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One of the benefits of shopping online is the ability to get help from other customers when you’re making purchasing decisions. illustrates this well with their product reviews and product recommendations based on the purchasing habits of other shoppers.

For a while we’ve given you some purchasing guidance with our Top 10 Lists and Product Guides. We’re excited to add another source of information that will help you decide what to buy next.

Now at the bottom of every product page, you’ll find a list of products that other customers who bought the item you’re looking at also bought. We show you the top three, but you can see the top 10 by simply clicking more ».

In case you forget (or don’t want) to scroll to the bottom of the page, we’ve added a link at the top of each page that says, “Browse similar products.” Clicking it will jump you right to the bottom where you can explore and find all sorts of additional titles to add to your library.

For now we’ve put this new functionality in place only for currently shipping products, but you may eventually see it on Pre-Pub product pages as well.

Well, go give it a try, and let us know what you think. As always, we love to hear your feedback.


  1. Logos gets better and better! Thanks for adding this wonderful feature!

  2. I was hoping the Blog would discuss possible uses of the Amazon Kindle in concert with Logos.

  3. Mark Main says

    Please modify the Bible Notes dialog box so that we can have notes show up in the following optional choices:
    1. in All Bibles (by default)
    2. in all Bibles native to the language of the Bible that we were writing the note in
    3. multiple selection list of locked and unlocked Bibles
    4. just the single Bible that we’re in
    We would need the ability to enter multiple notes to the same “selection”, “Article”, or “Verse(s)”.
    And last, please provide a way to enter Category Names for each of the notes; and then provide a “Notes Catalog” where we can click on the plus sign to see all the verse locations of the notes within each Category, and click on it to hyperlink to that verse. Then let us press forward and reverse buttons to go to the next verse for that same Category.
    That way, if I have a bunch of Baptism notes, I could categorize them as Baptism, and then quickly move through my private studies on baptism.
    Thank you for a great product!

  4. Mark Main says

    I like having lots of books open, and they take up all the room and overlap each other. I wish it was easier to flip through open books. I’m going to read some more on this subject, maybe you have something. But here was my thought if you haven’t come up with something. Clicking on Menu Window/Windows takes too long when you want to flip around quickly. The best that I could think of was an option to “tile” the open files on the left and then when clicking on the title bar of the window it would expand and swap places with the current window that is taking up the right half of the screen for easier viewing. This allows you to click on the tiles to view them easily on the right half.

  5. Mark, thanks for your feedback. Do you have the Power Tools Addin installed with tabs enabled? In Libronix go to Tools > Options > Power Tools > Stacked Window Tabs and check the box “Use Stacked Window Tabs.” If you don’t see “Power Tools” under “Options,” you will need to install the addin. Find out more at This should help a bit with your concerns, assuming you don’t already have it installed and enabled. We’ll give consideration to other ways to make using many resources and reports easier.

  6. Mark Main says

    Thank you for the “Passage In All Versions” feature! I just love this, absolutely love it. What a blessing it is to me.

  7. Mark Main says

    Phil-thanks for your reply to my question. Yes, I did have the “Use Stacked Window Tabs” enabled. I’m preparing for Seminary and there are times where I’ll have 30 Bibles open and 20 or 30 reference books, and it’s frustrating to work with this many books efficiently. Your software is the best so far that I’ve seen–but it would be a big help to provide some improvements in navigation.
    You are also the best at understanding that we can use dual screens, and I’m about to buy a new system that will have 4 or 5 screens, and so please keep up the great work understanding that we work with multiple screens–especially those of us who like to have tons of books open all over the place.
    I thought of one other suggestion, which is the ability to bring up “Passage In all Versions” via a right click in any Bible–it would simply select the verse where you right clicked and automatically show those versions.
    Thanks again!

