Gets Sermons Integration

There’s a new feature at that you may want to check out. In the right-hand sidebar, we’ve added integration with, so you can reference additional material that deals with the passage you’re reading.

As you navigate through the Bible, we dynamically pull relevant content—both sermons and illustrations—from our Sermons site and display the top three hits with a link to all of the other contributions that deal with the passage of Scripture you’re in.

The coolest part is that no matter where you are in the Bible, the list is automatically updated so there are always related sermons and illustrations just a click away.

This is just a little taste of our vision to have a family of sites tightly integrated together. There’s much more to come.

By the way, you can help us continue to build the content at by uploading your own sermons for free. If you use Logos for Windows, our Sermon File Addin makes the process even easier.

Use coupon code SERMONS to take 75% off the Sermon File Addin. This offer is good through the end of the month.


  1. Always amazed at Logos!!!
    You and your software are at the top.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Larry S. Panattoni says

    This “ Gets Sermons Integration” sounds good.
    I just purchased the “Bible Study Library” for Christmas. How does this “Bible.Logos – Sermons” connect with it. Is it something more I need to purchase? Does it know the Bible verses I am reading in my Library? Or do I have to go to to read verses for it to display sample Sermons for me.
    Again is it something I need to subscribe to?
    It sounds great but I can’t figure out how to use it.

  3. Hi, Larry, is a website that is free for anyone to use. Just visit from any computer connected to the internet for quick access to lots of Bible translations. If you’re away from your computer and don’t have access to Logos Bible Software, is a great alternative. is also a free website. Right now there is no integration with Logos Bible Software (though there is integration with, but eventually it will be integrated in the Passage Guide just like Sermon Central is. So in the meantime, you’ll need to visit the website ( to use it.
    Hope this helps.