Spurgeon Lovers, It’s Coming!

Charles Spurgeon Collection (78 Vols.)Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-92), the “Prince of Preachers,” is regarded by many as the most important Baptist preacher of the last two centuries. According to some, he may very well have been the greatest preacher in the history of the church.

His sermons, which drew crowds by the thousands, are still widely read today, and nearly all of his writings remain in print and provide help to myriads of Christians all over the globe.

But though his sermons have been published as a set, which we have available in the companion Complete Spurgeon Sermon Collection, until now there has been no attempt to publish a comprehensive collection of Spurgeon’s writings like has been done with the works of other historically significant people like Luther, Knox, Bunyan, Owen, Wesley, Edwards, and many others.

In the Charles Spurgeon Collection, we bring you what is to our knowledge the most comprehensive collection of Spurgeon’s non-sermonic material available anywhere. It presently* totals 78 87 volumes and 17,361 18,719 pages and is on Pre-Pub for only $249.95 $259.95. That’s just over $3 per volume. Assembling this massive collection in print would cost you at least two to three times as much.

In the Charles Spurgeon Collection, you’ll get

  • The Treasury of David, Spurgeon’s 7-vol. commentary on the Psalms
  • Spurgeon’s 4-vol. Lectures to My Students, which includes his best-selling Commenting and Commentaries
  • 228 issues of Spurgeon’s magazine, The Sword and the Trowel (1865-84)
  • Spurgeon’s 4-vol. Sermon Notes
  • the 2-volume Salt Cellars
  • Spurgeon’s 4-vol. Autobiography, the first and most detailed account of Spurgeon’s life and ministry
  • a collection of Spurgeon’s letters and correspondence
  • dozens of additional volumes on preaching, prayer, evangelism, and much more!

*And it gets even better. I said presently above because we’re still in the process of researching another dozen or so titles for possible inclusion in this collection. The best part is that if you pre-order now, you’ll be locked in at the lowest possible price, even if the price goes up to cover the additional cost.

So pre-order this unparalleled collection of the writings of C. H. Spurgeon now (and his sermons, too, if you don’t already have them), and get ready to take advantage of the power of Logos to integrate this wealth of material into your devotions, Bible studies, and sermons with ease.

Update (07/09/09): We’ve added 9 new titles to the collection, bringing the total up to 87!


  1. Thanks for having more of C.H.S in Logos! Please let this be his complete works, Ages software seems to be the only software that contains spurgeon complete works why not Logos? I need not mention all the superior searching capabilities of Logos to other software that would make C.H.S ideal in Logos!

  2. Keep it coming! You are providing some excellent material here, and appreciate it being in Libronix. I am continuing to sell off my large paper library, because I do not use it anymore.

  3. Margaret E. Jackson says

    I have the Treasury of David in book format. I was looking for it in a bible software. I looked at a preview of a couple of pages from your Charles Spurgeon collection that is coming soon. The Treasury of David pages in your software look like copies of pages from the book. One of the reasons I want the software is to be able to read it better. The books print is so small and sometimes not clear. That is exactly what your preview pages look like, like they were photo copies of the book pages. Is this the format of the finished product? I assumed it would be in a more legible format.
    I am an owner of your Libronix Logos system. All references that I have used are very clear in type format the way they are presented.
    Please inform if the Charles Spurgeon collection is misrepresented in the sample pages that you show.
    Margaret E. Jackson

  4. Hi, Margaret, those page scans are from the print volumes, not from the digital books. We put those up to give people a feel for the content they will be getting. Since it’s on Pre-Pub, we don’t yet have the digital files created and therefore can’t put up images from them. What you get will be just like other digital books for Logos. Hope this helps.

  5. JAMES RENFRO says

    Is Logos Libronix considering down loads to NOOK
    I just bought one and am enjoying but would like to have more Religious books such as those of C S Lewis, C H Spurgeon and Richard Foster