Logos–Facebook Photo Contest

Like free Logos books? Get your cameras ready! Starting now and running through the end of the month, we’re having a Logos–Facebook Photo Contest. Here’s how it works. You take pictures of yourself with Logos Bible Software, upload them to your Facebook account, and tag yourself and Logos in the pictures; and we’ll award the owners of the five best photos with $100 unlock credit to use on downloadable titles at Logos.com.

Here’s what you need to do, step by step:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account. (If you’re not already a member, you can sign up for free.)
  2. Become a friend of Logos Bible Software on Facebook, if you aren’t already.
  3. Take as many pictures as you want of yourself and Logos Bible Software.
  4. Upload as many of those pictures as you want to your Facebook account.
  5. Tag both yourself and “Logos Bible Software” in all of the photos that you uploaded. (Note: you won’t be able to tag “Logos Bible Software” properly until we accept your friend request. We’ll try to respond ASAP.)
  6. Check the Logos blog on March 3 to find out if you were one of the five winners of the $100 unlock credit for Logos.com.

On Monday March 2 we will choose five winners, one for each of the following categories:

  1. Most Creative
  2. Oldest (disk, box, logo, version of Logos running, etc.)
  3. Coolest Setup (could be your computer setup or your setup of Logos stuff)
  4. Most Unique Location
  5. Most Logos Stuff

The following day, Tuesday March 3, we’ll post the top five photos, announce the winners, and award the $100 unlock credit.

Here are some additional details:

  1. What counts as Logos in a picture? Anything that is identifiably Logos Bible Software, like Logos running on your computer, a Logos box, disk, t-shirt, mug, etc., or the Logos logo sticker on your computer.
  2. How many photos can I enter? Enter as many photos as you want. The more you enter, the greater chance you have of winning!
  3. How long do I have? The deadline for entering is March 1, 2009.
  4. Why can’t I tag Logos in my photos? You won’t be able to tag “Logos Bible Software” properly until we’ve accepted your friend request. We’ll do our best to respond ASAP.

Have any other questions? Drop a note in the comments, and we’ll answer them.

Need help getting some ideas? Check out Ryan’s picture below. But don’t just copy what he did. Be creative. Come up with something that you think will set you apart from the competition!

Share the fun with others. Click on the Facebook icon to the right (may not work in your feed reader—visit the post) to let others on Facebook know about the Logos–Facebook Photo Contest. Of course, feel free to share it on your blog, on Twitter, and wherever else you’d like.

Oh, by the way, if you’re not a fan of Logos or in the Logos user group yet, don’t forget to do that too.


  1. This sounds like lots of fun. I can’t wait to get some friends and start shooting!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  3. I just want that coffee cup!

  4. Can one buy that coffee cup or the water battle lol! They are so cool.

  5. I greet you all in the name of Jesus Christ. I am just a youth Pastor in India. Yes, it is good to have relationship one another in Christ Jesus.

  6. That water bottle is pretty cool. Is it for sale? I don’t see it up on the Logos Merchandise page.

  7. We’ll try to put up a page for the new water bottle soon, but you can get the clear glass mug now if you like it:

  8. Here’s the link for the clear glass mug:

  9. Eddy Pearson says

    I am preparing photo ideas as I type :-)

  10. Hi,
    Question, I’m the program Director of Seattle Union gospel Mission and have worked there for over 7yrs.
    I came from prison to Seattle Union Gospel Mission in 1996
    So I’m not sure if I can be apart of face book?
    I have quite a story of how the Lord has transformed me and know I get to work with the broken every day.
    So I would want some feed back before I go forward.

  11. I will take the photo of myself and you will
    Have to make an exception as I do not have
    a face book account and have No desire
    to get one
    Ps my photo will be a lot better than the
    one you have displayed with this email

  12. Hi, Gary, I’m not sure on that. I don’t know the Facebook policies well enough to give you direction. If you want to enter a photo in the contest, send it to me and I’ll see what I can do.

  13. I cannot send a friend request. It just gives me the option of becoming a fan which I did but when I am going to tag Logos in my pics it does not show on the list.
    Help Please!

  14. Hi, Jose, we have a couple of different pages on Facebook. It sounds like you are at the wrong one. Follow this link (http://www.facebook.com/people/Logos-Bible-Software/840894556) and add us as a friend. This should do the trick.

  15. Is manipulated photos allowed? Could I paste your logo in a picture and use that for the contest?

  16. Sure. Your creativity is the only limit.