Free Russian Bible from Logos Bible Software

Русский Синодальный Перевод (Russian Synodal Translation)Do you read Russian, want to learn to read Russian, know someone who reads Russian, or just like free books (even if you can’t read them :))?

Then head on over to and check out the free Русский Синодальный Перевод (that’s Russian Synodal Translation for you English-only readers), which just went up on Friday.

The RST was translated in 1876 and revised in 1956. Our edition has the Strong’s numbering system integrated for the entire Bible. That means you can simply hover over a word and see the Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic word in a pop-up window (if you have a dictionary with Strong’s tagging like the Dictionaries of Biblical Languages w/ Semantic Domains, which are included in all of our base packages, except for Christian Home).

Those of you who have purchased from us before know the ropes. But if this is your first time, or if you just need a little refresher, then keep reading. Otherwise, just go download it and spread the word!

To purchase a book (or get a free book) from, you’ll need three things:

  1. a copy of the Libronix Digital Library System installed on your PC or Mac
  2. a account with a credit card on file
  3. a Libronix Customer ID that is connected to your account

Here are the steps you need to follow to get all set up:

Step 1: Download and install Libronix for Windows. (Mac users can purchase the Mac version of the engine, or buy a Mac base package.) If you already have Libronix up and running on your computer, jump to the third step.

Step 2: Activate Libronix. When you do, you’ll create a Libronix Customer ID (usually your email address, if you enter it). You can find your Libronix Customer ID by going to Help > About Libronix DLS.

Step 3: Create a account. If you already have one, just log in.

Step 4: Make sure that your Libronix Customer ID is associated with your account. Go to My Account, enter your Libronix Customer ID from Step 2, and click “Confirm.” If it’s already there, no need to do anything.

Step 5: “Buy” the Russian Synodal Translation. Go to the page and click “Add to Cart,” or just add it straight to your cart from here. Proceed through the checkout process and then click “Submit Order.” If you don’t have a credit card on file, you’ll need to enter your credit card information. Don’t worry. You won’t be charged. It’s an unfortunate inconvenience in our current checkout system, and we hope to change it at some point.

Step 6: Unlock and download your new book. If you’re on a Windows machine, just click the orange “Unlock & Download” button. If you’re on a Mac, just synchronize your licenses (Tools > Library Management > Synchronize Licenses) and manually put the book file in your resources folder (Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Libronix DLS/Resources on the startup volume).

Step 7: Start using your new book! Open Libronix, open My Library, then type RST to find it. Since the title is in a different script, you’ll find it all the way at the bottom. Double-click it to open it.


Have any Russian-speaking friends? Let them know how they can get a Russian Bible for free!


  1. Good job. It looks much better than the pbb version. When we are going to have a Czech Ecumenical Bible? :-)

  2. Todd Phillips says

    I got an unlocking error:
    “Unfortunately an unlocking error has occurred and the following products were unable to be unlocked. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-875-6467 (or email to unlock your products.”
    Perhaps I should try again later?

  3. First it was Greek/Hebrew and second it was Aramaic/Coptic and then it was Latin and now Russian. What next, tongue of angels! Thanks all the same for the freebie.

  4. Todd, make sure that your Libronix Customer ID is entered into your account (Step 4 above). It should work fine if it is. If you try it again and get the same results, just give CS a call or send them an email.

  5. Bohuslav, is this what you are referring to? If not, can you send me a link to it? If it is in copyright and you have contact info for the copyright holder, please send that along as well. Thanks!

  6. Thank you! СПАСИБО! УРА! Hurray!

  7. This has made my day. No really. You guys rock!!!!! I will use this.

  8. I had to manually change the name of the downloaded file in order for it to work on the Mac.

  9. Hmm. What did you change it to?

  10. Bohuslav Wojnar says

    Yes, Cesky ekumenicky preklad CEP (Czech Ecumenical Translation) is the main modern Czech Translation of the Czech Bible Society used by both, evangelical and catholic churches. It exists with/without deuterocanonical books. The last revision of the translation is from 2001. I spoke with their manager and he said they would be very happy to get their Bible into Logos, the only concern they have is quality of the product :-) I assured him you are the best. Here is his contact: Mr. Milan Hlouch hlouch(at) phone +420 284 693 918 and their web site (only in Czech however)is I know many Czech pastors would use Logos if the modern Czech translation would be available (it is for instance in Bible Works). I personally would pay any money (almost) for that. God bless you. Bohuslav

  11. Dale Durnell says

    Just a question — using Windows XP Pro/SP3, and with an English language interface — how do I find this Bible in “My Library” without having to remember to type “195” (which is part of the title) in the input box?
    There doesn’t appear to be an alternative English text title, and although it would appear that the title should be available by beginning the string with “Pyyc” — that doesn’t work either since a Russian “P” is more akin to a Greek Rho than an English P.
    Just curious

  12. Hi, Dale,
    Typing RST is the easiest way to find it. Or you can simply type RST in the Go Box.

  13. In My Library, I just type in “ru” or “rus”.

  14. Yes, that also works if you don’t have the box check for “Use Only Primary Resource Titles in My Library” (found under Tools > Options > General > Interface). RST will work either way.

  15. Dale Durnell says

    Hi Phil —
    That’s got it — of course, since RST is also part of a string of several other resources, I found it at the bottom of the list. But, it’s certainly there.
    Thanks again

  16. Please let me know how can I get a free Russian version of the Bible.
    Thank you.