Updates to the LDGNT and HDNT

Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament Bundle (6 Vols.)Last week we released our first round of updates to the Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament and the High Definition New Testament: ESV Edition.

Since we shipped these two products last summer, Steve has been working on writing the Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament: A Practical Introduction to Discourse Features for Teaching and Exegesis. Like the LDGNT and HDNT, the Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament is another first of its kind and promises to be a great supplement to Wallace’s Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics.

Writing this grammar has given Steve the perfect opportunity to make another careful pass over the annotations in the LDGNT and HDNT and make improvements to them.

Best of all, if you already own the LDGNT or the HDNT, you can get the updated files for free. If you use Libronix on Windows, simply run the resource auto-update script. Libronix Update will automatically copy the new files to your resources folder and overwrite the old ones.

If you’re using Logos for Mac, just download the two files (below) and copy them into your resources folder (i.e., Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Libronix DLS/Resources on the startup volume), overwriting the existing ones.

Right-click on the above two files and select “Save Link As…” (Firefox) or “Download Linked File As…” (Safari).


  1. Pastor Michael Huffman says

    What exactly are the improvements?

  2. I don’t know the details, but in general it was adjusting some of the annotations for greater consistency across the entire NT. Perhaps I can get Steve to provide some more detail.

  3. Charles Williams says

    I used the update script you have hyperlinked in this page but it only updated the New Living Translation.

  4. Make sure to expand the Optional section. You should find the files under there.

  5. How can I check if the version of the HDNTESV and LDGNT that I have is the current version? Because I run the resource update script regularly, I may have updated my HDNTESV and LDGNT without noting it.

  6. If they are not showing up, then you probably have them already. To be sure, here are the timestamps for the latest files:
    HDNTESV.lbxlls 2009-01-07T22:29:55Z
    LDGNT.lbxlls 2009-01-07T21:24:45Z
    You can find this information by viewing “About This Resource” from the Help menu.

  7. Steve Runge says

    The majority of the updates have to do with filling in omissions or improving the layout of the propositional outline. Regarding omissions, a pastor pointed out to me a forward-pointing reference and target set that I had missed. It was an oversight, and is now filled in. Regarding the propositional outline, we did not add the descriptive left-column labels until very late in the development process. As a result, some propositions were left all on one line rather than being broken down in greater detail. Had I known that the labels were available, I would have represented some the of these more complex verses by bringing more components down onto their own line. Now that it is available, I continue to look for verses that could be more clearly represented by placing pieces on their own line.
    The majority of the updates are of this nature. Nothing has changed in the concepts or theory that underlie the analysis. There are a few instances where I have changed my position, based on further research and the ability to comprehensively search the usage of a particular device. I can count these instances on one hand.
    We will continue to improve the data in the coming years, providing updates periodically to improve the resource. The fact that we are updating the data should not be taken as cause to doubt the data. The “Discourse Grammar of the Greek NT” volume documents that consistency of the analysis with both traditional NT scholarship and the broader field of discourse linguistics.

  8. Pastor Michael Huffman says

    Thanks, Steve for the clarification. As one who has a degree with language, I appreciate your efforts and can say that this is probably one of the most important tools available for original language study.
    Thanks, Phil for passing my request to Steve. God Bless!!!
    Michael Huffman
    Emmanuel Baptist Church, Virginia