  8. Mark Main says

    All of you at Logos have been such a blessing to me, and all of us who use the product. I would like to say this prayer for all of you.
    Lord, I pray that you will place Your healing hand on all those who need healing, and inspire them all with the creative genius and mind of Christ, and to supply all their families abundantly with the finances that they need and You richly give, and to bless all of them with Your bountiful gifts from the Holy Spirit! In the name of Jesus Christ I pray and ask for Your personal blessing and favor to be placed on each and every person working at Logos and Libronix, and their families. Amen.

  9. You’re welcome, Mark. Here’s an idea that you might find useful: use parallel resource associations instead of having every Bible open that you want to consult. Check out this blog post about my workspaces strategy, and let me know if you have any questions.
    Our next version will have much improved multiple-monitor support.

  10. Mark Main says

    I like your workspace suggestion–this is working out better for me in conjunction with the tab suggestion. But this leaves me with 2 other suggestions regarding the Search:
    1. For Bibles, I want to create my own custom list of Bibles that I want searched and I want to give this custom list a Title Name that will come up in the dropdown list of “Bibles” to choose from.
    2. I love the list that shows little square boxes for each translation version and the fact that the passage pops up when I hover my mouse over the box. But it would be so much better if you listed all the boxes on the left side, then had the Bible Passage Reference (e.g. Gen 10:2) listed next in the center and then had the Bible text listed to the right. Then provide a quick way to toggle the list of squares so that they are hidden or seen.
    Here is why I think this is an advantage: I would normally keep the boxes hidden at first to view the entire text of the passages, and then when I found a passage that looked interesting I would unhide the squares to see where that passage was located.
    Right now I scroll to the right to see the passages, and then I have to scroll to the left to click on the reference to bring it up. It would be more efficient to “hide” the squares and have the reference located in the center sandwiched between the squares and the passage text.

  11. Brent Hoefling says

    this is what I was hoping for as well, not necessarily the ability for wide searching, but for loading and reading books in my current libronix library on my (perhaps, soon to be owned)kindle DX.

  12. I would like to suggest the offering of a Children’s Bible. It seems like a way for us to teach our children at a young age to use LOGOS and at their level of understanding. Maybe they could even learn Greek and Hebrew.

  13. Thanks for the suggestion, Larry. I’ve passed it along, and we’ll look into it.

  14. Mark Allbee says

    Will the mac version allow you to link your bible (for instance) to the exegetical guide soon? The windows based logos allows that so that as you move through a text the exegetical guide follows you. It is slick…I hope it is on the agenda for the Mac version.

  15. Thanks for the suggestion, Mark. I’ll pass this along.

  16. Dee Hawes, Sr. says

    I would like to suggest a book to be added to the Logos Library collection:
    “A Christian in Complete Armour” by William Gurnall.
    The book was first published in 1850’s and has been republished a couple of times.
    The work is in two volumes and about a 1000 pages all on Eph. 5!
    I have a printed copy and have begun reading it AGAIN! I have never finished reading but this time I am going to finish it. I may have an easier time if it were part of my Logos Library.
    The work is public domain now and I found a site that has it in PDF format on the web.
    Just a thought,
    Dee Hawes, Sr.

  17. Thanks, Dee. It’s on our list. We’ll see about putting in on Community Pricing in the near future.

  18. Jacob Grant says

    I would like to suggest the following be added to the Logos app:
    #1 – expanded search ability such as NT, OT and the useage of operators such as AND or ANDNOT
    #2 – To expand the logos app that can take greater advantage of the Ipad’s greater power and space. The ability to use the ‘highlite’ functions, and to see more of the things that we’ve come accustomed to in Logos, but on a reduced scale. To be able to use one’s Dictionaries
    and other tools from within the customer’s specific library.
    #3 – New backgrounds.
    In His Service,
    Elder Jacob

  19. Harold Nelson says

    I would appreciate if you could adapt Logos 4 for Android Operating Systems used by Verizon’s Droid Smart Phone series … Thank You

  20. Randy Mlinek says

    I let my subscription to Bible Study Magazine lapse because I prefer reading digital. Any way you can make this a digital magazine as well as hard copy? I would re-subscribe if you offered it in a digital version.
    Thank you