All Logos Gear Only $1!

Logos Water Bottle—Blue Polycarbonate/Stainless SteelOur Logos—Facebook Photo Contest—especially the picture of Ryan all decked out—got people asking about Logos gear and how they can get some for themselves. You may never have seen it before, but we actually have a product category on called Logos Merchandise that will show you all of the items that we currently have available.

Right now we have five items in stock:

And for a little bit longer, each item is on sale for only $1! But you need to act fast. We mentioned this special in our last Newswire, so our stock is going quickly.

To give everyone else a chance to get in on this special deal, please limit your orders to a quantity of one per item. You may order all five items, but just not more than one of each.

The discount is good through this Sunday, March 8, when you use coupon code LOGOSGEAR.

By the way, this is a good opportunity to remind you to make sure you’re subscribed to the Newswire email list. We regularly mention cool deals there, and many don’t make it to the blog. So be sure to sign up.


  1. Ken Neighoff says:

    thanks for the blessing.
    I have an order of some of these items arriving today via, UPS, oh how I wish I waited one more week. :)
    Thanks for all that you do to help me in my ministry through your products.

  2. Lynwood F. Mundy says:

    This is great because I love LOGOS products. You guys and ladies are great. May the Lord bless you all.

  3. I Ordered all 5 $1 advertisements today!
    OK, I must apologize Phil. when I asked my wife for permission she asked for a T-Shirt too so I ordered two of them.

  4. Beau Perez says:

    Wow! Thanks

  5. I’ve just purchased all five items. Thanks for the great discount! Hope you don’t run out of stock because of it :-)

  6. Dr Ed Barker says:

    Didn’t know about this and tried to purchase early on the 9th. No go. Too bad. I would have loved to advertise Logos to my students (and have the stuff). Wish I had known sooner…..

  7. I just found out about the sale! Can I still order? (its still on the website!)

  8. The $1 sale ended this morning. Sorry you missed out. You’re welcome to purchase anything at our normal sale prices.

  9. Paul Golder says:

    I too ordered one of each. I’m dreaming/hoping for the one day dollar sale on Logos boxed products….

  10. I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one! :)

  11. How can I order a Logos polo shirt like the ones you wear around the office? Since I’m signing up for the Ambassador program soon I’d like to be able to wear the right attire to my Logos presentations so they know that I am a true registered sales ambassador and not just some guy showing off computer software.
    It’d be even better to provide us with some gear (polo shirts, etc.) that says “Logos Bible Software Ambassador” on there so we can have some form of identification when doing presentations. It just adds a but of authenticity to the program.