Reading the Bible in 2009

While I don’t typically write out a list of new years resolutions, I do usually take some time around the new year to think about things I would put on a list if I were to write one. On my mental list I usually include things like:

  • Be a better husband and father
  • Sleep less (I love sleep)
  • Increase financial giving
  • Go to the gym
  • Pray more
  • And, of course, read the Bible in a year

I’ll admit, many new years have come and gone with that last item going undone. Like many of you, I start off the new year strong. I have my Bible reading plan all laid out and ready to go. Then, somewhere in the year, something goes wrong and my plan falls to the side.
ryanb.jpgThis year, I’m going to try something new and use Global Bible Reader. This free download from Logos is a powerful desktop application that provides community and accountability in a Bible reading plan.
Once you install Global Bible Reader you sign in with your user account and choose from one of the six reading plans. After you chose a plan (or multiple plans) Global Bible Reader will download six days worth of reading (so you can even read when you’re not online). After you finish the reading for a day, click the Done Reading button and Global Bible Reader will mark the day as completed. In order to make sure you don’t fall behind, you can set up Global Bible Reader to give you a daily reminder to read the day’s text.
More than just reading yourself, Global Bible Reader plugs you into a community of people who are on the same reading plan as you. A globe in the application spins around showing you where all the other readers are located around the world. Not only that, Global Bible Reader allows you to post comments. You can use this feature to leave comments about the day’s readings or to encourage your fellow readers. Also, since your Global Bible Reader is linked in to your user account, you can update your profile picture and location and they will be imported into Global Bible Reader.
reading.jpgOne of the only limitations to Global Bible reader, until now, was that it was tied to the computer where you install it. That problem was remedied today as we have now integrated Global Bible Reader into! That means you can now keep up to date with your reading even when you are away from your main computer. Simply go to, sign in, and click the Reading Plan. You’ll see links to the day’s readings and a button to click once you’re done reading. Since Global Bible Reader and are connected, clicking Done Reading in either location will mark the section read in the other.
Join me this year and read through the Bible with Global Bible Reader and Having a community and accountability might be just the thing I (we) need to stick with it this year!



  1. I’d love to use the Global Bible Reader, but I have a Mac and it isn’t supported. Is that ever going to happen? I hope so!

  2. Do I need to update Global Bible Reader to take advantage of the online syncing, or did you update all of this on the backend?

  3. John Calvin Hall says

    I think the Global Bible Reader is a great idea, but it has serious flaws.
    I started using GBR on January 1st, 2008 and faithfully followed it through July. It was then that the software failed, and not just on one computer, but on both my laptop and workstation at the same time. After over a week of attempting to fix the problem as well as attempts to reach tech support, I had to reverse engineer the schedule and then pick up with my Logos Bible Reader software.
    I was grieved terribly because I spent so much time with the GBR. It wasn’t until late September/ early October that I found it working again on my laptop.
    To this day, I do not know what went wrong. It could have been a software conflict or a server issue. I don’t know. But one thing I do know is that my Bible reading is very important to me. I would seriously have to rethink the issue if I were to try GBR again.

  4. Now that Logos as a company supports the Mac, it would be helpful to include Mac users in your blog conversation. Global Bible Reader sounds nice, but it was disappointing to find out, after reading your blog and attempting to download the software, that it was only XP and Vista compatible.

  5. I gave up trying to get “enrolled” in the reading plan. yes, I did download the software but never could find the “icon” mentioned that allowed me to click daily to read, etc.

  6. Hey John,
    I’m not sure what the development plans are for Global Bible Reader and Mac. While we can’t run the actual Global Bible Reader program from our Macs, we can take advantage of the reader via

  7. You shouldn’t need to update anything to use Global Bible Reader and together. However, both are still in Beta, so there may be a bump or two. Feel free to let us know if you encounter any glitches along the way.

  8. Hey John,
    Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Global Bible Reader. I probably should have mentioned in the post that Global Bible reader is in Beta 4. This means there are still some issue that we are working to fix, as well as working on bugs that users find. If you have any issues with the software, please drop us a not in the Beta newsgroup.
    It is good to meet people like you who are passionate about Bible study. May 2009 be a great year in the Word for us all!

  9. Mark,
    As a Mac user, I apologize. In an earlier draft of the post I had mentioned that it is only available for Windows but that Mac users can still take advantage of the functionality on Somehow I left it out of the final post.
    Since I “get” to use a Windows machine at work, I’m running Global Bible Reader there. I plan on using when I’m on my mac at home. Again, sorry for not including that info in the post.

  10. Jonely Moy says

    I highly recommend Larry Richards’ 365 Devotional Commentary if you really resolve reading through the Bible in one year AND with good understanding. Too often we give up on reading through the Bible because we lose focus or just don’t get what’s going on. For most of us, we get lost and then give up when we hit Leviticus. If we manage to get past Leviticus, we then stumble, and give up elswhere. For me, it’s usually somewhere in the major prophets. 365 has gotten me and many others in my church to not only “get through the Bible”, but also to meditate through it with the expectation of experiencing the joy of the LORD as we meet with Him each day. I now read through the Bible twice a year in addition to doing my daily devotions. Highly recommended…And some of you already have it bundled with your library!

  11. Pierre Arendse says

    For some reason I’m having difficulty connecting to your server. There is definitely no problem with my connection. Could you offer any help / suggestions? Each time I get the same error message “…please ensure you are connected to the internet and try again…”

  12. I’ve downloaded the GBR and I really like it!
    Only qualm I seem to have is how it separates the scriptures up. While it seems to be fine in Genesis and Matthew, it tends to cut up Psalms and Proverbs, interrupting the flow of thought and context.
    Certainly it is helpful in just ::reading:: the Bible, but it makes it more difficult to ::comprehend:: whats being read. I found myself having to go back to my old paper Bible and re-read the psalm and proverb section in its entirety.
    Maybe in future versions this could be changed? Instead of readings from two wisdom books a day, we can just read one of them, allowing more space for entire chapters or lines of thought.
    Even so, I still like it a lot, so thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  13. Will the GBR be fixed any time soon? I’m speaking about the McCheyene Bible reading plan not continuing to 2009, it’s currently stuck at December 31st, 2008 and has been for the last two weeks. Could this be fixed? Thanks.