Bible Study Magazine January-February 2009 Issue Arrives

Today’s guest post is from John Barry, the associate editor and project manager for Bible Study Magazine.

Get a sneak peek inside Bible Study Magazine January-February 2009 as I thumb through the issue in the below video.

There is no better time to subscribe than now. With the New Year here, why not begin 2009 with Bible study? If you add reading Bible Study Magazine to your New Year’s Resolution list, you will not be disappointed. Make a commitment to spend twenty minutes a day with the magazine and your Bible, and you will have encountered God through His Holy Scriptures for about 122 hours during the 2009 year. Plus you will have learned from the best voices in the church and biblical scholarship.

If you subscribe and read the magazine, you will become skilled at incorporating devotional and in-depth Bible study—church life and biblical scholarship. You will tackle tough passages, learn how to do Hebrew and Greek word studies without knowing the biblical languages, encounter humor in the Bible, and stay up to date with the latest Bible-related news. On top of all this, you will likely know God better by the end of the year.

Feature Stories in the Jan-Feb 2009 Issue:

  • Kay Arthur on Inductive Bible Study: Observation, Interpretation & Application
  • Rock Music and Bible Study: An Interview with the Band Kutless
  • Counting the Ten Commandments

Other Content in the Jan-Feb 2009 Issue:

  • In the News
  • Comics & Puzzles
  • Seeing What’s Right in Front of You—Some Insights on Devotional Bible Study
  • The Bible and an Ancient Historian Disagree?
  • Facing Today with the Book of Hebrews: Weeks 9-16
  • Soul Searching in Deuteronomy: A Hebrew Word Study without Hebrew
  • Paul’s Attitude Problem—A Church Father on the Galatia Conflict
  • Paul’s Lost Letters
  • A Fat King and A Left-Handed Man
  • Sean McDowell on Teaching Teenagers about the Bible
  • Love Potion: Numbers 5—A Weird, But Important Story
  • Tips on Reading the Gospels with Dr. Mark Goodacre (Part Two)
  • A Scholar Explains Righteousness and Truth
  • Star Trek: The Previous Generation—Who were the Magi and How Did They Find Jesus?
  • Book Reviews of a new Hebrews’ Commentary, the Chronological Study Bible and Sacramental Life

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Update: To clarify, the first few copies of the January-February 2009 issue have arrived here in our office. You may not have received your copy yet. No need to call and check to see why yours hasn’t arrived yet. It should be on its way and make it to your mailbox very soon.


  1. We’re really enjoying the new issue.
    One question: A footnote in “Love Potion: Numbers 5” gives the url for an article by Dr. Heiser on divination. I’ve tried the link, but it doesn’t work. Will it be posted soon?

  2. I hope this arrives before February…. periodicals seem to take so long to reach overseas destinations… I would much prefer an lbx download every two months. It would mean much more timely access to the magazine and elimnate the shipping costs – which are significant and may end up being a deal breaker next time subscription comes due, especially with the decline in global currencies continues to make the conversion to the US dollar even more painful than what it is currently.

  3. I must second Andrew’s comments above- well said to all of it! I too would much rather have an lbx download every two months. it takes far too long to get to the uk by post.

  4. Doug, thanks for letting us know about this. The file is there, but the file name is case sensitive and not the same as it is listed in the magazine. This link will work:

  5. Now both links should work. :)

  6. Amazing! I have been waiting for a magazine like this. Thanks!
    I just ordered my subscription and cannot wait to get the first issue. Blessings on this effort~

  7. Thomas Waldschmidt says:

    When I subscribed to Bible Study Magazine, I expected my subscription to begin with the first issue. Instead, it began with the January/February issue. What can I do to get my hands on a copy of the November/December issue? I have been searching the website but can’t find any reference to earlier issues. Thank you.

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed you “video preview” of your Bible Study Magazine. Ain’t technology grand? Providential blessings to you in 2009 & beyond. -Tim Tobin / Albany NY P.S. As an aside, I discovered you via hyper-links (if that’s what they’re called) from an email our Teaching Pastor sent me on Francis A. Schaeffer > Van Til > “you guys” (Bible Study Magazine) – Imagine that! He moves in mysterious ways….*

  9. Scott A Matteson says:

    I just subscribed to Bible Study Magazine today and was wondering how I can get a copy of the Nov/Dec issue or if it will be included in my subscription?

  10. Ryan Burns says:

    You can grab a copy of the Nov-Dec issue on the Logos website.

  11. Ryan Burns says:

    You can grab a copy of the Nov-Dec issue on the Logos website.