I am already involved with ‘both’…
    I don’t know what I would do without Logos. I also use it to help with my websites, as a teacher, etc.

  7. Paul Van Stralen says:

    I’m rooting for a Canadian Ambassador program! I’m connected to many other pastors, as well as being able to recommend to members of my congregation. Of course, I’d also really like to receive the benefits of the program! Great product, I’m looking forward to v. 4!