sermons-logos-com.jpgAs a hat-tip to all our loyal Logos blog readers, we wanted to let you know about our latest online project, (beta). While we aren’t ready for a full-out release announcement, we thought it would be fun to let you guys and gals get the first chance to visit the site and “kick the tires.” is an online community built around user created sermons and illustrations and already hosts over 56,000 sermons and illustrations.
Along with the ability to search using the same powerful search engine that runs, you can also rate sermons, subscribe to sermon RSS feeds, create links to sermons and illustrations you want to share with people, and even create your own user account to upload your sermons and illustrations to the site.
If you already have a account, there is no need to create a new account to use the site. Your username and password work on Not only that, but you can also promote your church and your sermons by enhancing your profile with a picture, a link to your church, your title, organization, personal blog or website, denomination, and much more. To enhance your profile, just visit:
If you’re a Logos user and have the Sermon File Addin, contributing to is as easy as checking the “add my sermons to the Logos database” checkbox. Your sermons will automatically be added and, even more, when you edit them within Logos, your edits will appear on the site as well.
So, there you go. Remember, the site is in beta, so go check it out and let us know what you think.


  1. Are you going to add this search functionality to the Passage Guide like you have already done with This would be a powerful and easy way to access the sermon database. Obviously it’s too early in the game to probably add it now, but it would be nice to see in the future!

  2. That’s a great idea, Nathan. I haven’t heard for sure if we will do this, but I’d guess it might show up there eventually.

  3. Ryan,
    I checked out the sermon.logos…if I’m viewing this correctly it looks like a Logos version of services such as sermoncentral and a few others. Am I reading correctly that this would be some massive sermon data base from various users who have logged sermons into SFA? It sounds like you would be putting a fee to view this material monthly/yearly?

  4. I would like to see this as well. Keep up the good work…

  5. Dave,
    Yes, is similar to other sermon sites, in that it is a database of sermons. is, however, different in several respects. For one, we don’t charge to access any portion of the site. Second, the social features of being able to subscribe to sermon feeds, rating sermons, and adding people to your “favorites” list are not common on other sermon sites. A final differentiation is the power of the search technology we utilize which searches the entire content of all sermons for text and keywords related to your query.
    In regards to your question about about the Sermon File Addin, yes many of the sermons come from Logos users who have submitted sermons this way. However, sermons my also be added by anyone who sets up an account at and clicks Contribute.
    Hope that helps clear things up a bit.
    Cheers – ryan