Anchor Yale Bible Shipping Soon!

Anchor Yale BibleBack in August of last year, we announced that we’d soon be working on digitizing the massive Anchor Yale Bible (formerly Anchor Bible). A little over seven months later, and we’re just about done with the largest single project we’ve ever undertaken!

When we first started working on it, there were 83 volumes that we were going to be able to include. Since that time, an 84th has become available—John Reumann’s 808-page commentary on Philippians. That brings the cumulative numbers to 44,123 pages, 163 pounds, an estimated 25,300,000 words, and 10+ feet of saved shelf space!

Our electronic text development team has been pushing extra hard to have their work finished by the end of the month. So we’re almost ready to start shipping. For those of you who already pre-ordered this set, that means your wait is just about over. For the rest of you, that means that you still have a few days left to get your pre-order in at the deeply discounted Pre-Pub price.

Very few people own all 84 of these volumes due to their high cost and the amount of space they take up. Now they can be yours for just a fraction of the print cost and without requiring you to purchase any more bookshelves—and, of course, in a much more usable format.


  1. Will single volume purchase of the Anchor Bible be available? I’m only interested in a few volumes and cash is bit tight for now…Although all 84 volumes at the PrePub price is a GREAT deal!

  2. Ellie Sullivan says

    Will the Anchor Bible be available on installment payments???

  3. Ellie, after the Anchor Yale Bible ships and goes off of Pre-Pub, it will be available on the payment plan.

  4. Rev. Todd Schroeder says

    Thanks Phil for answering the payment plan question. However, what price will it be then for the payment plan? Will we be able to get it for the 1689.95 price?

  5. Todd, after a Pre-Pub ships, the price moves up to the sale price. Unfortunately, you have to choose between the payment plan and the Pre-Pub price.

  6. Hi Phil,
    Any plans of having the Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library 21vols in total in Logos?
    On another note can i trade my 89 Vols Anchor Yale Bible Hardback for the electronic Logos version? Somehow i think the answer would be no!

  7. I don’t know of any immediate plans. But based on the response to Anchor Yale Bible, there might be a good chance of it.
    I’m afraid not. :)

  8. 44,000 pages; 25 million words: Do we know approximately how long it will take to download this over the internet? Or should we plan on getting this on CD?

  9. Good question! It’s actually just a tad over 300MB for the whole thing. If you have high-speed internet, it shouldn’t take too long to download, but you’re more than welcome to order the CD-ROM. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to wait a little longer for it that way.

  10. I wish I could afford the Anchor Yale Bible. I know that although expensive, it is still a great offer over the print version.
    It may be something for Logos to consider payment plans for prepubs over a certain dollar amount. That would probably increase their orders. However, I would imagine that there are good business reasons not to do this. Otherwise they would be doing it already.
    It is probably good that a payment plan isn’t offered with the prepubs otherwise I would be tempted to purchase something I really cannot afford. Some temptations I can resist, however buying books is not one of them.

  11. I see. And if I order it on CD, do you know if that is a boxed product, or simply the CD? Since there is an additional charge… I would hate to loose my prepub price by trying to change the order at this point! :) Do we have an approximate date for the CD?
    Much thanks!

  12. JJ, it is not a boxed product. It is just a CD in a sleeve like most of our Pre-Pubs. The price of the download and the CD-ROM is the same. The only difference is that you have the added shipping charge for the CD-ROM that you don’t have to pay with the download. The current projected ship date is 3/30/2009. Give our sales team a call if you need help: 800-875-6467.

  13. have original Logos 2.1 Anchor Bible Dictionary CD… might there be an upgrade path?

  14. Dominic, the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary (5 Vols.) is different from the Anchor Yale Bible (84 Vols.). They are two distinct sets with no overlap. The former is a Bible dictionary; the latter is a commentary series covering nearly all of the books of the Bible. So there is no upgrade path. Hope this helps.