Put Your Favorite Websites on Your Toolbar

Today’s guest post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

Did you know you can add your favorite web sites to your Libronix toolbar? This way while you’re studying the Bible with Libronix you can click an icon to have your web browser jump right to a web site. Here’s all you have to do. Right click on the toolbar and select Customize and then New. Name the toolbar. With the Category Special selected, click the Command Go To (Internet Address) and click Add. Now click Details. Type or paste an Internet Address like www.logos.com or www.mpseminars.com. Click OK, OK again, and then Close. Now click the new icon on your toolbar to go right to your favorite websites directly from Libronix!

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  1. Don’t stop there! While you’re at it, grab the favicon.ico file from the site, and use that easily-recognized image as your toolbar button. (The favicon.ico file is that little graphic in the URL bar of your browser. For this site, it is the blue Logos logo.)
    Usually, you can get a nice, clear copy of the favicon.ico file by pointing your brower to http://www.sitename.com/favicon.ico. Save that file to your computer. (I just drag it to the desktop.) If that doesn’t work, screen cap the browser window, and crop down the resulting file to just the icon. Or you can usually find a logo somewhere else on the site.
    Toolbar icons work best in Libronix if they are 16 pixels x 16 pixels in size. Use your favorite image editor to convert this favicon.ico file to a 16×16 png, jpg, or gif file. Save the new icon somewhere memorable on your hard drive. (I save all my custom toolbar icons in a directory called “Toolbar Icons” under …\My Documents\Libronix DLS.)
    Once you’ve converted and saved the icon, just follow Morris’ directions above, but right after you paste in the internet address, click the Change button, click Other, and navigate to your new icon. Select it, and click OK or Close buttons accepting your changes until you’re back in Libronix.
    I hope that’s clear…