Exporting Your Libronix Library to Zotero

If you do a lot of academic research and writing, you’re probably familiar with software like Endnote, Nota Bene’s Ibidem, and Zotero, all of which allow you to manage your research sources and easily insert footnotes or endnotes and build bibliographies based on the sources you cite.

I haven’t used Endnote or Ibidem, but I just started using Zotero, which comes in the form of a free Firefox plugin, and it looks like it is going to be very handy.

When trying to decide whether or not to use Zotero, two (related) problems I faced were (1) how Zotero would integrate with my Libronix library, where I do the bulk of my research and citing, and (2) how I would get all of my Libronix sources imported into my Zotero database.

If you use Zotero, you have to let it handle all of your citation footnotes, otherwise it won’t be able to automatically convert citations to the shortened form or to ibid where appropriate. As you know, Libronix automatically adds footnotes into several word processing programs, but if you use Zotero, you’ll have to recreate the footnotes with Zotero. That sounds like a lot of work, but the solution is fairly simple. All you need to do is export your Libronix library (a portion of it or the entire thing) into Zotero.

Open the Bibliography tool by going to Tools > Library Management > Bibliography. Select the collection that you’d like to export, and set the style to BibText Style, which Zotero supports.

After the report finishes generating, go to File > Export and save the report as a text file. (If you’re using Logos for Mac, just copy the contents of the report and paste them into a text file.)  You can then import this file into Zotero. If you’re dealing with thousands of resources, the import process may take a while, so be patient.

Now when you paste quotations from Libronix into your word processor, you can simply delete the footnote that automatically appears and quickly reinsert the citation with Zotero.


  1. Philana Crouch says

    Does anyone at Logos know how to do this with Endnote. That is the program I have and it would be very helpful to be able to get that to work.
    In Christ,
    Philana Crouch

  2. I second Philana.

  3. Along this line, is there anyway to easily get the ISBN’s for the books in my Libronix library?

  4. Yes. Rick Brannan has written a handy little script to do just that. See here: LibraryThing and Adding LDLS Resources.

  5. Hi, Philana,
    I Googled “endnote bibtex import” (without the quotes) and got some results that look relevant. A couple of other options: (1) switch to Zotero, which allows you to import from EndNote, or (2) go from Libronix to Zotero to Endnote, assuming that Zotero has an export format that Endnote can import.

  6. Hi all.
    After a little playing around I have found a way to import into Endnote from Libronix.
    Follow Phils instructions until you get to the BibTex Style and make this Refer/BibIX instead. Make sure that it is a txt file NOT html and save to somewhere like desktop for easy finding.
    Go to Endnote and open File>Import… Click Choose file and select your file.
    Change Import Option to Refer/BibIX
    Choose how you want to deal with duplicates (I put them in another file)
    Text translation I left as No Translation. This is for those who have non-English texts in their bibliographies.
    Click Import and your imported text should appear in the window just as if you had grouped them.
    NOTE:This was tried on EndnoteXI and only on a small file. Hope this helps.

  7. Sorry about the double post. Wasn’t sure if the first went.
    One other thing to note is that Endnote does not seen to recognise the %7 tag (this is the edition tag). You may have to edit this manually

  8. Peter Nathan says

    Thanks everyone. I’ve been asking about this for years. How about some insights into exporting to Ibidem.
    Thanks again,

  9. I did this a while ago but still have problems with a few things. Like Logos exports all the journals but does not export articles. Articles need to be sited not just the journal. Same goes with a few other kinds of Logos books. I would love to have a solution for that. Any ideas?

  10. Paul, you’re right that it’s not perfect. Libronix currently doesn’t handle articles in journals or in dictionaries and encyclopedias very well. There’s been talk of improving this for future versions. In the meantime, you can simple duplicate an entry and tweak the details to make them appropriate for the specific article you are citing. Not perfect, but perhaps a bit quicker than starting from scratch in many cases.

  11. Can we get a bibliography export that includes ISBN please?

  12. What about Zotero and level 4?

  13. I have a post in the works on this. Be on the lookout for it.