Logos for Mac Training Videos

If you recently purchased one of our Mac base packages or crossgraded from the Windows version and are looking for some help getting setup or simply want to get acquainted with what Logos for Mac can do to help improve your Bible study, be sure to check out the seven new training videos that are now available on our videos page at MacBibleSoftware.com.

Here’s what you’ll find so far:

We hope you find these videos helpful. Be sure to check back later. There are many more training videos to come.

For additional help, see the Logos for Mac FAQs.


  1. Hey thanks!
    I went mac 2.5 years ago but have been a LLS/Libronix user since ’94. I have LOVED the mac but have missed Libronix horribly. Using Parallels has been OK, but I’m stoked about getting Logos native on my computer. I’ll use it more for sure. The shipment is a little late in arriving (snow, floods, etc., I’m sure) but it should arrive any day!
    The videos will be a great resource I’m sure. I may watch them ahead of time just for fun. Feels like Christmas Eve again…

  2. Dave Wentroble says:

    These videos are great in helping me to understand the quirks of Logos for Mac.

  3. I appreciate your posting the videos. I plan to go through them the next couple of days. I have previously been a Quickverse user and Accordance user. I like many others have been getting the Mac Logos update emails and trying to patiently wait for Logos for the Mac to arrive. I received my software earlier this week and enjoyed installing it and getting started. There is so much that it is a bit overwhelming for new Logos users. I hope the videos help as I am sure they will. The Logos blog is now an entry in my RSS reader. Thanks again!

  4. Paul Di Toma says:

    When will more videos be available? I am not scratching the surface of the silver edition for my mac.

  5. Phil Gons says:

    Our video guy is on the road for a few weeks, but we should have some more Mac videos coming in April.

  6. Hi,
    I dowloaded the mac engine. i was wondering if i can transfer my books from the virtual machine straight to the mac engine without using the cd’s. I have some of the cd’s but i lost a few.
    Thanks in advance!
    Chi Chung