Happy International Septuagint Day

Okay, so we’re a couple of days late, but we didn’t want to miss out on International Septuagint Day, which apparently was this past Sunday.

We’ve addressed the LXX on the blog a couple of times in the last year, so I thought I’d point you to those posts just in case you missed them. They nicely illustrate the benefits of studying the Greek translation of the Old Testament.

To celebrate International Septuagint Day we’re offering a 25% discount on our Lexham Greek-English Interlinear Septuagint—the first ever Greek-English interlinear of the LXX available for any Bible software platform. Use coupon code LXX during checkout. The discount is good through the end of Valentine’s Day PST.

To see all the resources we have available on the Septuagint, be sure to check out our newly updated Product Guide to Resources for Septuagint Study. For the new titles, see especially the Additional Titles section.


  1. Speaking of Septuagint studies, when is Logos going to add Redpath and Hatch’s Concordance of the LXX?

  2. Would it be possible to work with Gramcord to update the erroneous parsing info in the software? I’ve emailed Logos several times on this.
    Also, why not include the works of John William Wevers? His notes on each of the books of the Pentateuch would be perfect for Logos.